Moet Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night

Moet Hennessy Diageo had their media appreciation night over at Bianco Vertigo Club where the theme was "A Night Of 7 Deadly Sins". I had the opportunity to attend the night which was pretty cool, with various sections portraying each of the seven sins for us to indulge in. Basically there were games, performances and fun stuffs that night with lucky draws held throughout where everyone had an opportunity to return with at least one gift. 

Moet Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night
MHD Media Appreciation Night

MHD (Moet Hennessy Diageo) Media Appreciation Night
"A Night Of 7 Deadly Sins"
Date: 29 February 2012
Time: 8pm till late
Location: Bianco, Vertigo Club @ The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City

free flow at Moët Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night
Free flow of exquisite wine, champagnes, whiskey and liquors the whole night

With a daring theme portraying the seven sins, we had various sections aptly named after the seven sins, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Envy and Wrath. Each "sin" were either in the form of food, massage, dance, fun and games. Reaching the venue at just past 8pm, I was glad to be able to see some familiar faces as well as meet up with new acquaintances.  Check out each of the 7 deadly sins and how Moet Hennessy Diageo portrayed them. 

Good food at Moët Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night
#1 Gluttony - A spread of good food for us to indulge in
Gambling at Moët Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night
#2 Greed - We had 2 tables with chips to gamble at, which I lost all rather quickly
Massage at Moët Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night
#3 Sloth - A section dedicated to get some soothing neck and shoulder massage for our enjoyment

The first three sins, Gluttony, Greed and Sloth were portrayed rather creatively in the forms of unlimited food, gambling tables, and massages. As I had some light dinner before heading to this night, the food did not entice me as much as the massages. I truly enjoyed the short but soothing 10 minutes neck and shoulder massage. Luck wasn't with me that night at the gambling tables as I finished off my given chips rather quickly. 

Lucky Draws
#4 Envy - Everything off this table were to be given out in the lucky draws
Moët Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night
#5 Wrath - Some games to release those pent up frustrations
Moët Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night
#6 Pride - More games to see who is the fastest and win some prices

The subsequent three sins, Envy, Wrath and Pride consisted of lucky draws and games. It was rather fun trying to type as fast as possibly on the keypads of a mobile phone to win some prizes at the Pride section. I did not really try the games at the Wrath section though, but it was mostly Wii type of games. Everyone was waiting for the lucky draws to begin, and that's when Envy comes into play. Oh how I envy the person who won the iPad that night. 

Latin Dances at Moët Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night
#7 Lust - Latin dances performed by these lovely dancers for our enjoyment

Lust was the word, which came in the form of Latin dance performances. We got to watch some really sexy moves as these ladies and gentlemen gyrate and move their bodies to the music. Interesting enough, some of the guests actually took to the floor to dance as well. Of course, I did not miss the chance to capture some photos of friends and bloggers that attended Moet Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night, check us out below. 

Benjamin Foo and Isaac Tan
Benjamin and I
Bloggers at Moët Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night
Bloggers and friends
Bloggers at Moët Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night
Benjamin, Jason, Xiang and I

Overall, Moet Hennessy Diageo Media Appreciation Night was a successful event, to appreciate the guests and media for all their hard work over the year. The night was an annual affair, and a new experience for me as this was my first year attending this. It was all good, I thought to myself as I got to indulge in all the "sinful" activities that night without going overboard.


  1. Nikel,
    Hehe, drink, gamble, indulge.. omg bad ><

  2. oh, the 7 scenes of the 7 sins!! i like this theme.. nice event and how lucky you were to be invited, and attended that!! :)

  3. Very interesting theme!

  4. My sinful pride T_T why I not @ KL???

  5. Ah! This wasn't the Black Velvet event with the naked guys! LOL!!! Just drinks? No food?....

  6. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Why you no invite me to go? =P

  7. So good. Wish I could go to this event.

  8. drink up to the limit..that's fine

  9. waa! another event with hot girls and hot guys! =D

  10. Love the "7 Sins" theme! :-D

  11. the 7 sins theme was WOW!! he he he.. me gonna finish all the liquor if going something like this.. :D

  12. hey Isaac, I notice marriage is going to make u prosperous! Can see you widen a bit already.. hehehe..

  13. you ah alwiz party only!


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