Wild Wild West: 3 Reasons Why Themed Parties Are The Best!

Wild Wild West: 3 Reasons Why Themed Parties Are The Best! 

Wild West? What comes to mind? The Wild West has to be an all-time classic event themes, and rightly so, it remains a classic for a reason. When was the last time you went for a wild wild west themed event? Think of those yummy BBQ, to cowboy games, probably some country live band, line dances, and more! Here’s why I think a Wild West themed event may be the best ever!

Wild Wild West: 3 Reasons Why Themed Parties Are The Best!
Wild Wild West: 3 Reasons Why Themed Parties Are The Best! 
#1 Family Themed, Everyone Gets To Enjoy Themselves! 

It’s a family-friendly theme that has the ability to really transform a venue and there’s an enormous amount of props you can use when decorating to give your guests a true taste of the West. Bring your spouse, your mum, your dad, even your kids, and everyone gets to have a truly enjoyable time. That feeling of living as a cowboy out in the wilds of America, what’s not to like?

Cowboy games, and kids oriented activities would be awesome to have.

#2 BBQ Noms, Yes Please! 

Let there be food, and let’s be merry! A wild west party with lots and lots of meaty delights, I’ll look forward to the promised BBQ feast. From thick slabs of steaks, to sausages, over a flaming grill, my stomach is ready. A fantastic selection of cowboy barbecue favourites would be good to have at a Wild West themed party.

#3 Line Dancing to a Country Live Band

Live country performances, now this would be something I definitely look forward to. Line dancing to a country live band adds a great chill out dimension and feel to the whole Cowboy thing. Yeehaa! Now I just got to get myself a horse.

Guess what? This coming 7th and 8th July 2018, there’s a Wild West themed party organised just for you, with all 3 of the above included. Where is it? To be held at Damansara Seresta Show Gallery, be sure to look forward to lots of BBQ food, desert and adventure games, live country performances, and even a Kid’s Cowboy Craft Factory activity in store!

You Are Invited! Let's Party Cowboy Style.
You Are Invited! Let's Party Cowboy Style.

Join the party for a weekend filled with the old wild west. You and your family will surely have an amazing time! While you’re at the party, you can also check out the beautiful homes at Damansara Seresta. 

Come for these, and a whole lot more!
Come for these, and a whole lot more!

“Serenity Untold. Sound of Nature sets the tone loud and clear to welcome you home” 

Check out the links below for more details of the Wild West Party event happening at Damansara Seresta this 7th and 8th July 2018. See you there my friends!

Wild West Party Event Page: web.facebook.com/events/643579869325596/
Damansara Seresta Website: http://damansaraseresta.com.my/
LNG Berhad: web.facebook.com/LNGBHD/


suituapui said...

I love themed parties but I hate it when people are not cooperative - they just came, totally ignoring the theme. Wet blankets, spoilt sport!

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