Entree Cafe Damansara Uptown

There's this rather new cafe in town, and it's named Entree Cafe (pronounced /anh-tray/) located in Damansara Utama serving some nice fusion styled food. Dropping by the cafe the other day, I rather like the ambiance and simple yet tasty food available there.

Entree Cafe Damansara Utama
Entree Cafe Damansara Utama

Entree Cafe
33, Jalan SS 21/56B,
Damansara Uptown, 
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Phone: 0377328540 / 0122688540
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/entreecafe
Email: send2entree@gmail.com
Opening Hourse: 10am to 10pm daily

Entree Cafe Damansara Utama
The interior of Entree

Reaching Entree Cafe in the evening, braving the rain to rush inside, the cozy interior was definately a warm welcome agaisn't the harsh rain outside. I always feel its nice to be inside somewhere sheltered from the rain, hearing the "pitter patter" of the rain outside, while having a nice arm meal. Entree Cafe had a minimalist type of decor, but one thing did catch my eye, and that was the unique chalk drawing on their walls.

Entree Cafe Damansara Utama
Chalk Drawing with photo frames decorating the walls
Entree Cafe Damansara Utama
Colourful and artistic stuff here

Let the feast begin! We kicked off the our dinner with some entree dishes, which ironically is the name of the cafe. Entree Cafe serves this cute entree dishes which we had in small cups and bite sized portions.

#1 Four Different Entree Dishes
Entree Cafe Damansara Utama food
A closeup of the entree dishes

We had the Assam Pedas Prawns On Toast (RM10.80/5pcs), Sweet & Sour Fish Mantau, Beef Lemongrass Shooters (RM8.80/3pcs), and the Romaine Thai Chicken Salad (RM8.80/5pcs). My favourite here will be the beef balls as it came in this cute small cups and tastes really good and juicy with the sauce. I could stuff myself with these entree dishes just for my dinner alone, but we had more to come.

Famous 46th Rangoon Street Laksa with Prawn and Crispy Beancurd Skin
#2 Famous 46th Rangoon Street Laksa with Prawn and Crispy Beancurd Skin - RM19.80

Now this dish was unique to me, with a curry broth like texture that was unlike any normal curry which was thicker than usual and much more flavorful. Served with Pan Mee type of noodles, I would say this dish does excite our palettes for more scrumptious dishes.

ntree Dry Curry Chicken Served with Rice
#3 Entree Dry Curry Chicken Served with Rice - RM10.80

Next up was my all time favourite Malaysian dish, the rendang styled Curry Chicken with rice and "papadam crackers". It is indeed very "lemak" but the taste does beat most of the ones I've had elsewhere. Served with frgrant pandan infused rice, I found myself wanting for more.

Coriander Peanut Pesto Stuffed Chicken with Deep Fried Vegetables and Mashed Potato
#4 Coriander Peanut Pesto Stuffed Chicken with Deep Fried Vegetables and Mashed Potato - RM18.80
Vegetarian Ratatouille Pasta
#5 Vegetarian Ratatouille Pasta - RM10.80

I liked the way Entree Cafe comes out with their dishes which were creative, especially the last two dishes. The Coriander Peanut Pesto Stuffed Chicken came with a huge chunk of chicken breast meat doused in brown sauce while the Vegetarian Ratatouille Pasta tasted rather good, with the correct amount of sauce on it. I did not have much of these two dishes as I'm more of a meat person, but Janice likes it though.

Deep Fried Jackfruits Springrolls with Passion Fruit Coulis and Ice Cream
#6 Deep Fried Jackfruits Springrolls with Passion Fruit Coulis and Ice Cream - RM8.80

Finally the desserts arrived in a trio of sweet stuffs consisting of Deep Fried Jackfruits "Nangka", Mango and Ice Creams. I love the way the jackfruits were prepared and deep fried "popiah" style. This dessert was the perfect ending for a good meal out. So if you are around Damansara Utama area, do drop by this casual cafe for some nicely done fusion type of food.

Entree Cafe Damansara Uptown
Entree Cafe have these cute little chopstick flags bearing their logo.


  1. Nice food.... Something difference...

  2. Sure will drop by to try if have time :D

  3. looks awesome. but does it taste awesome? i donch know cause you seem positive all the time hahaha

  4. Don't like the green colour...but the food look good...and prices are ok too. Would want to go there.

  5. Wow! The food looks delicious! OK will visit this cafe! : )

  6. didn't know there's this cafe. Thanks for the recommendation :) would like to give a try hehe

  7. wow new concept of restaurant? and agreed with suituapui, the green sucks a big time!

  8. SImple Person,
    Yep, usually fusion food are everywhere but this shop is a breath of fresh air.

    Thanks for dropping by here!

    If it does not taste nice, i wont say its nice.

    you're right, I was rather surprised at the greenery too, well its unique i guess.

    do you stay nearby? Do drop by, and tell me what you think.

    Yup, it is pretty new. Thanks for dropping by!

    well the concept isn't very new, nowadays so many new eateries giving fusion food has opened up. Oh well :)

  9. Something special in this outlet.. not bad.. would love to try the mango with ice cream...

  10. lol! seriously i tot it pronounced as "entry" :p now I know. XD

  11. OMGOSH! can i have the Deep Fried Jackfruits Springrolls with Passion Fruit Coulis and Ice Cream ?! *drooling*

  12. Nice review there Isaac. Love the ambience there. Will try out that place soon. =)

  13. oh yeah, i gotta agree with you!! love the interior, so contemporary design, just like that ambiance especially the drawings on the green wall.. food wise, can't see the taste but the presentation is good!!

  14. Lovely green color! Nice interior! ^^

  15. Hou hou sek ar! :D

    would try curry rice XD

  16. food looks good...wouldn't mind giving it a try if i am in the area. for sure i will order the Deep Fried Jackfruits Springrolls with Passion Fruit Coulis based on pictures:P

  17. food looks good..hope it will taste as good..lol

  18. the dry curry looks delicious!

  19. I was at YHK last Sunday whicj is just beside it :P But was a miserable lunch, will blog a bout it later :(

  20. the concept of this shop is quite unique, i supposed. go green eh? =P

  21. I went there yesterday. The owner is very friendly. I did not know they serve wine, If i know. I should have ordered them instead of coffeeee!! :(


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