7aste Moscow At Laundry Bar Curve

Following up from my previous writeup on this party event, 7aste Moscow, I had the chance to experience it last night over at Laundry Bar, The Curve. The event actually started at 8pm, but yours truly was really late and only arrived past 11pm, hence I missed out some of the initial festivities. 7aste was rather packed, with free flow of beer, and for the VIPs, we were entitled to bottles of Vodkas.

7aste Moscow
7aste Moscow banne

7aste KL 
Friday (2 December 2011) 
Laundry Bar, The Curve
Twitter URL: http://twitter.com/7aste
7aste Moscow
The bartenders were kept busy whole night serving the party goers

I was slightly disappointed when I arrived to find the free flow of beer has ended, and the 1 bottle of vodka 7aste promised me wasn't there anymore. Throwing the "free flow" piece of coupon into the bin, I went on ahead to just drink from any bottles my friends threw at me. There were already a couple of red faces when I arrived, which I assume would be normal if they've been there for the past 3 hours drinking alcohol.

7aste Moscow
One of the blogger's table

Wasting no time, since everybody was in a pretty jolly mood in 7aste, I took the chance to snap some photographs of the bloggers that attended the event. I couldn't manage to snap everyone though, since everyone was moving all around me. Anyway check out some of the photos I manage to capture last night. 

7aste Moscow
#1 Just chilling with Anita, Isaac, Ken and Jiayeen
7aste Moscow
#2 Striking a pose with Jayren, Simon Seow, Anita, Isaac, Sher Lynn, and Benjamin
7aste Moscow
#3 Looking happy with Choulyin, Elwyn and Melissa
7aste Moscow
#4 Picture perfect with Jiayeen and Yeong Boon
7aste Moscow
#5 With buddy JFook!
7aste Moscow
#6 Part of the gang, Anita, Jackie Loi, Isaac, Kah Mon and Benjamin
7aste Moscow
#7 Cute bloggers, Simon Seow, Anita, and Sherry!
#8 Check out those happy faces Jun Fook, Joshua, Joel, Kian Fai, Jiayeen, Isaac, Anita, and Serge

With the music pumping, and the crowd which packed Laundry Bar last night, I would say the event was pretty good. If only their free flow of beers and vodkas didn't end early, it would have been much better. I was just glad to chill out with fellow bloggers and friends. After all that partying, we adjourned to the nearest "mamak" stall to clear our heads as well as to celebrate a fellow blogger, Jiayeen's belated birthday. 

7aste Moscow
Birthday girl, Jiayeen with her birthday cake
7aste Moscow
One for the album, we bloggers can pose for photos everywhere, anytime!

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suituapui said...

Why 7aste? I guess they do not mean TASTE...as there was no food? Anyway, what else do they have other than vodka? My ex-students there say their food sucks...and their music too - not as hip as our club scene here.

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

LOL. Should've just ask us to collect one of the bottles for you 1st since we're there quite early.

Isaac Tan said...

i guess they wanted it to reflect Taste, probably a taste of alcohol :)

The venue was Laundry bar, 7aste was actually the event name. ohhh, i wouldn't know how hip is hip though, isaac only goes to see friends. lol!

I didnt know others could collect for me bro! lol ><

Louise Xin said...

so it wasnt good as it shud be?
now i feel slightly better cuz i wasnt able to attend. ha ha ha.

Nikel Khor said...

So Happening, plus Free flow beer

Koh Kian Fai said...

You post less 1 photo! where is me la sad LOL

Jayren Kwan Hann Yaw said...

Awesome post ! =D

Anonymous said...

Wahhh im your buddy!! *touched + Proud* hahaha

Unknown said...

I am cute and i know it! :P

Peeciella said...

Everybody got red faces :P

Bella Enveeus said...

By the last photo, party faces become tired faces looking for bed already.. :D

Jia Ying said...

wah!!! I thought u in twitter say you give up this event....haha!!!

Natalie said...

Wow! You had fun, it can be felt on your photos! Cool!