Nuffnang's Upcoming 5th Birthday Celebration

Nuffnang is celebrating it's 5th Birthday very soon, on this 26th February to be exact. When I first heard about this, my first thoughts were "Whoa, it's 5 years already?". Okay, this blog isn't even five years old, but from the first creation of this blog until today, it still publishes primarily Nuffnang ads and the journey with the cute blue stickman has been an exciting and eventful one. (My Nuffnang Story)

Nuffnang Stickman Birthday Celebration
There'll be this cool by-invitation celebration coming soon

Now what do I mean by the cute little blue stickman? Well, if you do notice Nuffnang's logo, it is actually this stickman hollering out. I found out the first iteration of Nuffnang's stickman was this really thin character which finally evolved into the logo we have all grown accustomed to today. 

Nuffnang Logo
The old thinner version of Nuffnang's Stickman
Nuffnang Logo
The Current Nuffnang's Stickman

A vast improvement for Nuffnang's Stickman over the years as we see Nuffnang grow bigger and better. I had the opportunity to attend one of Nuffnang's event of the year back in 2011 (Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011) which left some really good memories.

Nuffnang Logo
A random photo I found off the internet which was rather funny, at least to me since I'm the fat one out

So the question this time would be, how I think the famous Nuffnang stick man should celebrate his 5th birthday?

Nuffnang Stickman 5th Birthday Celebration
A picture is worth a thousand words

The photo above should explain what is my expectation of Nuffnang's Stickman and how he should celebrate his 5th Birthday, with a awesomely huge pool party of course! Everyone will have a splashingly good time, with nice views of all the pretty ladies and handsome hunks, excluding me of course as I will be hanging behind trying to hide my awesomely huge beer belly. Now I've just gotten myself all worked up and excited for this upcoming birthday bash. 

Happy Birthday In Advance Nuffnang!

Well, if you are interested to crash in on Nuffnang's 5th Birthday Celebration as well this coming 26th February 2012, do check out their link here. Hope to catch you there!


  1. hey, just realise you change your blog layout.....LOL!! haha!!

  2. nice one. trying to come up with an entry for it as well

  3. Jia Ying,
    Hehe, yup, trying to go for a simpler no frills look :) eh, why laugh until like that? ><

    Took me awhile to figure out what to write. Good luck to you bro! :)

  4. sorry cant join diz event, im working that day lol...apy beday to nuffnangs family~

    1. Seri Armourezs,
      thanks for visiting ya! :) Thanks for linking back to my blog :)

  5. errr sory, i would like to request that i want to sharing the good new to all nuffnang out there!

  6. Sigh!!! Not invited....sobsssss!!!!!

  7. Hope i can see you gouys there^^

  8. I wanna go too :( hmmm

  9. imma fat stickman yo! LOL

  10. wow pool party sure Nuffnang Stickman look sexy LOL

  11. Cool... thinking should I join the party. Haha, I think it gonna be very fun!! XD

  12. so good that KL has so many Nuffnang activities, sadly we hardly have one here in Penang :(


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