Should You Hire a Professional or Create Your Own Video Content?

Should You Hire a Professional or Create Your Own Video Content?
Should You Hire a Professional or Create Your Own Video Content?

It’s hard to deny the power of the video medium when online video platforms like YouTube clock in a billion hours of content watched on the daily—it’s only natural that marketers are jumping on the bandwagon. They’re more engaging, appealing, and entertaining, and failing to include this in your content strategy now means potentially losing out on engagement and audience reach to brands utilising video well. 

With its proven effectiveness, the biggest question marketers now face is not whether to create videos, but how, and perhaps more importantly, who. This article serves to help you decide if you should outsource video production to the experts or do it on your own for your next project.

The case for DIY video production

The intuitive action most might take when planning to create a video would be to search for a reliable Singapore video production company to hire for your project especially if you’re looking to produce something unique like an animation video. In that case, you’d need to hire an experienced animation studio to produce that video. While this is by no means wrong, there are times when filming your video yourself might be the best option.

When it’s straightforward

If you’re shooting a quick minute-long announcement or something along that vein, it shouldn’t take too long nor need multiple camera set-ups. In this case, it may be counterproductive to hire a video production company when you can very much film it yourself quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, if you’re looking to produce a more complex video such as a virtual reality video, you’re better off hiring an experienced VR company in Singapore to get the job done.

When it’s the mood you’re going for

Videos created without professional help and equipment can be grainy, shaky, and all-around unpolished. Though these are usually seen as drawbacks, some viewers are drawn to these qualities as they are often perceived as more authentic and sincere. On the occasion where you’d like to achieve this sort of mood for your video, perhaps for a behind-the-scenes video or an ‘a day in the life’ kind of format, filming the video yourself may make the end product much more personal.

When it’s the only option

Sometimes, you may find that you need to create a video at the very-last minute. If you’re (very) short on time, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to hire a videographer within that time frame. When time is of the essence, a DIY video might be your best (and only) option. This may sound like your video is doomed to fail—but this isn’t necessarily the case. As long as your filming equipment films in high quality (which smartphones can also achieve) and you’ve got a working knowledge of production, or at the very least have your hands on a handy video production process guide, you should be fine.

The case for hiring professionals

Of course, there are times where it would only make sense to hire a video production company. Here are some instances for when!

When your video is complicated

If the video you have in mind requires elaborate visual effects, it would be wise to consult professionals like an animation studio or a Singapore motion graphics company to help you achieve your vision. Even if you were to use editing software, the pre-downloaded effects provided can only go so far. This ensures that your video goes as planned and is done well.


When appearances matter

If you want your brand to come across as professional and polished, you probably wouldn’t want a low-quality brand video on your landing page. Hiring professionals means that not only do you have access to proper video equipment, but you also have skilled and experienced teams at your disposal, who will also be able to advise you on how to further your video’s potential.


Though DIY videos often come with a negative connotation, it’s an entirely viable option for you to pursue if the circumstances fit. It’s up to you to decide when!