5 Horrors of Dating You Can Avoid By Relying on Matchmaking Services

5 Horrors of Dating You Can Avoid By Relying on Matchmaking Services

The existence of dating apps should have made finding a partner a much easier task in the digital age, but it hasn’t been the case for many people. Sure, you may have an extensive directory of people in Singapore who are ready to mingle at the tip of your fingers, but it can be a lot of effort sifting through the pile and finding someone who matches your standards and willing to put in the time and effort to foster a connection. Even then, should you decide to meet up, there’s no assurance that the individual you’ll see will perfectly match the online persona they’ve crafted for themselves or that you’ll hit it off once you see each other in person.

If you’re after results, getting the services of a professional agency that specialises in matchmaking in Singapore will help you improve your chances of finding the right person—all while saving time, energy, and even money. Modern-day matchmakers specialise in pairing potential partners, and they have a lot of experience in bringing together people who complement each other. These professionals can vouch for the individuals they are pairing, thus saving their clients from some of the most common horrors that people experience when DIY-ing their dating strategies. In particular, matchmakers can help you avoid getting into the following predicaments: 

Dating Starts to Become a Numbers Game for You

The desire to find the right partner comes with a lot of internal and external pressures, and it can suck the joy out of dating. Instead of taking your sweet time in getting to know yourself better and evaluating potential life partners, you might find yourself engaging with so many people to maximise your chances of finding a decent option for a date. A matchmaker can take over the job of sifting through potential matches for you so that you only end up dating people who meet your preferences. From simply saying yes or no to dating profiles, you can level up your options to good, better, and best matches. 

Your Date Is Not the Person They Claimed to Be

Catfishing, which is the act of luring someone into a relationship through the use of a fake persona, is a very real issue in the dating world. It’s quite common for people to use filters in their photos to the point of misrepresenting themselves online, and there are even people who knowingly pretend to be what or who they’re not on dating apps. This is not an issue for matchmakers, as these professionals have to meet and deeply understand each of their clients to know exactly what they want from a potential life partner. You can be sure, then, that the people they introduce to you have been properly vetted and verified. 

Going on Dates Feels Like You’re Compromising Your Safety

Meeting with a stranger, no matter how long the two of you have been talking online, is always a safety risk. There are people who have become victims of violent crimes and crimes against property after being lured into meeting up by their online contacts. This is another issue that can be solved by the vetting processes that matchmakers use. They often run background checks on the people that take part in their matching services to ensure the safety and security of their clients are not compromised. 

You and Your Date Have Totally Different Goals and Standards

In addition to pairing you with someone that matches your preference, matchmakers can also help you refine exactly what it is that you are looking for. Then, they can match you with someone who shares the same goals and priorities in life. If you want to become a parent in the near future, for example, your matchmaker will take this into account and set you up on a date with someone who has the same vision and will play an active role in building the family that you dream of. If you want a reliable life partner as you pursue your career and passions, your future dates might consist of people who have their own pursuits and those who want to support the ambitions of a driven individual. You and your date don't have to skirt around the topic of what you want in life and from each other, which are questions that many people struggle with when entering the dating scene. 

Everyone Knows You’re Looking for a Romantic Relationship

If you want to keep your search for romance under wraps, then dating apps might not be for you. Once you’re on the digital Rolodex of people who are single and ready to mingle, anyone within your ‘target demographics’ can see your face and bio. This can be an issue if you want to keep other people’s noses out of your business. Your matchmaker can help you navigate your dating life in a more discrete manner by curating the selection of people to whom your profile will be shown. This, in turn, will help you keep your relationship concerns out of the eye of the public or overeager friends and relatives. 

Matchmaking services are not free, but considering all the hassles that they are saving you from, the fee is certainly well worth it. If you’re keen on avoiding dating horror stories and actually improving your matches and enjoying a good majority of your dates, consider this option for augmenting your dating life. 

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