Orlando Clothes Shopping Day

That was the day I went from being "surviving financially" to "broke financially". The story was, I needed some new clothes for my wedding, work, etc, and the last time I actually went clothes shopping was like a hundred years ago.

One fine weekend, I went with my future wife to Sungai Wang Plaza to do exactly that, clothes shopping. The Orlando shop was located in Sungai Wang, a quiet little unassuming shop. Little did I know this shop was going to take hundreds of my hard earned cash. Ouch.

Orlando Clothes Shopping Day
Orlando Boutique at Sungai Wang Plaza

I was impressed with the quality of the shirts. The price wasn't very cheap but that's what you get for quality, I suppose.

Well, one thing led to another, and I ended up forking out close to RM660 for everything. Mind you, this figure was after discounts. And to think I just wanted to get 1 or 2 clothes for myself. Below were all the items we got that day, inclusive of 2 gifts (1 set box of Orlando pen, belt, and wallet, and 1 box of Thomas London belt). We got a few shirts for our parents as well (2 shirts for her dad, and one for mine)

Orlando Clothes Shopping Day
So little yet so much
For me!
Just for the record, I list down the items I got and the prices for it. Thanks to my future wife, she managed to pick for me the best looking clothes.

Orlando Clothes Shopping Day
Itemized billing. 


  1. RM660??? *faints* That's enough for my food for a month!!! Not buying any new clothes for Chinese New Year - they do not have my size anyway. Hehehehehe!!!

    P.S. Mrs. working but shopping you have to fork out the money...and you buy for father-in-law also? Any more guys like you? Wanna book for my daughter. Muahahahaha!!!!

  2. Janice1:59 PM

    Looking into your list, your wedding clothes are less than RM300 for everything (new shirts, tie, cufflink, socks, pen, wallet, belt). Isn't the price reasonable for a branded stuff?

  3. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Don't waste your money buying this brand. I would rather spend more money for other brand because the quality of the Easy care t- shirt is very low. Easy care is suppose to be for easy ironing but not for Orlando brand. The fabric is worst.


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