LeapEd Trust Schools Programme - An Education Transformation Programme to Develop Holistic Children

An Education Transformation Programme to Develop Holistic Children

Have you ever reminisced about your schooling days, where teachers were strict and would throw a chalk at you whenever they feel you weren’t attentive? The constant memorising of facts and figures for exams? Well, that is our Malaysian education system, where the person who’s best at memorising or who has a photographic memory will excel in academics. But if we continue down this path, then the future of our children is at stake. 

LeapEd Trust Schools Programme (TSP) - Education Service Provider
LeapEd Trust Schools Programme (TSP 1.0) - Education Service Provider

LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd (‘LeapEd’), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, is Malaysia’s first homegrown education service provider and social enterprise. I was introduced to them last week at an event to understand and learn more about their education transformation initiatives, such as Trust Schools Programme (TSP 1.0), which has been underway for the past 9 years. What an eye-opening session it was! 

The great folks from LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd
The great folks from LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd (Dr Suseela Balakrishnan, Head of Design, Monitoring & Evaluation, Nina Adlan Disney, General Manager Education Development, Zulhaimi Othman, Managing Director of LeapEd and Brian John Ambrosio, Head of State Education Advisory Services)

As a parent of two young children - one school-going and another just about ready to begin primary school - I understand the efforts required in cultivating 21st century ready students, and for them to be equipped with life skills such as confidence, communication, co-existence, critical thinking and creativity. But if the culture of memorising information for exams is still what our education system is based on, then how are our children going to progress?

Holistic education transformation? Yes please!

What is the Trust Schools Programme (TSP 1.0)?

Have you heard about Trust Schools Programme (TSP 1.0) before? Frankly, it was my first time hearing about the programme too when I was invited by LeapEd to participate in their dialogue session earlier this month.

Through the session, I discovered that TSP 1.0 is a programme focused on whole school transformation. Together with Yayasan AMIR and the Ministry of Education, LeapEd ensures that the programme is customizable, to ensure sustainability in Malaysian schools.

But how do they go about it? Well, the TSP 1.0 approach focuses on a public-private partnership (‘PPP’) outreach model, working collaboratively with school leadership teams, teachers, students, parents and the community to ensure it runs smoothly.

Where in Malaysia is TSP 1.0 implemented?

Currently, there are currently 83 schools under the TSP 1.0 across 12 states in Malaysia, including Kelantan (5 schools), Terengganu (12 schools), Pahang (3 schools), Kuala Lumpur (6 schools), Negeri Sembilan (1 school), Johor (18 schools), Sarawak (15 schools), Sabah (5 schools), Selangor (14 schools), Perak (4 schools). 

Great testimonials from the schools involved in TSP
Great testimonials from the schools involved in TSP 1.0.

Yes, that means LeapEd goes into selected schools, focusing on transforming the school culture and administration. In fact, TSP 1.0 is LeapEd’s flagship programme designed to develop holistic students with 21st century capabilities. Since its roll-out in 2011, the TSP 1.0 has impacted over 5,300 parents and 65,000 students across the country!

TSP 1.0 promotes effective methodologies via a series of Continuous Professional Development programmes and a structured Performance Management system. Teachers then incorporate these techniques into their daily classroom practices, leading to an enriched and personalised learning experience!

Holistic Students Not Reliant only on GPAs

As we all know, GPAs are not the only indicator of getting good employee in the workforce. Transformative education that goes beyond academics, focusing on developing holistic individuals - that’s what TSP 1.0 intervention model is all about. 

Equipping Malaysian students with skills for life-long learning
Equipping Malaysian students with skills for life-long learning is a crucial part of today’s education.

LeapEd's Impact Study Revealed

LeapEd also revealed their latest Impact Study findings that was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of TSP 1.0. The Impact Study was conducted via a mixed methodology involving surveys, interviews and observations with over 3,000 respondents including school staff, students and parents.

The study revealed that 95% of secondary school teachers and 76% of primary school teachers moved up by at least 1 level up the scale, from Starting to Developing or Enhancing to Extending.

LeapEd's Impact Study Revealed
LeapEd's Impact Study Revealed

Some key findings can be seen, listed below:

  • 91% of Primary & 88% of Secondary Students perceive the quality of teaching to be high
  • 66% of Senior Leadership in schools indicated they have progressed a minimum of 1 level
  • 49% of Middle Leadership indicated they have progressed a minimum of 1 level
  • 61% of Teachers indicated they have progressed a minimum progress of 1 level
Because every child deserves a great future indeed.
Because every child deserves a great future indeed!

Trust School Programme 2.0 (TSP 2.0) Is Coming!

With the implementation of TSP 1.0, parents have also witnessed a palpable difference in their children as they observed an increase in opportunities for them to be involved in the life of the schools. 

Managing Director of LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd, En Zulhaimi Othman speaking at the media session
Managing Director of LeapEd Services Sdn Bhd, En Zulhaimi Othman speaking at the media session.

TSP 2.0 is the next evolution of LeapEd’s Trust Schools Programme, which leverages on the success and learnings of TSP 1.0. Designed as a model that is both sustainable and scalable, TSP 2.0 has been launched in 2019 in selected Malaysian public schools. As a parent, I truly look forward to the roll-out of this new phase of TSP as we continue to work towards education transformation for the betterment of our children.

I also hope that more private companies are able to come on board this education transformation journey, to provide the much needed funding in this public-private partnership that will eventually prepare our young children towards a better, brighter future!

For more information on LeapEd or the Trust Schools Programme, do head over to their website at www.leapedservices.com !

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