[GIVEAWAY] Have Fun Painting with the Dazzling Nippon Paint Gold Paint!

Have Fun Painting with the Dazzling Nippon Paint Gold Paint! 

Have you ever had that feeling that some areas of your home just need a makeover - a golden makeover to be exact? Well, I have! The kids are always bringing back their arts and crafts items they made at school, but we’ve always just left them to be. So when I came across the Nippon Paint Gold Paint, I just knew that it was the perfect opportunity to do a little DIY painting project with the kids! Do read on…

Have Fun Painting with the Dazzling Nippon Paint Gold Paint!
Have Fun Painting with the Dazzling Nippon Paint Gold Paint! 

With the plan for a DIY project with the kids at home, I was really glad to have found the Gold Paint from Nippon Paint. It’s really quite cool, packaged in a plastic bottle and suitable for all surfaces including metal, wood, plastic and more. The one I got came in tubs of 250gm each, perfect for small projects like the ones we were taking on. What were we going to do? Paint of course!

A water based acrylic paint for interior and exterior with super lasting gold finish
A water-based acrylic paint for interior and exterior with super lasting gold finish 
So Shiny!
So shiny!

We Had So Much Fun Together! 

Martin made a mini wooden chair all by himself at school, complete with screws and all. The colour was a tad dull though, and that’s where the Nippon Paint Gold Paint came in handy. The glamorous, luxurious and classy gold had a nice shimmer to it, almost shiny even without a bright shining light to it!

Martin's school project, a wooden chair
Martin's school project, a mini wooden chair 
Karlson did this on his own, a pencil holder made from icecream sticks
Karlson did this on his own, a pencil holder made from ice-cream sticks

Karlson, on the other hand, had a homemade pencil holder that he built from ice-cream sticks. The kids literally squealed with delight when they saw what was in store for them. Both of them were going to transform their class projects into something golden! How sweet! 

Silky smooth!
Silky smooth!
Let the painting begin!
Let the painting process begin!

With the Nippon Paint Gold Paint, anyone can easily give small items at home a complete makeover with a coat of gold. Even kids find it easy to do so as the paint is so smooth and easily applicable on surfaces. With a small paint brush, both Martin and Karlson were already on their way towards painting their respective masterpieces.

Too easy
Too easy! All they needed were paintbrushes and they were all ready to start! 
Martin's in deep concentration
Martin concentrating on his DIY project

The best part is, we’re no longer afraid of getting the usual paint smell all over the house. Why’s that? Well, for starters, the Nippon Paint Gold Paint is part of their Green Choice Series, which is low in odour and has water-based properties to help uplift our environments, thus promoting a safe and healthy space for everyone!  

If it gets too messy, just wash the paint off with water!
Karlson's having fun
Karlson's having fun with the makeover process

Tadaaa! Check out the end results! We were truly satisfied with the overall results. Not only did both the kids did a great job in painting their wooden chair and pencil holder, they were so proud of their masterpieces and couldn’t stop boasting about it! Of course, we had to help them out a bit to ensure that both masterpieces have an overall smooth finish. 

Pretty in gold
Pretty in gold

And there you have it. Intrigued yet? Well, this is your one chance to unleash your creativity with the Nippon Paint Gold Paint, give your home, your any old items you have lying around at home a DIY makeover today. To get a hold of the Nippon Paint Gold Paint (priced at RM35 / 250gm per tub), head to your nearest paint dealers. 

To learn more about the Nippon Paint Gold Paint, check out the link HERE

Nippon Paint Gold Paint
Nippon Paint Gold Paint


Guess what? I have 20 tubs of Nippon Paint Gold Paint to give away to my dear readers. Just join a simple contest and be in the running to get one of these for FREE! How?

Well, all you need to do is to simply answer the question below in 25 words or less :

“If you can paint any of your possessions gold, what will you paint and why?”

Do also hashtag #NipponPaint #PaintAllSurfaces in your entries to stand a chance to win! Comment in the comment section below with your email, and we’ll announce the winners by 27th September 2019!

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