Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011 Press Conference

Hennessy Artistry 2011, with a tagline of "The Ultimate Party Mix" will happen tonight at the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) at Mines Resort. The big names performing in Hennessy's biggest party of 2011 consisting of Chris Willis, Yolanda Be Cool, Landy Wen, Park Jung Ming, DJ Goldfish and Blink will bring a unique blend of different musical genres from the East and West. I was invited to the press conference yesterday for a glimpse of what is to come tonight.

Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011
Hennessy Artistry 2011
Hennessy Artistry 2011 "The Ultimate Party Mix"
By Invitation Only
8pm November 12 2011, 
Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre
2nd Floor, MIECC, Jalan Dulang, 
Mines Resort City,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

So there I was at the press conference of Hennessy Artistry 2011, all excited to catch the artists in person. One of the hot favourites would be Park Jung Min from Korea, with his really sweet smile he's bound to melt a number of ladies' hearts tonight at the party with his performance. 

Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011
A quick shot with Henry Tan, JFook and myself
Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011
The atmosphere at the press conference yesterday

Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011
Mixing it up
"After six record breaking and unforgettable parties this year, the biggest of all Hennessy Artistry events promises to "mix it up" even bigger and bolder with an expected crowd of more than 4000 party-goers. The annual Hennessy Artistry highlight event also looks set to creat waves across the country as fans can look forward to being treated to one incredible night where sights, sounds, and tastes collide to form an eclectic and explosive clubbing experience"

I got that from the press release and roughly you get the idea of how huge tonight will be. Anyway coming back to the press conference, check out some of the artist line-up for tonight captured below. 

Park Jung Min, a member of the South Korean group SS501 *photo courtesy of Junfook*
Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011
Park Jung Min all set to rock the stage tonight *photo courtesy of Junfook*
Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011
The full artist lineup, DJ Blink and DJ Goldfish, Park Jung Min, Chris Willis, and the group Yolanda Be Cool *photo courtesy of Junfook*
Hennessy Artistry Halo 2011
The artist lineup from another angle *photo courtesy of Junfook*
Passes to this biggest Hennessy Artistry "The Global Art of Mixing" party of 2011 were by-invitation only. To obtain passes to tonight's exclusive event, fans were required to register themselves via Hennessy Artistry's official Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/HennessyMalaysia. See you all tonight then!

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  1. aw..so wanted to go but I'm underage.

  2. wow..my girl will love to see this korean young handsome guy! hahhaa..

  3. Oh now i know who Park Jung Min is... member of SS501... i only know Kim Hyun Joong LOL

  4. wooohoo great to see u there :) ahah


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