Custom Made Wedding Jersey

Few weeks back, I was invited by my friend Amos to be one of his brothers entourage for his wedding ceremony. It was held in the morning on 2nd of January 2011. All 18 of us brothers or "heng tais" accompanied him to "collect" his wife from her house and back to his own house.

Well, back to my topic of the day, Amos decided that he wanted all his "heng tais" brothers to be uniformed. Usually and as per the norm, the brothers would normally be requested to wear a single coloured shirt, either white, or red. But Amos went one step up, and custom made jersey shirts for all his brothers. What cracked me up when I first saw the jersey t shirt was the wordings on it. Have a look below.

Custom Made Wedding Jersey
Our uniform for the day

Amos' Brother! All 18 of us were made to wear that shirt on his wedding morning. What a sight it was. Well, at least the t shirt material was good, and we were all proud to wear it and help Amos out. That's what brothers are for. Congratulations Amos Ng Kheng Hooi on your successful wedding!

Custom Made Wedding Jersey
A few brothers having fun with fire crackers on that day


suituapui said...

ROTFL!!! Good thing he did not put "little brother"....

P.S. Hi! 1st time here. Hopped over from Wenn's Experiences blog - same name as yours, almost...

Isaac Tan said...

Hi Suituapui,
thanks for dropping by ! :)

Yep, it would be hilarious if it had been "little brother. But I wore that shirt proudly, proud to be his "brother" on his big day.

yep, just found out about Wenn's Experiences blog yesterday, very interesting blog i would say.

wenn said...

thanks Isaac..btw, it's indeed fun to participate in the ceremony.

Isaac Tan said...

It was superb, but very tiring at the same time :P