Shuddup N Dance is Back! Bigger, Better, Brighter 2018

Shuddup N Dance is Back!  Bigger, Better, Brighter 2018

Hey, did you know the dance competition Shuddup N Dance (SND) is already in it’s fifth year now? What?! How time flies. This year, SND will be setting up its stage at Klang Parade on two weekends, 18 & 19 August and 25 & 26 August, whereby street dancers from around the Klang Valley and beyond are invited to compete once more to see who reigns supreme on the stage! Think music, think great dance moves on stage, you get it. 

Shuddup N Dance is Back!  Bigger, Better, Brighter 2018
Shuddup N Dance is Back!  Bigger, Better, Brighter 2018

Fifth Year Running!

Unlike previous years where the competition had only two distinct categories, “Group” and “Solo”, this year, since it’s 2018, SND breaks down its “Solo” category further to incorporate specialised categories such as Locking, Under-18, Krump, and Gurl Power. Gurl Power? Don’t play play. By doing this, for sure the fairness and objectivity when judging participants will be maintained. Dancing is not only limited to group and solo yea. 

Shuddup N Dance @ Citta Mall the other day
Shuddup N Dance @ Citta Mall the other day

“We’re always upping the ante for each new incarnation of Shuddup N Dance,” comments returning judge Danny Lee, leader of the Rejuvenate Dance Crew. “The teams that come back each year keep getting better and better, and we as the judges would now have to scrutinise every detail of their performance, from their chosen choreography to the precision of their technique.”

Are You IN? 

If you have the skills and want to give this a shot for gold, then check out the dates below. The qualifiers will happen on the first weekend of 18 and 19 August, where the Top 3 winners from the Street Dance Crew Showcase on Sunday will then move on to compete against the other winners from Ipoh Parade and CITTA Mall along with international crews on 26 August. Registration and stuffs can be gotten from the event page linked here:

Dancing away to the crowd
Dancing away to the crowd

What’s Happening and When?

The programme for the two weekends is as follows:

SND Klang Parade Qualifiers

  • 18 August 2018
    • 3:00pm 1-on-1 Locking Battle
    • 5:00pm 1-on-1 Under 18 Open Style Battle
  • 19 August 2018
    • 2:00pm 2-on-2 Open Dance Battle
    • 4:00pm Street Dance Crew Showcase (Klang Parade Qualifier)

SND International Grand Finals

  • 25 August 2018
    • 11:00am 2-on-2 Under 18 Open Style Battle
    • 2:00pm Mega Crew Showcase2
    • 4:00pm Gurl Power 1-on-1 Open Style Battle3
  • 26 August 2018
    • 11:00am 1-on-1 Open Style Battle
    • 1:00pm 1-on-1 Krump Battle
    • 3:00pm Street Dance Crew Showcase (International Grand Finals)

Check out another video below on the awesomeness of Shuddup N Dance!

What Can You WIN?

Dancers will stand a chance to win the following prizes (the figures below indicate the value of the prizes, which will constitute a combination of cash and prizes):

  • AllBattles
    • Champion-RM1,000
    • 1stRunner-Up-RM500 
  • MegaCrewShowcase
    • Champion-RM1,000
    • 1stRunner-Up-RM500
    • 2nd Runner-Up RM 300
  • StreetDanceCrewShowcase (KlangParadeQualifiers)
    • Champion-RM2,000
    • 1stRunner-Up-RM,1000
    • 2nd Runner-Up - RM500
  • StreetDanceCrewShowcase (InternationalGrandFinals)
    • Champion–RM5,000
    • 1stRunner-Up–RM2000
    • 2nd Runner-Up – RM1000
Are you ready?!
Are you ready?!

Brandish Your True Colours at Shuddup N Dance!

If you didn’t know yet, SND began as a platform for young local dancers to showcase their talents on stage while debunking the myth that street dancing was only limited to high school dropouts and delinquents. The competition has since grown beyond those boundaries to include international participation from countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States, while winners of SND have been elevated to become ambassadors of the competition as they continue to promote dancing as a fun way to remain physically active. Now you know.

For more information and updates on the competition, please visit the mall’s Facebook page at

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