Asia Cafe Kota Damansara

Last week, after catching the special screening of Bridesmaid, a couple of us decided to drop by this rather nice looking food court Asia Cafe over at Kota Damansara. I was told there is another similar food court by the same name in PJ which was way more popular. Anyway this was my first time here to sample some of their local delicacies.

Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
Asia Cafe Kota Damansara

Asia Cafe
Jalan PJU5, 
Persiaran Mahogani, 
Kota Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47810

We reached Asia Cafe quite late in the night, around 11pm to be exact. The environment at first glance was pretty clean and tidy with a comfortable coffee shop ambience. However, I was surprised there were hardly anyone there. It's either we were too late, or the crowd prefer the neighboring shops. I was told by a fellow blogger that this place was pretty new, hence the smaller crowd. Check out below on some photos I took of the decor and stall placements.

Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
A unique touch of having this street sign inside the food court itself
Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
We have rows of stalls selling local delicacies

What I noticed almost immediately upon entering Asia Cafe was that the stalls were manned by foreign workers and not the stall owners themselves. I guess this is a new trend among coffee shops in KL, whereby the owners themselves no longer need to cook nor man their stalls. Instead they hire workers to cook, which in my opinion is an okay idea, but the quality of the dishes really deteriorates. As there were four of us that night, four hungry guys to be exact, we ordered quite a few dishes. Check them all out below.

Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
#1 Wanton Mee - RM4.50
Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
#2 Char Kuey Teow - RM5
Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
#3 Sweet and sour pork rice with egg - RM7.50
Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
#4 Assorted "loh bak" - RM9
Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
#5 BBQ Chicken Wings = RM4
Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
Kian Fai's huge glass of Iced Milo
Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
My honey dew milk tea which had more milk than honey dew. I did not really like the way they made this.

My dish of the sweet and sour pork rice was pretty good, but as for the other dishes, I would rate it mediocre at best. I think in food preparation, it is best if the stall is manned and the dishes whipped up by the owners themselves. Once they delegate it to workers to prepare the local delicacies, the food becomes "just like any other food", forgettable and mediocre. I wouldn't say it's bad, just not memorable.

Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
The guys (Benjamin and I)
Asia Cafe Kota Damansara
More of us (Kian Fai, Henry Lee and Jayren)

Asia Cafe Kota Damansara could have been great, however my first impression of this food court wasn't really memorable. Probably I would come back again during daytime to check out the crowd. It was a good night catching up with fellow blogger friends anyway.


Koh Kian Fai said...

hehe it is cool that almost all is I taste 1 :P

Isaac Tan said...

Kian Fai,

lol!, because all also ordered by you? :P

SL said...

I like the environment there but i personally dont really like their food. =( Plus, not many choices..

suituapui said...

This is the new one right? I went to the one in the vicinity of Taylor's and Inti and all the colleges - lots of things to eat, so very many choices...all nice...but not great. Wouldn't see me rushing back for more.

AdamTam said...

the setting looks quite unique. but i guess just like a majority of foodcourts, the food just doesn't taste authentic like a true kopitiam

Isaac Tan said...

Shiok Leng,
True, the environment is good. Pity the food is really kind of not up to mark.

You're right! the famous Asia Cafe is the one in the vicinity of Taylor's and Inti. It's much more happening there compared with the one in Kota Damansara.

So true. I still think owners of the stalls should be the one preparing the dish. At least it makes the experience less forgettable.

[SK] said...

looks like they put some effort in the whole setup to attract people huh.. the food looks good, but not really so impressive after you tasted it?? hmmm, ok, means if just to fill your stomach then could be okay lah~~ :p

ken said...

only been there once.. the materials used to make the ceiling is unique :)

Nikel Khor said...

Like chicken wing

Unknown said...

wahaha such a popular place also write up, good ah! should start reviewing stalls one by one la haha

Diana Diane Teo said...

I also noticed the trend of KL nowadays such as around Wangsa Maju and Genting Klang area where stalls owners no more cook by themselves but hire foreign workers to do so.

Thristhan said...

Wow, damansara also got Asia Cafe? I know the one near subang only wor :). Nice concept they way the stalls are arranged.

life-muses said...

try the mango and dragon fruit next time. my usual order when i'm there!

Reanaclaire said...

The food court looks neat.. but is the food nice? the chicken wings look a bit burnt.. or it is the camera? :)

~Joeanney~ said...

owh wow! they have Asia Cafe at Kota Damansara too? nice!

cutebun said...

Street food! =D

Twilight Man said...

The name is Asia Cafe so it is okay to be manned by all Asian foreign workers! Hey, my female colleague claimed that she knows you and that you looked like a playboy in your photos! Wow! She would kill me if I told you her name.

Small Kucing said... didnt order the soup. The steam soup there very nice. steam long enough

Alice Law said...

It's ok if the drink not satisfying, but the food certainly look appetizing!^^

wenn said...

the wantan mee looks good.

Henry Lee said...

the loh bak really cut throat one... haha... well the juice and milo was really big and affordable :)

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey

Ciki said...

Oh too bad the food was mediocre;( And yeah, stalls that are manned by foreign workers and not the stall owners themselves are common these days but mind you, some of them can really cook! :)