Palace Of The Golden Horses Afternoon Tea Party

So I had yet another eventful Saturday afternoon, this time I was to spend my day over at Palace of The Golden Horses for a tea party organized by them to celebrate their 5000+ likes on their Facebook page ( Now that's a significant milestone for any Facebook page, hence the festivities and fun for all!

Afternoon Tea Party by Palace of The Golden Horses

Afternoon Tea Party by Palace of The Golden Horses 
Date: 7 July 2012
Time 1pm - 5pm
Venue: Grand Salon, Palace of the Golden Horses

My rather cute invitation card

Reaching the venue just in time for registration, I was really glad to catch up with all the new and familiar faces. We had bloggers, facebookers, families, childrens, and lots of colourful cheerful people this afternoon. Food of course was my priority, which thankfully the hotel provided without any reservations. 

The Venue

The venue itself was rather nicely done, with a huge horse centrepiece, balloons everywhere, and a tea party environment. Of course, colourful settings means more photos must be taken, which was exactly what I did. Check them out below.  

Eunice and LouiseXin enjoying the props
Caroline and Janice had a go as well
Not to be left out, I took this cheerful mouth to signify my mood for the day!

There was a short photography session where we all get to play with those party props, which were colourful and cheery things. Check out my photo above, and tell me if it isn't cheery enough? It wasn't long before tea was served, together with loads of finger food. Now when you have a few, they're called finger food, but when it comes in truckloads, we were filled to the brim! 

One of the potato with macaroni offerings
Loads of food to fill our stomachs at the tea party

A tea party wouldn't be complete without all the happy chattering with friends. We did have lucky draws, best dressed contest, and fun filled activities for the children as well. Oh, not forgetting a really tiring "Amazing Race" around the vicinity of Palace of The Golden Horses. 

Some of the pretty ladies who attended the afternoon tea party (Behind- Kelly, Anna, Caroline, Choulyin, YY, Janice. Front - Evelyn, Eunice and Louisexin)

Now Palace of The Golden Horses had this really beautiful lake just beside our tea party venue. Little did I know then when I took the photography below that 20 minutes later, I would be running around the area like a mad man trying to solve the Amazing Race questions.

The beautiful tranquil lake
Run like these golden horses!

It did not take us long before we formed our groups, and went ahead with teams of 5 each for the team race. The reason I joined? I wanted to get a chance to win the iPod shuffle or free room stays. Unfortunately at the end of the day, getting 3rd placing did not win me those prizes. I did go home with some dining vouchers though. Check out some of the photos we managed to capture during the race. 

The winner of best dressed title, Kelly and Ivan :)
Some of the really cute participants of the most "likes" title

Overall it was a really good afternoon out, one which I have to thank Palace of The Golden Horses for organizing, and not forgetting the really cool and sporting bloggers and friends who huffed and puffed their way throughout the activities. Personally, I really liked this event, as it brought out really good vibes. Good enough that I am happily blogging this out immediately after the event. 

Congratulations again to Palace of The Golden Horses for gaining 5000+ Facebook fans, and may the number increase exponentially !


  1. It sure looks like a fun events, especially with those props to take photos, so cuteee! How did you guys got the invite? :D

  2. Wow fast post hehe..mine need wait Monday ..

  3. Hi Isaactan thanks for follow I think we no meet...

  4. Happy 2-teeth mouth you got there! :D

  5. The event looks interesting, Isaac!

  6. how I wish I could join in..pretty awesome!

  7. So nice! to get invited to these things hah? Lucky you... Hey! Janice looks good, sweeter and prettier than ever...

  8. Hilda,
    hehe it was definately a really fun event. Got the invites from the pr and also blogger friends oh.

    Waves! you were there too?

    Hahha, thanks for dropping by bro. I'm cute right?

    Yes it was.. hey, when are you inviting me for all your bloggers gathering :( i'm left out.

    you could! hehe

    usually get invites via emails. Yep, Janice is always pretty and sweet. lol! :P

  9. I really did enjoy reading your post...<3

  10. Nice to meet you again and Janice!! :)

  11. Very nice! I couldn't make it to this one either coz I had work so I only got off at night.

    It looks like a lot of fun! :)


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