Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funk Party @ The Pool KL

Glenmorangie held their Orange Retro Funk party at the new and exclusive spot The Pool the other night. With the tagline "Unnecessarily Well Made", I felt it was a rather clever play of words. Being there that night with unlimited glasses of Glenmorangie The Original ten year old whisky was an experience in itself. 

Space Girl at Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funk Night The Pool
Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funk Night

Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funk Party
Date: 30 March 2012
Theme: Orange
Venue: The Pool
347, Jalan Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur

The Pool Kuala Lumpur
The Venue for Glenmorangie's Orange Night

The venue for Glenmorangie's Orange Retro Funk was at The Pool, which was a pretty new spot along Jalan Ampang. Now I've been to this spot previously when Spasso Milano was here, before they relocated Pavilion KL. The theme for the night was orange, with some futuristic ladies playing their part with orange dress-up and body paint. It was pretty cool to chill out and enjoy the ambiance under the moonlight sky. 

Get your Glenmorangie Highland Single Matt Scotch Whisky here
Get your Glenmorangie Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky here

Glenmorangie The Original is a Ten Years Old whisky mainly matured in ex-Bourbon casks that’s made from slow growth, air dried American Oak from the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. The selection of casks were important to bring the lemony gold colour as well as the aroma of mandarin, lemon, apple, pear and peach fruits with hints of Vanilla.

Served and poured into glasses by the beautiful Glenmorangie ladies
Served and poured into glasses by the beautiful Glenmorangie ladies
Free flow of Glenmorangie The Original Scotch Whisky
Did someone mention free flow?

It was always nice to catch up with friends with a glass of alcohol in hand, this time with Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky and heart thumping music, it was all good. The night began at 9pm, and continued on until the wee hours of the morning. Check out some of the photos I manage to take of my friends that night.

Glenmorangie Orange Night @ The Pool
#1 Smiling faces L-R: Benjamin, Audrey and I
Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funky Night @ The Pool
#2 It was all good. L-R: Timothy, Wi Lee, Audrey and Andy Kho
Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funky Night @ The Pool
#3 It must have been something really interesting to get everybody's attention

While chilling there, I was educated a bit more on Glnmorangie, of the fact that their whisky came in a variety of types namely The Original which we had, The Lasanta (flavoured with honeycomb and caramel toffee), The Quinta Ruban (with hints of dark chocolates as well as peeled mandarin oranges), The Nectar D’ Or (extra maturation in specifically hand selected Sauternes wine barriques). There were some limited editions as well, The Glenmorangie 18 years old,  Astar and Signet.

Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funky Night @ The Pool
#4 Friends. L-R: Benjamin, Marilyn and Samuel
Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funky Night @ The Pool
#5 The atmosphere was one of friendliness that night

Throughout the night, Glenmorangie entertained its guests with music, free flow of whisky and some short question and answer sessions to win a couple of iPad covers. I personally felt it would have been way better had there been some performances on top of the music, but the friends make up for it. 

Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funky Night @ The Pool
The MC with one of the funky orange ladies of the night
Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funky Night @ The Pool
One of the Glenmorangie ladies introducing their "Spin the bottle" iPad app.

Extraordinary results can be achieved by paying attention to details and subtleties that often go unnoticed. Imagine, for example, the sound of whisky being poured into a glass, the rush of the liquid hitting the crystal in a steady pour, and then, the stillness as it settles. Most people probably never pause to contemplate this, but it is precisely this sound that designer Philip Michael Wolfson has transposed into design for SOUNDFORM FLUID, his breathtakingly sculptural pop-up bar for Glenmorangie.

Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funky Night @ The Pool KL Malaysia
One for the album (Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funk)

Overall Glenmorangie's Orange Party at The Pool Kuala Lumpur was a good night out, and I'll be looking forward to more Glenmorangie nights.

Malaysian single malt aficionados and fans of contemporary design will be the first in South East Asia to have the opportunity to enjoy an ‘Unnecessarily Well Made’ experience of Glenmorangie whisky at the Soundform Fluid Bar. The bar will be part of a featured showcase taking place at the concourse area outside Robinsons in The Gardens, Mid Valley City in April 2012. Be sure not to miss out on this truly distinctive experience with Glenmorangie.

More photos on my Facebook Page: Glenmorangie Orange Retro Funk Night


Nikel Khor said...

The Pool.. can see is the nice place to hang out right now..

Anne Lee said...

was that real oranges in the tap?

Isaac Tan said...

Yup, open space.. nice for late night partying. But once hujan.. hmmm

yep i think its oranges.. hehe :) pretty nice flavoring

Charmaine Pua said...

Looks so happening! When you wanna bring me go drink drink? XD

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[SK] said...

oh, orange!! i love orange color, but there's no hint of orange in that whisky??

choi yen said...

Gosh, you are fast!

Taufulou said...

u always super fast!

SiMon Har said...

lol at Henry's spec XD

Henry Lee said...

wohoo! the whole night was so orangy. The Glenmorangie was good, crowd was fun but too bad there wasn't pretty much entertainment and I guess the DJ was a lil syok sendiri at the top xD

suituapui said...

How's the whiskey? Actually I first started drinking many many years ago during my younger days - drinking whiskey ga (ginger ale)...and only acquired the taste for beer many years later.

missyblurkit said...

good company with good drinks:D music for the night was kinda lack lustre but otherwise, it was a superb night out.

btw, how come you left so EARLY?

Tekkaus said...

Good place for people who wanna enjoy. :D

wenn said...

orange is indeed a cheerful color.

Wilee Tee said...

Isaac, my name is Wilee not Wi Lee leh haha

Caroline said...

so ORANGEEEEE! hahaha didnt get to go for this, too busy liao. LOL! Seems so happening n fun heh! :D

• Sharon Phang • said...

always super fast and fresh =) efficient!

Josarine said...

Looks so fun! I see many pretty girls attended the event, haha!

foongpc said...

Oh! Didn't even know Spasso Milano moved already! LOL! Looks very happening here : )

Yvonne said...

can see u r having a good time there!

Small Kucing said...

place looks so happening

Unknown said...

wasn't invited for this sobs sobs

Experience of watching badminton games live at the stadium

FiSh said...

why dont they have orange juice :P

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