Triumph Malaysia : Valentine's Day Is Near!

Triumph Malaysia : Valentine's Day Is Near! 

Valentine's Day is just a week away, tick tock the clock counts down. If you have a significant other, you may be thinking of a gift to give this Valentines. So what have you planned? Personally, I always feel giving chocolate and flowers to be so cliché as everyone's doing the same thing more or less. Have you ever thought about lingeries and underwear? Don't start having naughty thoughts though, but a bit of creativity coupled with practicality helps to spark this idea of giving lingeries this Valentine's Day. 

Triumph Gift Vouchers, The Best Gift She will Need this Valentines
Triumph Gift Vouchers, The Best Gift She will Need this Valentines

Seductive Lingeries to Extremely Comfortable Underwear

Did you know? 

Finding the perfect bra is essential for feeling comfortable and supported. Besides creating a lovely cleavage, a good fitting bra means:

  • Better posture
  • Relief for the back
  • Comfort with no pinching or pain
Now what better way than to make her appreciate you more, than to give her that wonderful gift of that perfect bra from Triumph. The strong brands of Triumph International offer fascinating products for women of all ages, for those special unique moments.

So how does it make her feel?
So how does it make her feel?

What makes Triumph Unique?

Triumph is a renowned German lingerie brand, with strong heritage and expertise in the design and manufacture of perfect underwear to bring out women's inner beauty.

Besides the fact they have been around internationally for so many years, and even in Malaysia, they have a strong brand presence. Speak about Triumph, and women of all ages will instantly relate to the brand without needing to explain twice. 

Triumph, the perfect lingerie brand
Triumph, the perfect lingerie brand (Red Panties)

In fact in Malaysia itself, Triumph boutiques are in multiple major shopping malls nationwide at Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Velocity, 1 Utama, IOI City Mall, Tebrau City & Queensbay Mall. This means it will be so convenient to bring your loved one to enjoy what Triumph has to offer! 

A present for her this Valentine's Day
A present for her this Valentine's Day (Colourful Panties)

Shy to Head To Triumph Boutiques? Shop ONLINE!

Every time I pass a Triumph Boutique, I get overwhelmed easily by the 'redness' of it all. They are in the lingerie business, and some Malaysians may be a tad shy to walk into the colourful and brightly lit boutiques. Fear not, you can shop online at their very easy to navigate e-commerce page at . Head there now, you may find the perfect inner wear for yourself or your significant other! 

Triumph Malaysia Website, Shop NOW!
Triumph Malaysia Website, Shop ONLINE NOW!
Find the One In Red
Find the One In Red

Promotions Not To Be Missed at Triumph Malaysia

There are currently some real value for money promotions on-going at Triumph Malaysia. What does this mean for us guys? Well for starters, we get a lot more for what we are paying! Purchase RM200 and get a RM250 Gift Card + a RM30 Starbucks Card. If you purchase RM300, you will get a RM350 Gift Card & TGV Cinema tickets + Popcorn Combo for 2. How's that for making her happy, and getting to go out on a romantic movie date with her too! Win-win situation. 

Go for white, if she has too many red lingeries already
Go for these, if she has too many red lingeries already (Gold Nighties)
Not a bad choice too, get her these purple nightdress this Valentine's
Not a bad choice too, get her these purple nightdress this Valentine's

Ok then, now that you have a really good idea on some of the gifts you can get for her this Valentine's Day from Triumph Malaysia, do remember to head to their Facebook Page at I hear they have updated contents there, with special contests on how to win sexy goodies! No more chocolates and flowers this year from me, it's lingeries and underwear all the way!


Emily said...

I do love to shop online for lingerie, but only after I have bought it from the boutique and know that I am comfortable wearing it and would love a second pair....of a different colour. I wish I have those vouchers to shop with.

cre8tone said...

Sexy valentine's gift... Happy Valentine's day ya!~ Triumph is always my fav brand when it comes to lingerie..

AngelBong said...

just have 1 Triumph bra before cny ... it really perfect for girls ...guy, send 1 for your girl ... 1st, must make sure the size ya ^^

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

wah win liao win liao! haha. The lingerie look so pretty and sexy

Blair Villanueva said...

wow their new collections are very enticing and sexy. I like their lingeries a lot :)

Hasrul Hassan said...

Wow sexy ... a nice gift to love ones ... :)

Miera Nadhirah said...

lucky wifey.... hahaha.... those lingerie just looks so amazing.... I want some too.. must ask hubby go get some for me too

Mag Inang Gala said...

I am using triumph since I was in college. I love the quality of their lingirie. But those are good kinna sexy to wear

Aqalili Azizan said...

I have been using Triumph for quite some time now, and it's great to see their collections from time to time.

Lhourdes Mercadero said...

Love the collection. I think I will let my husband read this. Been using Triump since college days

Betty's Journey said...

Wow.. Nice lingerie wor. Your wife will like it. Triumph collection is nice.

Mermaid said...

Wahh. Nice color. And sexy in the red. Triumph offer a best quality lingerie.

Mariella said...

It all looks so sexy! I really like Triumph's lingerie. I might give one to my mom. Lol.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow nice I bet all woman like red color.
I see beidge also nice color

Daniyal said...

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