Lynnity Botanic Health Citrus & Relief Review

Lynnity Botanic Health Citrus & Relief Review

Looking for a good health product to nurture us back to a healthy state? Nowadays, we are always rushing here and there, being busy and all. This lifestyle takes a toll on our body, hence supplements like the Lynnity Botanic Health Citrus & Relief helps the body to heal. The product has healing properties, made from purely botanic ingredients. Read on below. 

Lynnity Botanic Health Citrus & Relief Review
Lynnity Botanic Health Citrus & Relief Review

Lynnity Botanic

Recently, not too long ago, I was introduced to the product, the Lynnity Botanic Health (Citrus variant) to try out, which comes with this rather cute roll-on bottle of their specially formulated essential oils named Relief. I tried the product for a couple of weeks, hence the review today on how it works for me. But first, have a look at the product shot below. 

Lynnity Botanic Health Citrus comes in these easy to drink sachets
Lynnity Botanic Health Citrus comes in these easy to drink sachets

It was an opportunity to experience the healing elements of a botanic product. The Lynnity Botanic Health holds high promises of improving one's Bone & Joint Health, Cardiovascular Health and Cholesterol Management and even give Energy. Botanic health is made from revolutionary, natural stem cell & multi-mineral ingredients which are even suitable for vegetarians. Clinically proven to improve bone and joint health, this unique formulation enables us to enjoy mobile life.

What's in the sachets of Lynnity Botanic Health?

Packed in 20gm sachets of goodness
Packed in 20gm sachets of goodness - RM138

Botanic Health contains unique ingredients to protect our cartilage tissues, improve bone density and add mobility. Consume the essence routinely can benefit our bone and joint as well as helping us to prevent osteoporosis.

The Citrus variant that I got contains a combination of all natural botanic ingredients:
  • Pomegranate
  • Mangosteen
  • Blue Green Algae
  • Orthosiphon(misai kuching)
  • Lithothamnion Seaweed
  • Black Ginger
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Oat Bran
  • l-arginine
  • Taurine

In powder form
In powder form

Individually packaged in these 20gm sachets, its just too easy to drink it. Just pop one of these in a small cup of warm water, or a bottle, mix well, and you're good to go! The product is touted to be able to improve bone and joint health, maintain and repair Bones & Cartilage, Reduce Pain & Inflammation, Increase & sustain physical movements and even Lower cholesterol & blood pressure on top of improving cardiovascular health. 

Drink up!
Drink up! 

After drinking the Lynnity Botanic Health Citrus for a couple of weeks, I did feel my lethargic state improved significantly. I'm no longer as tired as I used to be, with a whole lot of energy to do a lot more! This means, in the same 24 hours, I'm able to achieve better results, and finish up more pending items. This is a win-win for me. 

Lynnity Relief (Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil )

Lynnity Relief - essential oil
Lynnity Relief (Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil) - RM88

My mum still uses the traditional 'cap kapak' brand oil, but after I introduced her to this Lynnity Relief (Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil), she has been trying to switch to this instead! 

Lynnity Relief is proprietary blend of essential oils that is always welcome at home. It helps greatly to soothe minor discomforts, with an exclusive blend of pure essential oil formulated to use as an invigorating, energizing & relieving scent which offers a convenient method of application for forehead, temples and neck, anytime, anywhere its needed!

For more information on Lynnity Botanic Health, Relief and their full range of health products, don't forget to visit their official website at and Facebook page at

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