The Beer Factory Sunway Giza Gathering

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to usher it in than a pre-Christmas gathering with friends. This round, a few of the bloggers decided to crash in at The Beer Factory in Sunway Giza for a small gathering and we held it on a Thursday night not because we love the weekdays, but there might be less folks available on the Friday before Christmas.

The Beer Factory Sunway Giza
The Beer Factory
The Beer Factory
Sunway Giza Mall
47810 Petaling Jaya

Phone: 603-61416450, 603-79821381

The Beer Factory Sunway Giza
The Beer Factory & The Attic
"The Beer Factory™ & The Attic™ ~ is fast becoming the talk-of-the-town as it features an out of the world drinking ambiance which consists of an outdoor al-fresco area, two indoor industrial factory-themed bar and a concept club at the mezzanine floor. Easily one of the best drinking places in the world."

The Beer Factory Sunway Giza
Introducing the Heineken Beer Tower feat Benjamin, Kenwooi and Ryan

This round, we had the privilege to be sponsored by Heineken for the beers, hence it was a Heineken night for all of us. 5 beer towers were ordered, with one "Long Island" tower being included as well. For around 20 of us present that night, there were more than enough beer to go around since some of us do not drink but were present just to liven up the atmosphere.

The Beer Factory Sunway Giza
Heineken Beer for all present
Reaching The Beer Factory at just pass 9pm, I was pleasantly surprised to see the guys already there with the first beer tower. I had my dinner beforehand hence was all ready to drink up some Heineken. A couple of bloggers went to have their dinner first though, as we all know beers without some food first, aren't very good for the stomach nor the mind. A hungry man is an angry man, get it? 

The Beer Factory Sunway Giza
With Benjamin celebrating the yuletide season.

Shortly after 10pm, all the guys and gals had already arrived, and that was when the fun started. It was good gathering some close to 20 bloggers, as we were able to share a drink while enjoying the atmosphere and just talk about anything under the "moon", not that we were able to see the moon. I was pretty glad that most managed to make it that night. 

The Beer Factory Sunway Giza
With Ken Wooi and our "Long Island" drinks

Someone suggested a card game where we were required to place these cards on our forehead without looking at it. When the cards were stuck on our forehead, we looked rather dumb and all but it was good fun. The next step was to look at each other to identify the "lowest" card who will be the "loser" for that round. In a nutshell, the person with the lowest card stuck on their forehead had to down a glass of Heineken. Good fun indeed at The Beer Factory.

The Beer Factory Sunway Giza
Playing the "card" game

It really was a good night, as everyone had fun, and even those who rarely drink had to "bottom" up some glasses of Heineken beer as they lost the card games. With five beer towers from The Beer Factory to be finished that night, there were more than a couple of pink faces by the end of the night. Check out some of the bloggers who managed to make it that night. 

The Beer Factory Sunway Giza
Group Pic #182736 Kelvin, Henry Lee, Choulyin, Isaac, Tony and Iris
The Beer Factory Sunway Giza
Group Pic #182737 Front: Tony, Iris, Jiayeen, Yee Ing, Ryan. Back: Choulyin, Elwyn, and Jayren
The Beer Factory Sunway Giza
Us showing off our "Honda" themed shirt and jacket, spot the odd one out.
Merry Christmas to you too guys!

Overall a rather good night, and even though it was a weekday, getting a hangover the next morning at work was all worth it. The Beer Factory in Sunway Giza was really a nice place to hang out with friends. To all my friends and readers who are reading this now, it's Christmas eve today, and you know what that means? It means I am allowed to officially wish each and every one of you a Merry Happy Christmas 2011 !!


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