Samsung Galaxy S3 Review - Unboxing

Samsung Galaxy S3, the latest and greatest mobile smartphone from Samsung is here. I had the opportunity to catch it's media launch last week (Samsung Galaxy SIII Media Launch) which left me in awe of the various new functions of this nifty gadget. Thanks to Nuffnang, I was given a set to review and play with to experience the Samsung Galaxy S3 first hand.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review - Unboxing
The all new Samsung Galaxy S3

Today's review shall focus on the unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S3, with an attached video below, so be sure to watch it. The specification and full review will be up in my subsequent posts. Suffice to say, the gadget itself is really thin at only 8.6mm thick, with a choice of Marble White or Pebble Blue. I was given the Marble White 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 to review.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review - Unboxing
The view from the back, with a rather thin white back plate
Samsung Galaxy S3 Review - Unboxing
That's how thin the Samsung Galaxy S3 is, only 8.6mm thick

The box that came with the set was really compact, as it is with most devices nowadays. It came in a white box, with the simple words Samsung Galaxy SIII printed on the top, and some specifications on the back showcasing it's network connectivity (HSPA and Edge/GPRS Quad Band) as well as its Quad core 1.4GHz processor powering the 4.8" HD Super AMOLED screen.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review - Unboxing
Simple box design, housing the Samsung Galaxy S3 inside

Do catch my short unboxing video below, as I go through the contents of the box. There weren't much to go through anyway, as it was pretty standard stuff. We had the USB cable for charging and data transfer, the headset, and the user manual. Oh, and of course the Samsung Galaxy S3 itself was sitting comfortably inside. 

I do not have the exact pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S3 yet, but fret not as I will be heading to the Celcom Samsung Galaxy S3 launch soon, and the pricing as well as the plans will be revealed there. Be sure to look out for my review after I try out this awesome gadget!


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It looks wonderful .Plus there are 3 new amazing colors (Dark Red/Blue/Brown).