Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes (2012)

Fresh from the euphoria of catching the local hit Nasi Lemak 2.0 a couple of months back, come this Chinese New Year, a new movie Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes will hit our local cinemas.  Thanks to Sky, I had the opportunity to catch the premiere of this movie last night over at GSC Pavilion KL.

Ah Beng The Movie : Three Wishes

Going along vaguely similar route as Nasi Lemak 2.0, but with vastly different story line as well as much more action scenes, with car racing scenes, and explosion scenes incorporated as well, Ah Beng The Movie came off as being a really entertaining watch. The theater that night was packed with high expectations and Ah Beng The Movie did not disappoint. 

The premiere ticket which doubles up as a calandar

Ah Beng The Movie: Three Wishes (阿炳:心想事成)
Release Date :     19 January 2012
Genre            :     Comedy 喜剧
Language       :     Cantonese 粤语
Director         :     Director Silver
Casts             :     林德荣Jack Lim, 颜薇恩Gan Mei Yan, 陈志康Royce Tan, 邱文博Bernard, 曾洁钰Ah Yoke

Directed by Silver starring Jack Lim, Gan Mei Yan, Royce Tan , Bernard, Ah Yoke and many more, Ah Beng The Movie kicked off nicely, picking up momentum in the middle, and finished off with a nice feel good feeling.

The cast of Ah Beng The Movie
Ah Beng The Movie
More photos of the cast

It's the eve of The Lunar New Year in a village. Every household is busy preparing to receive the auspicious God Of Fortune (GOF). Ah Beng The Movie tells a tale of Ah Beng (Jack Lim) being this rather funny and cute security guard being visited by his dad who time traveled from the past just to catch up with him. We see Ah Beng's father, who then got to see and experience life with Ah Beng and the hardships they had to go through because of his negligence in the past.

Ah Beng The Movie then brings us on a rollercoaster ride of action, drama, and Malaysian styled humor as Ah Beng, with his father and friends fights against time to change the course of history. I personally found this movie a really good effort and a great watch. Ah Beng The Movie movie will begin screening just before Chinese New Year on the 19th January 2012, do remember to catch it!

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  1. I laughed the first time I heard the title. Ah Beng the movie. LOL!

  2. Saw the trailer on youtube. Not my kind of movie... :(

  3. woots woots! gonna have this for CNY! support local movies! :D

  4. ok seriously...the ah beng's voice throughout the whole trailer is quite annoying..hope the movie is good...will catch it although i think the series is over-rated

  5. I like the local movies now.. they have improved tremendously!

  6. Funny but not as good as previous movies ler

  7. will watch it soon!

  8. gonna watch it eh..suppoort local movie. . :D

  9. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Not as good as Great Day, the CNY movie of 2011. It is too slow in the beginning and the car chase suddenly mix into this story about a comedy drama. if you want to do a blockbuster movie, then do everything high fast action blockbuster movie.

    This movie is like half way here and half way there.


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