Why Baking Can Make You A Happier Person?

Why Baking Can Make You A Happier Person?

We’ve all experienced it before. Life goes completely off course compared to what you had in mind and everything just doesn’t seem to go your way. Stress builds up over time leaving you constantly worried and unhappy. In such a situation, how should one get out of this slump? One word - baking.  Unexpected as it may seem, baking has actually been proven to be a great stress reliever as mentioned in an article by Huffington Post. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why baking can make you a happier person.


Baking Gives You Control

When your life is in turmoil and everything seems to be uncontrollable, even a small semblance of control can make a huge, positive ripple effect in your life. When baking, you are the person who decides what type of product you want to make. You get to choose what recipe to use and have the freedom of modifying the recipe however you see fit. You get to decide where to purchase your baking supplies online and what type of ingredients you want to use for your baking product. On top of that, you can be certain that you’ll have a delicious baking product just waiting for you to consume after the specified minutes as mentioned in the recipe. Helpful tip, you can purchase high-quality ingredients online at a reasonable price from Essentials if you don’t really fancy a long drive to the supermarket.


Baking Builds Your Creativity While Being Fun

Similar to art, baking gives you plenty of room to be creative. You could reconnect with your artistic side and decorate cakes or cupcakes with your own custom design. Better yet, why not try spicing things up and experiment with different types of ingredients when following a recipe. For example, instead of using sugar, why not substitute it with another type of ingredient that is also sweet in nature like honey or delicious Lotus Biscoff Spread?

Besides being creative in the artistic sense, baking also allows an individual to become more creative in terms of problem solving. Lacking butter? Why not use margarine like Planta instead? No money to purchase a stand mixer? No worries, a bowl and wooden spatula will do. In baking, the sky’s the limit as long as you don’t restrict yourself by religiously following a recipe guide word for word.


Sharing Baked Goods With Others is a Wonderful Feeling

What better way to boost your mood than by seeing others smile happily as they take a bite from your delicious baked goods? Smiles are infectious so just imagine how you’d feel when all of your colleagues in your office are smiling and happily enjoying your cake, biscuits, pastries or whatever is it that you baked to share with them. Besides improving your own mood, sharing your baked goods with others will also give you a sense of fulfillment similar to how a chef feels fulfilled when his or her customers truly enjoy the food. Whether you believe it or not, to a certain degree, baking definitely brings a semblance of happiness to the people you’re sharing your baked goods with no matter how small.

The feel of the dough when you’re kneading it, the “ding” sound of the oven as your baked goods are ready and of course the smell of your final baking product - all these are experiences and sensations that can stimulate your senses which will lead to an increase in feel-good endorphins. Increased endorphins will in turn lead to many more positive effects in your life such as reducing stress and anxiety, alleviating depression, boosting your self-esteem, reducing your weight and so much more.


  1. I'm no good at baking but I would definitely be happy if somebody else does it and I eat! LOL!!!


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