Somersby Apple Cider Garden Party Pavilion KL

Well, I couldn't make it for the initial launch event for Somersby Apple Cider but this round, when Somersby had their Garden Party event at Pavilion KL last week I made it a point to catch it. Having had such a blast at the launch of Somersby Apple Cider in Malaysia recently, Carlsberg Malaysia and his Lordship have decided to throw an even bigger bash, this time with a guest list that extends for miles, and I was there to experience it! 

Somersby Apple Cider Garden Party Pavilion KL
Lord Somersby and his entourage welcoming us to the event

Somersby Garden Party
La Bodega & Weissbrau, Pavilion KL
17 July 2012
6pm till late
Dress code: quirky, in yellow and/or green

Somersby Apple Cider Garden Party Pavilion KL
Only the sweetest, juiciest apples are used in Somersby Apple Cider

Reaching the venue after a long day of work to be treated to some really refreshing Somersby apple cider was a good thing to say the least. It was a garden party where they actually lined the floor with artificial lawn. The venue itself was at La Bodega and Weissbrau with both the restaurants offering some of their food for the invited guests. 

The refreshing Somersby Apple Cider which was both sweet and refreshing
The refreshing Somersby Apple Cider which were really fresh and sweet

Now the Somersby Apple Cider had this sweet and gassy flavour which was unlike any apple cider I had before. As was advertised, Somersby used the freshest apple, hence the apple green theme of the whole event. We had games, and food all around, with good music as well. With DJ Goldfish on the decks, a slew of games and entertainment, plus a special surprise from Lord Somersby himself, we did have a rather extraordinary Somersby evening.

Some of the games to win prizes, the apple stacking challenge
Some of the games to win prizes, the apple stacking challenge
Some food to fill up our stomachs so we can continue binging on the Somersby Apple Cider
Some food to fill up our stomachs so we can continue binging on the Somersby Apple Cider

It was fun to see everyone having a good time, with Red Fm's Linora Low entertaining us with her witty mc'ing. It was a free flow event, so we actually got to drink up the whole night without any reservations. Check out some photos I managed to capture that night as below. with Linora Red FM
Yours truly with Linora Low
Benjamin and Henry enjoying their Somersby Apple Ciders
Benjamin and Henry enjoying their Somersby Apple Ciders

Halfway through, there was even a surprise flash mob, dancing and moving to the pumped up music. It was quite a sight as we saw these young girls performing their really energetic dance. If I was more of a dancer, I had a fleeting thought of joining them, which I did not obviously. 

flash mob in pavilion kl
A surprise flash mob was in store for us
Somersby Apple Cider Garden Party Pavilion KL
The pretty Somersby's dude and dudet
Somersby Apple Cider Garden Party Pavilion KL
More beautiful people

Overall it was a rather nice event, one which got everyone who attended it to savor what was Somersby Apple Cider about. It was also a good event to spread the word out that Somersby is here to stay, and it's the upcoming hot new thing. Have you had some Somersby Apple Cider recently?


  1. wow..that's great happening.

  2. nice eh..havent try this brand of apple cider yet

  3. sure sound fun especially the dancing part

  4. Chopped garlic soaked in apple cider goes well with steaks, lamb chops and all grills. Yummmm!!!!

  5. hey, nice event with nice cosplay, nice beer, nice food and nice ambiance!! cool..

  6. Received Somersby's invite for this but too bad it was a last minute invite...had to forgo...Good to know u had a great time there. Missed it...if not I would have met you there :)

  7. Sounds like a nice event! Got apple wine? Heheh...

  8. wow...looks like something foreign to me.. so happening!

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  10. so handsome & beautiful those pirate :D

  11. apple cider good! can be used as salad dressing then can drink to kanfei hehe

  12. Looks like a pretty well organised event. And the drink sounds like my type of beverage. Would love to give it a try some time. SwitchUp.TV hides Twitter contest T&Cs to get free advertising for Brylcreem

  13. apple cider? got extra for me? lol


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