Future Music Festival Asia Pre-Party Vertigo Club

Future Music Festival Asia is only one week away, where more than 60 artists are going to perform to thousands of ravers. Check out my pre-writeup post a couple of days back (Future Music Festival Asia 2012). This round, Future Entertainment builds up the momentum towards the big day by holding a sonic pre-event party over in Vertigo Club the other day. 

Future Music Festival Asia Pre-Party Vertigo Club
DJ Maya from London entertaining the crowd at Future Music Festival Asia's pre-event party

Future Music Festival Asia Pre-Party
Date: Wednesday, 7 March 2012
Time: 10pm
Venue: Vertigo, Gardens Mall

Future Music Festival Asia Pre-Party Vertigo Club
The pamphlet for the upcoming Future Music Festival Asia

So there I was on a rainy night, arriving at Vertigo rather early. It wasn't until 1am that DJ Maya Jane Coles took to the stage to spin out some good music. Hailing from London and fresh off her UK tour, the 24 year old British and Japanese DJ has won numerous awards for her breakthrough rhythms infusing a blissful union of techno and house that will set the stage for the event of a lifetime.

DJ Maya Jane Coles
Spin spin spin

Outside the venue,  at the doors of Vertigo, a ticket booth was set up for ravers to buy their Future Music Festival Asia tickets. Entrance to the night's pre-party was complimentary if you have the tickets, if not there was an RM35 cover charge to enter and watch DJ Maya perform.

Future Music Festival Asia Pre-Party Vertigo Club
Get your tickets here!

Caught up with a few friends, we were rather pleased to get free flow of Heineken and Johnnie Walker at our table. Drinking, chatting while waiting for DJ Maya to come up, house music was played then. The crowd trickled in as the night progressed on.

Party event bloggers
Friends (L-R: Samuel, Kon, Jason, Jessica, Isaac and Ryan)
Party Bloggers
Happy faces that night (L-R; Ryan, Benjamin and Jason)

Overall, it was a good night, and a good run-up event towards the big day this coming 17th March in Sepang. If you haven't bought the tickets yet, do remember to get it from http://redtix.airasia.com/Events/FutureMusicFestivalAsia/. Personally, I'm feeling rather excited to catch this event, so do look out for me if you are going!


  1. Future music? I wonder what that's like. Looks like a great party...

  2. Wah!!! No girls one kah? All guys only... LOL!!!

  3. *point point* Jessica not gal meh? =.=

  4. Hv a nice weekend!

  5. ...get your futute music festival ticket here..cheapeers than others...http://kirinbundle.blogspot.com

  6. get your future music festival ticket here..cheapeers than others...http://kirinbundle.blogspot.com.com


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