Ng Han Kee Fresh Water Seafood Restaurant

It was Christmas eve. My location? Sungai Bakap. I was with my girlfriend's family, and we decided to go for a nice seafood dinner. The location of this place wasn't very near, in fact it was quite far over at Bagan Semak, located somewhere along the borders of Penang, and Kedah. Well, after roughly 30 mins drive from Sungai Bakap, across winding kampung roads, we finally reached out destination around 8.30pm.

The name of this quaint kampung restaurant is Ng Han Kee Fresh Water Seafood Restaurant. When they mention Fresh Water seafood, they're not pulling your leg, as the seafood is really fresh, as in still alive in small man made ponds. Their prawns are fresh and alive in these ponds as well.

Fresh Water Seafood Restaurant
Live fishes swimming around.

We took a medium size fish, and around 1kilogramme of prawns. That's quite a lot considering there weren't many of us. The queue to wait for our food to be ready took quite long though, maybe this was due to 3 or 4 tables were previously reserved by other diners. They reserved via phone calls, so when they arrive their food was already ready and served. The cooks were probably busy preparing their food.

Ng Han Kee Fresh Water Food
Kampung Baru Bagan Semak
+60-5-716-3717, +60-17-435-7767
Category: Food and Drink
Subcategory: Chinese

Fresh Water Seafood Restaurant
Catching our live prawns
Fresh Water Seafood Restaurant
The kampung like setting of the restaurant

Well, after waiting for like 20 minutes, our food was finally served. Smells good, looks great, and tastes fantastic! Have a look below for a sampling of our dishes that night.

Fresh Water Seafood Restaurant
500gm Prawn With Curry
Fresh Water Seafood Restaurant
500gm prawn with wine sauce
Fresh Water Seafood Restaurant
Steamed Fish

It was a very filling meal for all of us, and our stomachs were contented for the day. The price is also rather reasonable, RM106 for seven of us.

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