40 Drunkards In A Room

What do you get when you stuff 40 dudes (plus a few dudets) into a room and give them lots of alcohol on the pretense of having a Chinese new year gathering plus farewell party plus birthday celebration? Well, you get a lot of red faces plus a hell of a noisy room!

Well, there we were at Six Happiness Restaurant near Ampang Waterfront from 8.30pm until 11pm having fun, singing away. I think it was fun as it gave the chance for everybody to release the tension from work and just let go. Oh, I forgot to mention, this was a Chinese New Year yearly gathering with colleagues, except this year there was a farewell included for one of the bosses, plus 2 birthday boys.

My dear colleagues

I wanted to take a picture of the dishes, but due to the number of guys at each table, the moment the food was served, it was snapped up before you could say "Kampai!"  I did manage to snap one picture of the birthday cake.

What can I say, I love my colleagues, especially when they're drunk! Gong Xi Fa Cai guys! We did take a group picture, but it was taken using another colleague's DSLR. Maybe I'll update this post with the picture once I sober up a bit.


Charissa said...

I think I love everyone in my life a little bit more when they're drunk. So entertaining XD

Isaac Tan said...

@ Charissa:

Wahahaha :) yep, spread the love. Lol!

suituapui said...

Did you get drunk? Somebody had to carry you home? Remember...don't drink and drive, and drink less (or better still, not at all)...

Isaac Tan said...

@ stp:

slightly only. Yup, I know it's bad for health and all that, ut once in a while is ok I guess :)