Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Party

Love is in the air, Valentine's Day is here where that love feeling gets amplified a couple of times and every couple feel the need to express it be it on a small or big scale. Well, if you've followed my previous post on Moet & Chandon's Rose Imperial campaign in Pavilion, it culminated with a rather classy Rose Imperial Party tonight.
Moet & Chandon with the love of my life, Janice

Celebrate Love the Moet Way
Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Party
Monday, 13th February 2012
7.30 - 10pm
Main Concourse, Pavilion KL

Walking down #likeastar to the Rose Imperial Party
Chandon Rose Imperial Party
Some really pink looks at the Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Party

The whole main concourse of Pavilion KL was taken up by Moet & Chandon for the event, and it really felt like Valentine's Day on steroids with all the pink. In fact, invitees to the party had to wear pink. Unfortunately, I do not have any pink shirts yet in my wardrobe, hence I went in black which was "out" from the dress code. Free flow of Moet & Chandon champagnes made most guest cheeks pink which blended in well with the decor.

Chandon Rose Imperial Party Sexy Girls
Introducing the limited edition Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Bottle
Chandon Rose Imperial Party
That's some really fine champagne there

Of course all drinks and no food makes Jack and Jill a really dull couple, hence I was glad to see some nice finger food being served to the guests. With the scene set to a symphony of music and lighting, there were performances by songstress Poova with her jazzy vocals and more of Moet Rose Imperial champagne. 

Finger Food at EVents
Finger Food!

A good night out is always complemented by good company, and I was glad to see some familiar faces at Moet & Chandon's Rose Imperial Party. Check out some of our photos below, where there's even one with us posing with the really pretty Moet pillows.

Bloggers at Chandon Rose Imperial Party
Good times over some good champagne
Janice Soon
Janice "blending" in with the decor
Isaac Tan the blogger
Hey, that's me with my "Crowned" Moet Rose Imperial Bottle and my pillow

Overall it was a rather good night, one which I didn't manage to stick around until the end due to other appointments. For the short time I was there, I have to commend Moet & Chandon for a successful campaign as well as the simple but very pretty Rose Imperial party. Since it's technically Valentine's Day today, let me take the chance to wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day, and may all your wishes comes true today!


  1. so you came here lah.. LOL

  2. wah atas event. why you no wear PINK???

  3. so fast blog about it d.. efficient blogger. So wish i can bring home one of the bottle. Happy V'day to you.

  4. Yappy valentine's day, bro. Hope you have a long night, ngek ngek ngek

  5. Ken,
    Hehe yup came here, and went for ghost rider after that ><

    Because Isaac got no pink shirts!! :(

    Just wanted to get the photos up asap, because I really liked the one of me and Janice. I dont normally put photos up before blogging about it. I wish I can bring home also.. lol! Happy V Day to you!

    hehe ya bro. Went there look see look see :)

    LOL! Happy Valentine's Day to you too.. ngek what la.. haha ;)

  6. Great party!
    You should've wear pink too la, matching with Janice, hehehehe..
    I saw there's a lot of male guests there also wearing pink.. :D

  7. So sweet, the first pic. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Janice today...and every day! Cheers!

  8. happy valentine's day isaac! =D

  9. wow, nice party!! i like the carpet to the stage, haha, so grand!! and each one of you really get a bottle of the wine (with that crown) and the pillow?? wow, that's cool!! and i like the finger food too.. but why you were not wearing pink?? :p

  10. Happy Valentine's Day <3
    I want that crown and bottle LOL

  11. wow! that pink bottle is so niceee! :)

  12. Happy Valentine's Day!
    I love the pink bottle,so adorable,how much for one ya?

  13. I see em when I go to the screening the other day, and it really pinkish.. ^_^.v.. :D.. Yo, Happy Valentine to you too Bro!! ^_^.v..

  14. were there really for a while huh . .

    Happy Valentine's Day . .

  15. wow walk like a star :P i would be crazy with the pinkiness if i were there lol

    Latest: Look out for the Haven!

  16. I want the bottle so much! Hahahaha


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