Car Tech Innovation Drives The Future

Car Tech Innovation Drives The Future

For car enthusiasts in Malaysia, the year 2022 is earmarked as one of the benchmarks in the motoring industry. This is the year the third national car will be released, and technology is at the forefront of the design process. Not only will the car feature top of the line security features and innovative communication tech, but also a green propulsion system that will undoubtedly assist in curbing green emissions and do its bit for the environment. But that’s not the only exciting car tech lining up to grace the stages in the future, as car tech from Malaysia and abroad also proves to be something to look forward to.

Car Tech Innovation Drives The Future
Car Tech Innovation Drives The Future

Flight Is A Given

A set production cost of 1 million ringgit is on the cards for Malaysia’s first flying car. According to Entrepreneur Development Minister Redzuan Mohamad Yusof, the prototype will be unveiled later this year. While the prospect of the car might be met with some criticism, this will undoubtedly allow Malaysia to reclaim some position on the car manufacturing ladder, despite its colorful auto-manufacturing history. The car is meant to fly at low altitudes, which is still a long way off from futuristic films such as The Fifth Element and Blade Runner. While there is no confirmation of the flying car making use of hover-technology, the low-altitude situation does hint at this.

Driver Override System

While the autonomous vehicle is already in play, a technology that relates to autonomous driving is being considered. The Driver Override System is designed to prevent the preventable, thanks to a smorgasbord of innovative tech. Multiple sensors feed data to the CPU, which then decides whether the situation needs to be remedied by immediate action, even if it directly opposes the decision of the driver. While tech like this is already starting to peep its heat out in the form of automatic braking at low speeds, it does ask whether the changes will be incorporated into the legal liability of the driver if an accident does occur. For those in the auto industry, this is bound to be an enormous leap into mitigation road risks even if it does transfer the risk of error to the manufacturer.

Speculative But Possible

One of the most exciting technological considerations for the car industry is V2V (vehicle to vehicle) communication. With this technology, cars have the means to communicate with one another which can prevent future accidents. This means that if a car’s systems fail and it careens towards a busy intersection, the technology will kick in and all the cars approaching the intersection will act accordingly to prevent an accident. While this technology is still in its infancy, there are definite benefits that need to be explored.

While car tech is already at a level that seems ultra futuristic, such as the electric car, touchscreen technology, and connectivity hotspots, there is still much that can be done to improve the ride. From safety and security to comfort and pleasure, technology knows no bounds to create the perfect futuristic car.


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