Straits Quay Mall Penang

At around the same time 1st Avenue Mall was opened in Penang, Straits Quay Mall was opened to the public as well. I did not have the chance to visit this new mall until today. First off, a quick background on Straits Quay Mall (I was told quay is pronounced "key").

The Front Entrance

Straits Quay is located at Sri Tanjung Pinang, a reclaimed land somewhere in between Tanjung Bunga and Tanjung Tokong. It's a stone's throw away from Island Plaza. Currently its the latest seafront hangout spot in Penang.

In case you are lost.

The coolest thing about this mall is that the place is actually a residence apartment / condominium with the luxurious shopping complex located on the first and second floor. How I wish this was my home. The place is nice in the sense that it has a seafront promenade, cafe, bistro, restaurants and most of the major brands retail shops.

CNY Deco just outside the mall
In case you get lost again

As I found out soon enough, the design was very similar to the Eastern & Oriental Hotel at upper Penang Road because E&O Berhad happens to be the big player for Quay Straits. No wonder walking around inside the mall was akin to being inside a hotel.

More Shops coming soon
Fair winds bring good fortune, prosperity and abundance to all

Oh did I mention there is a lighthouse here as well. I was too lazy to walk over to the lighthouse, so a photo from a distance should suffice. Somehow the waterfront reminded me of Putrajaya.

Lighthouse to show you and me some light

Inside Straits Quay Mall, majority of the shops weren't opened yet, but those that were already opened exuded class and luxury. Heck, there was even an open glass lift in the lobby just to bring you from level 1 to level 2 and vice versa.

A rather classy apartment lobby
Check out these mannequins!
My Bro!

Since I was there with my family, I didn't miss out the chance to capture some photos together with them. It's not everyday we could take a group picture together.

Mum and Dad!
Us + my uncle!

Tomorrow's Chinese New Year, I'm hereby wishing all of you, my beloved readers a prosperous year of the rabbit! Gong Xi Fa Cai!


  1. never been there, but by looking thru the pics here - it feels like being in SG.. haha.. :)

  2. Nice place...but almost nobody there? Wah!!! That one in red red shirt memang bergaya. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  3. @ Ken: SG? lol, maybe. Do you go sg often?

  4. @ stp:

    I think its quite empty due to a number of reasons. Its new year eve, most stalls not opened yet. It's a rich people place, people like me go and see see only, cannot buy/

    Memang bergaya 110%! LOL

  5. Happy CNY Isaac!!!!
    Nak angpow! heheh :D

  6. @ Cik Shinju:

    Happy cny to you tooooooo!!!! hehe, nak angpow juga :P

  7. Happy CNY Isaac!!!!
    Nak angpow! heheh :D

  8. Whereru8:42 AM

    Hey Straits Quay was nice for a short window. Now it is overrun with too many noisy events one on top of another with 'people chaos' as experienced only in Penang's CHAOTIC STYLE. Nobody lines up or respects others, walking 5 abreast blocking anyone walking in the opposite direction and they don't apologize, filthy toilets with water everywhere. In just a short time it has turned into a low class venue! Sorry for all who purchased homes there now! The GM guy from Singapore is a really unfriendly turd walking around with an attitude! Are there any Malaysians that can do that job?? The only thing we really enjoyed was a jazz duet playing at the market and apparently he has stopped this nice music addition to the weekend market! What an idiot, he got rid of what we liked most about Straits Quay. There are way too many noisy low class events at Straits Quay now and the Delicious has the SLOWEST and POOREST SERVICE EVER!!! It is altogether OVERRATED! .....the Straits Quay that is!!!  Tell it like it is Issac Tan.

  9. Whereru, thanks for the comment, this post was back in Feb when Straits Quay just opened to the public. I'm based in KL now, so have not much idea how bad it has deteriorated. 


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