A Durian Feast of Musang King and Black Thorn Durians @ Durian King TTDI

A durian feast of Musang King and Black Thorn Durians!

We Malaysians are blessed to have an abundance of the king of fruits, Durians! The durian season is upon us as I write this article. Did you know the top two variants, the Musang King and Black Thorn Durians are back in town? I’m a super big fan of durians, hence it was with an elated feeling that I chomped down on some really good durians from Durian King TTDI recently. Read on below!

A Durian Feast of Musang King and Black Thorn Durians @ Durian King TTDI
A Durian Feast of Musang King and Black Thorn Durians @ Durian King TTDI

Durian King TTDI
179 Jalan Wan Kadir, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Durian King TTDI - Your Neighbourhood Durian Stall
Durian King TTDI - Your Neighbourhood Durian Stall
Pick your 'poison', I love mine!
Pick your 'poison', I love mine!

It wasn’t my first time feasting on their durians at Durian King TTDI, hence I knew exactly where to head to. Located in a safe area at the outdoor parking lot of Pasar Besar Tmn Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, there’s ample parking spots for everyone who has a craving for durians. If for any reasons you still feel hungry (very unlikely??!!) after a durian feast, there’s some really nice Nasi Lemaks and local noms just beside. 

Guess what's this?
Guess what's this?

Black Thorn Durian

If you don’t know yet, the Black Thorn variant is one of a kind, the top kind. To get it in season is not easy, and only a couple of places serves these delightful type. Prices for these varies daily, so be sure to check out their prices on Durian King TTDI’s Facebook page

Black Thorn Durian, you know you want one!
Black Thorn Durian, you know you want one!

When seen from the back, there's a distinct star-fruit shape to the Black Thorn Durian. Other than that it does look rounder than your usual durian. In fact, each fruit has a rounded look to it, check it out in the pictures below. Okay, enough of that, let's open it up shall we?  

Right before chomping down on these good stuff
Right before chomping down on these good stuff
The taste of the Black Thorn Durian itself started out sweet, which I really like. But as you let the flesh swirl inside your mouth, it starts getting really thick and creamy, with a bitter end note. Not for everyone, as I found the creaminess to be over the top, being too thick. Still, it's pretty good. I like my durians sweet and bitter, so this suits me fine. 

Two of my favourite variants, the Musang King and Black Thorn Durian
Two of my favourite variants, the Musang King and Black Thorn Durian

I always love some good ol’ Musang King Durians!

Yes please, my all-time favourite, one which I will almost always choose without fail if the price is right. The yellow coloured flesh is just too enticing, and almost all the time I can taste that familiar strong sweet taste of its flesh. It does not run too far from one durian to the other, and that's why I always recommend this than the other types. 

Musang King Durian
Musang King Durian 
I need one of this right now!
I need one of this right now!

During our feast at Durian King TTDI that night, we had our fair share of the Musang King Durians, and I’m super satisfied with the quality and sweetness of each fruit. Sourced from the best farms in Raub, Pahang, Durian King has brought in the best Musang King Durians there are. Thick flesh, small seeds, sweet tasting durians. What else can one ask for? Transported fresh daily from Raub, Pahang, you can be sure your dose of durians at Durian Kings are the finest there is. 

Looks good in the flesh, even better on camera!
Looks good in the flesh, even better on camera!

Want some Chilled Durians instead? 

What I found interesting the other day was the fact Durian King has chilled durians in their freezers for sale too. I was told by the owner that lots of folks like to have their durians cold, hence the idea of serving chilled durians straight from the freezer. Good idea indeed! Together with these chilled durians, we savoured their yummy Durian Cendol as well, which is pretty good, albeit a tad sweet for me. 

Chilled durians, ever tried one?
Chilled durians, ever tried one?
Durian Cendol
Durian Cendol

So what are you waiting for? 

It’s time to satisfy your durian cravings! Choose from the luxurious Black Thorn Durian, or the delectable Musang King Durian at Durian King TTDI. Oh, remember to check out their FB page at www.facebook.com/Duriankingttdi for daily price updates and availability of the Black Thorn durian. Have fun guys, enjoy a worry-free durian feast there today itself before the durian season ends! 


Amanda Suria said...

OMG...u make me jealous lor...i want duriannnnnnnn

suituapui said...

I have never tried a musang king ever before in my entire life. Cannot afford. You kesian me or not? Hint! Hint! :D

Emily said...

I have heard so much about this durian place in TTDI but haven't found my way there yet. Musang King, despite all its hype, remains elusive to me.

Syafiera Yamin said...

Ala rugi nya I tak pergi sedap gila musang king !!!

Rosmawati Aboo Hassan said...

Sana sini durian. Family i memang hantu durian. Kami breakfast durian, dinner durian haaa bau durian pun dah buat iman i tergugat

Sam Pui Yee said...

I was just ajak-ing my friends for durian this morning. Gosh the golden yellow flesh of the durian. :o


Ms Sham said...

I love durian and the season is back. You are such a Lucky person ahead to try

Shub B said...

I love to visit this Durian place, looks so interesting. Will try the Black Thorn and Musang King.

Melissa said...

I like to eat durians but worry its too heaty. These durians looks yummy.

Linda Yee said...

I don't eat durians since young. This is a great place for durian lovers.

Eddy Rush said...

This mesti very sedap , will visit one day, thx for the info ....

Sharon Lee said...

Yeah!! My favorite fruit season is back in town! The flesh of the Durian is so yummy and big too!

Blair Villanueva said...

Wow this is happening! I think this is fantastic to promote the durian plantations and tourism as well.

dr-Life said...

At first i have already gotten my durian come.. but after seeing ur post... i want durian again.. hahaha


Jason Tan said...

Omg, i'm a durian lover and your pictures made me mouth watering *craving for durian now*!!!!This definitely a great place for me and my friends to hang out this weekend. Thank you for your sharing.

Emily said...

I just love durians, period. I don't mind that they are not branded. And I love them in different recipes as well. I am just s envious reading this post of yours! I need my durian fix right now!

Unknown said...

enter the durian king FB page. Everyone is complaining

Mohd Azizi S said...