Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party

It was Hot Magazine's 7th birthday bash, held at Zouk KL with party goers and friends. Saint and Sinners Party, aptly named as the crowd thronged in dressed in Halloween outfits to portray either saints or sinners. Thanks to Benjamin's invite, I had the chance to catch this really happening event.

Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
Saints & Sinners Party Invitation
A short introduction on what Hot Magazine is all about, quoted from their Facebook page.

Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party"Hot Magazine is this fortnightly celebrity entertainment magazine which highlights the latest and hottest happenings in the world of celebrity, movie, music, TV, style and sports in the most creative way possible"


So there I was early in the night at Zouk KL, all ready for the Halloween themed party. Even from outside the venue, we could already spot all the fancy dressed party goers, decked in Halloween outfits. Some were truly scary, while other looked hot.

Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
Registration Counter
Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
 A quick group photo of us before entering the venue, HOT!
Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
There were even a couple of HTC phone promoters promoting the latest HTC outside the venue

Saints & Sinners, Hot Magazine's 7th Anniversary Party kicked off at about half past 8, where we were greeted by the very hot and handsome Linora and Jeremy from Red FM. Throughout the night, we were entertained with good music, performances, as well as some really good showmanship from the Halloween dressed folks. Not forgetting the free flow of alcoholic drinks, and some finger food which warmed all of us up for a night of partying.

Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
Some of the decor inside the dance floor
Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
Jeremy and Linora from Red FM
Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
Linora and Jeremy posing for the camera
There were some really cool outfits that I managed to capture throughout the event. These awesome folks really took the Halloween theme seriously, and brought shame to guys like me who did not come in proper Halloween attire. Do check out below on some photos I took that night.

Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
Ghouls and "pontianaks" on the loose!
Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
These "nurses" were really hot, in a scary way.
Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
With liquid "blood" gushing out of his mouth, I wouldn't go close to him if I were you!
Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
The hot little red riding hood
Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
A group photo of some of the sinners and saints from the party
Overall, it was an awesome night, one which I enjoyed, especially when I see all my friends having fun with the drinks and cameras. We were a bunch of fun loving bloggers, and I dare say each one of us do know how to let our hair down and party when the right time comes around. 

Hot Magazine 7th Anniversary Party
Some of the bloggers that attended the party
Congratulations to Hot Magazine for reaching their 7th year of churning out great entertainment news for the readers, and thanks for organizing this awesome birthday bash. May there be many more great years of "Celebrity Entertainment" to come!

My dear blogger friend Glow's Halloween Video


Carina said...

Such awesome event!! I wished I was there too!!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Wah, head up to the person who dressed up as a pontianak! Awesome halloween costumes they have there.

Ari said...

Jesus, that dude in white gives me the creeps. He got balls la dressing up as that. Ahaha!

suituapui said...

Never heard of HOT before...but then again, I never pay any attention to mags and books. Seldom read, malas! LOL!!! Hey! Jeremy's there!!! Used to listen to him a lot when he was with TraxxFm - the only English station that we can get to listen to in Sibu... Sobssss!!!!

cutebun said...

Jeremy so hot one ar? LOL

Unknown said...

#ispammed picture at the registration counter, sorry ah :D

toninkush said...

argh damn, too bad i didnt have the invites. ended up watching What's Your Number instead

Jia Ying said...

nice event!!!! too bad i at hometown now.....

Small Kucing said...

scary :p

Unknown said...

I love that hantu pochong and that guy with the blood oozing all over his shirt. His makeup was pretty awesome. :) Looks like a fun event.. I remember watching Gossip Girl and they had a Saints and Sinners party too. Perhaps that's where they got the idea of the theme. :)

The sexy little red riding hood is hot but every year there's bound to be tons of them.. hope to see more interesting and unique costumes this year. :)

Wawa Kyoko said...

wow it was a great event and that man fully blood look scary, i will never touch him ahha and d nurse ghost was hot and sexy lol...

Camy said...

i wish that i'm in kl so i join lots and lots of events! :(

Anonymous said...

The sexy hottie red riding hood looks delicious...

Unknown said...

I was the winning zombie puking blood all over. LOL! I'm a zombie every year.