A Li Yaa Restaurant @ Bukit Damansara with The Entertainer

A Li Yaa Restaurant @ Bukit Damansara with The Entertainer

It has been a while back since I dined at A Li Yaa Restaurant @ Bukit Damansara, but it was a memorable affair. Offering authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, they serve really delicious, albeit very spicy fares. We were there a couple of weeks back, thanks to The Entertainer, where we utilized the Buy 1 Free 1 offers in the application to dine there. Read on. 

A Li Yaa Restaurant @ Bukit Damansara with The Entertainer
A Li Yaa Restaurant @ Bukit Damansara with The Entertainer

A Li Yaa has gained a pretty good reputation, being the only restaurant around serving authentic Sri Lankan noms. 

Nice ambiance
Nice ambiance
Lovely spot to have a nice dinner with family and friends
Lovely spot to have a nice dinner with family and friends
The elephant logo
The elephant logo

A Li Yaa @ Bukit Damansara started operating in 2008. Being the first and only Sri Lankan restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, they managed to gain a good reputation for themselves now. The ambiance is pretty good, perfect for bring the family over for a good meal, or with friends to unwind over noms after a long day at work. 

Let the feast begin!

Katta Sambal, Seeni Sanmab, Pol Sambal & Karupillay Sambal
Sri Lankan Sambal Set - Katta Sambal, Seeni Sanmab, Pol Sambal & Karupillay Sambal

We were first served with some really nice sambals, the Sri Lankan Sambal Set, which consists of Katta Sambal, Seeni Sanmab, Pol Sambal & Karupillay Sambal. Some were really spicy, but went well as dipping sauce for the accompanied crisps. 

String Hopper Kothu Chicken
String Hopper Kothu Chicken - RM28
We then went ahead to savour the String Hopper Kothu Chicken. It did look a lot like fried rice except the texture was totally different. Made using spaghetti-like string of unprocessed brown rice flour dough squeezed through a sieve onto small oven trays, it's akin to eating flavoured Putu Mayam. Delicious and very savoury though! 

Fish Sothi
Fish Sothi - RM34
Devilled Chicken
Devilled Chicken - RM24

Something for everyone, we have Fish Sothi, Fish Cooked in coconut milk, lemongrass, garlic, shallot & curry leaves offering a mild taste as you savour the creamy curry for seafood lovers, and Devilled Chicken for chicken lovers like myself. :) The chicken pieces inside the Devilled Chicken dish is marinated and tossed in a stock of spice, sweet tomatoes, sautéed onions and capsicum. Yummy stuff! 

Mutton Paal Poriyal - RM37
Mutton Paal Poriyal - RM37
Jaffna Prawn Curry - RM38
Jaffna Prawn Curry - RM38

More spicy delights. Be warned, most dishes served at A Li Yaa is real spicy, to the point we had to fan our brows down. Good stuff though , this Jaffna Prawn Curry is a whole serving of marinated prawn cooked with a blend of traditional spices. Not bad at all. 

Chef Shiva from Sri Lanka
Chef Shiva from Sri Lanka

There you have it! Some of the delectable Sri Lankan cuisine from A Li Yaa Restaurant @ Bukit Damansara. Use The Entertainer app, to enjoy Buy 1 Free 1 offers on their mains. 

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Why aren't you here?
Why aren't you here?

To commemorate their 10th Anniversary, Aliyaa Island Restaurant is celebrating with a Jaffna Food Festival that runs from October 30th to November 2nd. This is the second festival of its kind to be organised by them in Malaysia and the Jaffna Food Festival will showcase over 50 dishes from the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. A special guest chef will assist the team in creating authentic Jaffna Cuisine, which will be served to the general public over the four-day period.

A Li Yaa Island Restaurant & Bar
48 G &M, Medan Setia 2,
Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2092 5378
Opening hours: Daily 12 pm - 3 pm, 6 pm - 11 pm
Website: www.aliyaa.com


suituapui said...

Oh my! Everything looks so so good! I love Indian cuisine but we do not have Sri Lankan here, yet to have the chance to try. Drooling!!!

dr-Life said...

wah... drooling wei...
Now flipping my calendar... wanna go there and try!


azlina_ina said...

wow.. thats foods paradise. the crab so sexy,hahaha. Nyummy.. so delicious

Linda said...

The food looks very good. I like the ambience too.

Rohit said...

You have presented it so beautifully! Liked the style !


Nadia Johari said...

Alamak, lapar balik tengok makanan dia..ketam looks delicious

apekinahdotcom said...

Wowww sedapnya.. ketam tu nampak menyelerakan. Tempat pun deko dia sangat cantik.

Lia Hasty said...

All the curry look delicious. Indian cuisine also my favorite food beside nasi kandar.

Shubhada Bhide said...

This restaurant looks so interesting. These foods presentation looks so tempting and mouth-watering. and the ambiance is so fantastic.

Rawlins GLAM said...

This early in the morning to see these great pictures of tasty food? Not a good idea Isaac as now I am drooling and feeling hungry haha

Emily said...

I can see how most of the dishes are spicy. I am so tempted to try even though I can't tolerate spicy food! Yumz!!

Chuen said...

I miss Sri Lankan food! Didn't know there is one in Bukit Damansara. Shall go check it out soon :D

Miera Nadhirah said...

I know the food there is good.. I have tried it before when Sri Lanka airlines brought me there and it is so good.. only problem is parking... hahahaha

yaya_flanella said...

Alamak terliurnya. Nampak menarik juga menu hidangan disnini.

Sunshine Kelly said...

Can't get enough of those Sri Lankan devil crabs.