TOUCHDOWN SIM Card: Best International Rates For Your Travels!

Travellers nowadays have become more savvy over the need for mobile and internet connectivity. Going overseas is fun and all, but the moment you try to use your mobile phone out of Malaysia, the pain of heavy $$$ and losing connectivity may hit you hard. At least that's what I feel. Introducing the cure to all your problems, TOUCHDOWN! 

TouchDown SIM Card: Best International Rates For Your Travels!
TouchDown SIM Card: Best International Rates For Your Travels!

Now what I usually do when I travel overseas, is to get their local SIM Card to use. But it is only useful in receiving calls, and can be a hassle to inform your loved ones and friends of your new number. Love to travel internationally but hate the hassle to get an affordable cellular rates? Say goodbye to unbearable expensive phone bills and say hello to TOUCHDOWN!

TouchDown SIM Cards has got to be the best there is
TouchDown SIM Cards has got to be the best there is
You need this
You need this

TouchDown is available for use in over 190 countries around Asia, China, Europe and USA, and 320 networks. Yes, you heard that right! That's like virtually every country in the world that I may be travelling to, in the future. Definitely not your average phone operator cards, it is made for use around the world!

TouchDown may just be your next essential MUST-carry item
TouchDown may just be your next essential MUST-carry item when travelling overseas

TouchDown is a seamless callback service. All you have to do is to get your very own TouchDown SIM Card online at When abroad, just replace your SIM card with your new TouchDown card. A new number will be allocated to you. 

What's next?

Dial an international number from your phone as usual. TouchDown picks up your call, connects it to the number you dialed and calls you back, connecting the two ends of the line. Save up to 85%, this includes free incoming calls in over 125 countries and not to mention free incoming texts worldwide.

Easy to use, and activate
Easy to use, and activate

TouchDown has a ton of features, the best is the fact that once activated, it is valid for a whole 365 days! As you travel, the same exact phone number travels with you- no changing of phone number required. The simcards can be customised to MicroSim or NanoSim sized. I love the whole year validity, as well as the fact the same exact number remains. This is so useful when the need arises to inform your loved ones on your number.

Image from TouchDown's website at

The best deal of TouchDown? No contracts, No Minimum Spending, No Hidden Charges! It’s all prepaid and you’re in control. Affordable rates in 190 countries and the availability of data usage in 100 countries.

Guess what, TouchDown provides FREE web based texts and web calls as well. How's that for a complete package. 

Perfect for the traveller in you!
Perfect for the traveller in you!

Currently there's an on-going special call rates from China to Asia @ $0.15 per minute and Europe to Asia @ $0.29 per minute. Asian travellers will find this very beneficial to them. 

Call from Europe to Asia as low as $0.15 per minute!
Call from Europe to Asia as low as $0.15 per minute!
The complete package when purchasing TouchDown SIM Cards, simple and straightforward
The complete package when purchasing TouchDown SIM Cards, simple and straightforward

TouchDown SIM provides data connectivity as well, so folks like myself can still get connected to our social media platforms while travelling. (This is of utmost importance, we wouldn't want to miss sharing any of those beautiful photos real time). 

Choose from TouchDown Classic or TouchDown NEW. The differences between both are as below:

TouchDown Classic
TouchDown Classic

TouchDown Classic: A new plan/package that focuses on Voice plan but still allow the user to access Data on different rates.

TouchDown Classic Rates
TouchDown Classic Rates

TouchDown New: A new plan/package that focuses on Data plan but still allow the user to access Voice and Messages on different rates.

TouchDown New
TouchDown New 
TouchDown New Rates
TouchDown New Rates

Reload Scratch Card Denomination: USD10, USD30, USD50, USD100. Rates may vary from time to time. Advisable to check TouchDown’s website to obtain the latest rates. More information can be found from their facebook page ( as well. 

Getting connected while travelling overseas have become so much easier with TouchDown SIM Cards
Getting connected while travelling overseas have become so much easier with TouchDown SIM Cards


There you have it, I have gotten myself a TouchDown SIM card for my next trip. How about you? Don't miss out! Here's the special announcement I have for you, I’ve got 2 TouchDown SIM cards to giveaway to 2 readers of this site. 

Just drop a comment letting me know where your next overseas travel trip will be, and why you chose it. Two random winners for the Touchdown SIM cards will be selected by June 2016. 


miera said...

Wah... I want.. I want.. I need one of this for my trip to Korea early June...
I have always been.interested to know more about Korean culture so am headed there with my two I very much need this

哈亞斯 said...

Love to have it, but I'm not going anywhere these few months... hahaha
But is great to know we have such an option to choose in the future.

Rose world said...

It is good to get such Sim card when travelling overseas. Like my uncle and aunt who always coming back to Kuching from Singapore. They purchase local Sim card so easier to call them.

Thanks for sharing this.

suituapui said...

This is nice. Great to be able to keep in touch when overseas.

Cheryn said...

Wow.. that is very the way I love your photos!

Mistan Izzy said...

This is great for my future travel, now I don't have to do a collection of SIM card from everywhere :D

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Woo looks cool!Next time travel to overseas then can consider this plan jor ;)

Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

Ooo wow pick me pick me! I'm going down to Singapore (I know this is not so overseas lah). But I'm taking a break from trying to get pregnant after last year's miscarriage, so I hope this trip will turn out "fruitful" if you know what I mean. XD

Everest said...

That is a perfect travel companion!

much love,

GengQian said...

very nice deal coming out from touchdown. am going abroad this month, will try out!

5 Little Angels said...

FREE web based texts and web calls ? This is indeed a great deal.

Amelie Yap said...

woah, super convenient! It was indeed a great deal for travelers. I may check this out soon.

Betty's Journey said...

My next destination will be Taiwan and I going to take my wedding photoshoot there. I need the Touch Down Sim Card as it cheap and I can surf from Taiwan.

Miriam said...

Touchdown sim?? Sounds interesting!! Will definitely check this out when I need to travel overseas

Unknown said...

It will be better if they provide bundled data package rather than call packages, as most people get connected via the internet right? Such as making call from whatsapp etc.

Shub said...

Good to know about this card. When I travel, often end up burning a lot of money on phone bills.

Pooja Kawatra said...

It will be great for people like us who travel and keep using data to upload.

Sunshine Kelly said...

This is pretty handy and saving too. I will check it out and might need it for my upcoming trip.

Leona Lim said...

it's definitely very important to keep connected while travelling and picking the right sim card makes a high difference to the enjoyment of the holiday abroad

Ivy Kam said...

I'm going to Bangkok soon for a short relaxing trip, hope to win TouchDown SIM card so that I can update all my latest at social channels to share with friends and family :)

Rawlins GLAM said...

I wanna join the give away.
My very next one is Bangkok - it is like my second home already - somehow I feel at ease when I am in Bangkok.
And next I will be flying to Japan for a conference and the extended holiday - WINTER in JAPAN!
Don't want to have to buy all the local sim card everytime I go somewhere. Thanks Isaac

Arisa Chow said...

Charge in USD still quite painful for us Malaysians le T.T
If in MYR then i would consider if not pocket wifi will do.

TechRod said...

What happens after the 1 year validity? If we continue topping up, will it be extended?

Also, how fast is the data? Can I get 4G LTE speed? I personally feel that 2GB of data for USD 120 is a BOMB. It is quite expensive and I still find it cheaper to use a local SIM that I obtain from that country.

Anyway, probably for someone who travels a lot, this will definitely be useful due to the same number maintained all the way.

Cutebun said...

My next destination is Bangkok and Phuket next week! Bangkok is the perfect place for shopping, massages and eat all the Thai food. While Phuket is a relaxing and rejuvenating place for a vacation.

Allen Ooi said...

Hong Kong will be my next destination. I'm going there for my idol's concert and of course, all the yummy Hong Kong food!!! Polo Bun, Milk Tea, Wanton Mee, Dim Sum....... here I come!!! 😍

Charlie said...

My next trip will be Singapore on mid June. Since everyone there is so gadget savy I need to make sure that I have enough text, call & data to keep in touch with my friends in town. Also to report to mum back at home so that she don't have to worry so much about me hehehe

Linda said...

I am planning a trip to Seoul, Korea with my family. Want to bring my kids to Lotte World and Everland theme parks as well as enjoy the Korean BBQ food and crunchy seaweed.

Sunshine Kelly said...

My next travel destination is either China or Thailand for work purposes. I read there is on-going special call rates from China to Asia @ $0.15 per minute, wow! Well, if I go to Thailand I will probably extend my trip a few more days in Bangkok for shopping and eat my favourite Thai food.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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