My Traditional Chinese Wedding Morning

Today's post shall be of the videos that my dear sister in law, Soon Boon Koon just uploaded unto Youtube showcasing the events on my wedding morning. 25th September 2011 was the day I underwent the ceremonial tea ceremony, and the traditional fetching of the bride as well as the "playing" of the bridesmaid. It was also the day I officially tied the knot and said goodbye to "singledom". It was a rather traditional chinese wedding, the moment where everything fits perfectly into place.

The beautiful bride, Janice
The full video is still in my hometown, hence I really appreciate the effort that my sis in law did to cut it and posted it up to Youtube to share it. Do check out below for all 3 parts of it.

Part 1 of the wedding videos starts from my Penang house where my "brothers" and I have our breakfast in preparation to head to the bride's house over in Sungai Bakap some 30km away. This was where you see my parents helped me to wear my coat and walked me to the car which was a traditional tradition. We arrived at her house amidst loud firecrackers and honks. Thanks to my brothers for committing to the long journey there.

Part 2 of the wedding video depicts the more modern aspect of chinese weddings, where the bridesmaid will stop the bridegroom (me!) and his entourage from seeing the bride until he passes their "tests" or challenges. I was pretty relieved the bridesmaid gave some rather easy tasks. A few packets of angpaos were given, and I was finally successful in bringing Janice out from her wedding chambers.

Part 3 of the wedding video brings me back to my Penang house, this time with the bride. Traditionally, this signifies bringing the wife into my home and my family where we were welcomed by the groom's family and relatives with a ceremonial tea ceremony. More firecrackers welcomed the bride and her entourage. 

The next scenes shows the bride and bridegroom heading to the wedding room, to complete the wedding. Before the end, there was yet another small tradition to undertake where a small boy had to break the "tampui" a red pail like used by small children to pass motion. Of course, we used a new "tampui" and there were oranges and angpaos inside. 

So there you have it, videos from my wedding morning, which I felt were really nice where the videographer managed to capture the moment, and process of the wedding. Be on the lookout for more photos and probably more videos of the wedding dinner once I get my hands on them. I look back on this post as a milestone of my blog, as Janice was the reason I started this blog back in 2010 where I wanted an avenue to put into words my wedding proposal night. (My wedding Proposal).

p.s: Forgive me for the video quality, the original was really high quality but all was lost during the conversion and Youtube upload.

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  1. Sweet! Janice looks very lovely in her wedding gown. Congrats to you and Janice!

  2. Merryn, Thanks! Janice is always and forever lovely :P hehe

  3. Gorgeous wedding, Isaac!! Congratulations! With a beautiful wife like Janice, I'm sure you'll say goodbye to "singledom" gladly! :) :)

    Will be back to check out the videos later because I'm currently uploading a video on YouTube myself and my connection is like crap. -_-"

  4. awww.. Wish you and Janice stay sweet forever til the next next next life :D

  5. oh, those are really sweet memories huh.. you look handsome and your wife looks beautiful.. :p

  6. Shemah,
    thanks, no worries XD Haha, i still miss singledom sometimes though. Lol! :)

    Thanks for the wishes!

    Qi Wen,
    aww you're too sweet to say that. Wish you and your loved ones will be happy forever too ! XD

  7. SK,
    haha, i think my wife looks beautiful, but i just look... FAT! lol!

  8. Congratulations! :) Looks like it's the season for weddings, haha.

  9. Woohooo very happening :D and your wife is really pretty ^^ congrats again :D

  10. Anonymous1:32 PM

    congratulations to u & Janice :)

  11. Hoping for Dragon Baby? Got video of the wedding reception? You got drunk or not? That I would like to see... Muahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Laura,
    Yes it is, because next year is the year of the dragon, where everyone would like a kid from that year. Plus its a good month to get married :P Thanks for dropping by my humble blog btw!

    Thanks bro. :):) I sometimes wonder, why people say i not hot. I know la i very fat. Hahaha

    Thanks for the wishes!!! XD

    lol! hoping, but not forcing. Nothing happened at the wedding dinner, don't worry. LOL!

  13. I love Janice's wedding dress, so pretty :D Congrats to you and her, hope you two will have a happy marriage life, can't wait for Isaac and Janice junior :P

    P/S: Yr wedding anniversary falls on my birthday HAHA

  14. Wow, your family following the full Chinese ritual and customs, u even hv fire crackers tailing the wedding car... how envy, now I wish I can hv my wedding all over again(touch wood)!

    Your family sure are dog lovers, u even decorate the cage, how sweet...! Janice is so beautiful on your big day, love her wedding gown too!

    Congratulation again!

  15. Congrats !! Love your wife's dress ! :)) and your wife is really pretty.

  16. Isaac, you are so lucky to have such a beautiful and pretty wife but Janice also lucky to have such a good and handsome husband like you. :D

    Post more of your wedding photo. Since ever you post your wedding preparation in twitter, I can't wait to see all your wedding photo until now. My neck also want become giraffe liao. Hahaha..

  17. Congrats to you, Isaac, and your newly wed wife, Janice! :)

  18. Congratulation to you and your wife!!

  19. Congrats to you two.

    You two are such a lovely couple. :)

  20. lovely wedding..congrats!

  21. congrats again Isaac & Janice!

  22. Congrats to you and Janice! : )

  23. Congratulation again =)

  24. Congratulations! wow...even the doggy cage also decorated :)

  25. Congrats to you and your lovely wife!

  26. the bride is always more lovely and sweeter than the bridegroom...guess u had a tiring day though...hahah

  27. Thank you for giving us a glance of a traditional Chinese wedding and Congratulations on your wedding. More blessings to come.


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