A Beginner's Guide to Effective Video Types for Marketing

A Beginner's Guide to Effective Video Types for Marketing

Since the sudden spread of Covid, many companies have been forced to sell or promote their businesses online in order to survive the pandemic. With a huge influx of businesses moving online, the competition to capture viewers’ attention has only increased drastically. Static images used in paid ads like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Display Network are no longer as effective as they once were due to the huge number of businesses using static images in their paid ads to promote their brand, products or services.

Because of the overabundance of static images in paid ads, viewers are slowly but surely switching their preference to video content as this form of media is more interesting and engaging. Forward thinking companies that have noticed this trend are steadily implementing more video related content in their digital marketing strategy to set themselves apart from the competition. In Singapore for example, more businesses are working with top Singapore corporate video production companies to produce high quality videos that effectively promote their product and services to their target audience.


With the importance of video on the rise, here are a few video types that one can use to market their company’s brand, products and services effectively:

Influencer Collaboration Videos

With social media being so prevalent, influencer marketing has become quite popular amongst businesses. As influencers usually have a large fanbase, tapping into this fanbase especially if it consists of a company’s target market can prove very beneficial. Producing collaboration videos with influencers can vastly increase engagement rate, sales and leads if done correctly. A great example can be seen via State Farm, an insurance company. This company produces videos that features many popular influencers like Chris Paul (a famous NBA basketball player), Drake (an influential singer) and many more iconic individuals to promote their own brand.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biJM1VH8Sdg&ab_channel=StateFarmInsurance

Due to their many collaboration videos with influencers that have a large following online, State Farm Insurance has become a well-known brand in the United States which is a tough feat in itself due to the fact that there are tons of other insurance companies in that country.

Animation or Motion Graphics Videos

If hiring influencers to produce collaboration videos are too costly, you can also try working with top Singapore animation studios to produce animation or motion graphics videos to promote your business. If produced properly, these types of video can be very eye-catching and can capture a viewer’s attention easily. Of course, using an animation video or motion graphics videos can be situational. For example, if your company is a professional marketing agency, using an animation video to promote your services online may not be the best solution. 

However, if your company sells snacks like cereals or potato chips and the target market is mainly children and teenagers, animation videos can definitely be a huge advantage as this type of audience naturally loves watching cartoons. A good example of a company that uses animation well to promote their product is Mamee Monster.


Live Streaming

Although not exactly a video per se, live streaming is a great way to market your business to your audience which is why many companies are hiring experienced live streaming companies to help them with their live streaming events. Live streaming allows you to communicate and engage with your audience in real-time which can be very beneficial. By having a two-way communication with your audience, not only does this encourage brand loyalty, it also gives you the opportunity to truly understand your audience’s needs and wants which in turn can lead to better product and service offerings. Besides that, some viewers may actually prefer live streaming as response by the business will be immediate which can lead to an increase in direct sales or lead generation.

360/VR videos

While not very popular yet due to its uniqueness, 360 videos may become much more relevant in the near future. Similar to how static images are losing steam in this technologically advanced age, so can traditional videos. If produced correctly, 360 videos can be a powerful medium to effectively engage viewers and keep them hooked on your products or services as it is more interactive than your average video. Take the gaming industry for example. Since the introduction of 360 VR videos, more and more games are using this video format to give gamers a more interactive and lifelike experience. If this is currently possible in the gaming industry, it might only become a matter of time before 360 VR videos become the preferred type for businesses to market their brand, products or services.



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