Relationships In Malaysia? How Do We Fare?

Prudential Relationship Index 2016 in Malaysia

I was recently exposed to the recent 2016 Prudential Relationship Index (PRI) and I found it to be really interesting. Did you know the 2016 Prudential Relationship Index for Malaysia is 71/100. This means, in Malaysia, on average, people’s primary relationship fulfils 71% of their desired relationship needs. A perfect score of 100% can never be achieved, but hey, we rank 5th equal out of 10 countries in Asia together with Thailand. That's something.

Relationships In Malaysia? How Do We Fare?
Relationships In Malaysia? How Do We Fare?

What is Prudential Relationship Index and What does it Mean?

The 2016 Prudential Relationship Index report highlights what Prudential learned from Malaysians about their relationships in 2016. As relationships are so important, the folks from Prudential wanted to understand them better in Malaysia. What are their dynamics? What weakens them? What makes them stronger? Can we make them better? Can they be more rewarding?

In Malaysia, 605 interviews were conducted through online sampling with adults between 25 and 55 years of age. Respondents were residents of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya with household incomes of at least MYR4,000 per month, representing approximately the top two-thirds of household incomes in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Family makes the world go round, how's your relationship with your partner and children?
Family makes the world go round, how's your relationship with your partner and children?

Key findings from the Prudential Relationship Index 2016

  • Malaysia ranks 5th equal out of 10 countries in Asia for relationship satisfaction
  • Religion is important, ethnicity less so in partners
  • Laughter is vital to good relationships, especially for
  • women
  • Money, children and inattention are the biggest sources of arguments
  • Love is in the air in Malaysia: 83% say their partners express love

In life, it all comes down to the people we care about. Close relationships, valued friendships and intimate ties are all vital to our happiness, wellbeing and longevity. What caught my attention is the part on relationships with children, check it out below.

Relationship score, on relationships with children
Relationship score, on relationships with children

I always tell people when they ask me how's marriage. A married couple does no experience much difference in their daily lives, not until the first child comes along. Then things change, either for better, or worse. It's interesting to find that Malaysian parents have an overall relationship score of 52/100, higher than the average regional score of 48/100.

The kids, enjoying themselves during one of our travels
The kids, enjoying themselves during one of our travels

64% of Malaysians have their best relationships with their partners over all their other relationships. Malaysians score their relationship with their partners at 64/100, meaning people’s actual relationship with their partners delivers 64% of what they require from their desired relationship, resulting in a partner relationship gap of 36%.

Check out the five keys to relationship success for couples in Malaysia

  • Be easy to get along with 
  • Respect my individuality 
  • Be honest with me
  • Stand up for me
  • Have strengths that complement my weaknesses

How's your Relationship with your child?
How's your Relationship with your child?

Intrigued and interested to find out how you fare? Then do try out the Prudential Relationship Index Quiz, simple and fast. Check out the video below, for a recap on what I've shared in this post. Bear in mind, the full 2016 Prudential Relationship Index report is really long.

On average, the relationship scores that Malaysians have for their partners is 67/100 – this indicates that on average partners provide 67% of all that Malaysians think is important in their relationships. Among the people they know, almost two-thirds (64%) of Malaysians have their most fulfilling relationships with partners. Malaysians also have relatively good relationship with their children – the relationship score for children in Malaysia is 52/100.

Technology & Our Relationships Are Impacted

Malaysians are quite positive about the impact of technology on relationships. About two-thirds (66%) say that technology has made it easier to make new friends. They are more than twice as likely to think that technology makes it easier to have deep conversations (41%) than to think that it makes deep conversations more difficult (20%).

I personally am super active on social media, due to the nature of my 'work' as a blogger. It is however important to spend as much time face to face with our loved ones than burying our nose in our smartphones or tablets.

Being in touch with tech is important, but so is our family
Being in touch with tech is important, but so is our family

The 2016 Prudential Relationship Index represents how well individuals’ existing relationships measure up with what they want from ideal relationships. It is a marker of both the strength and sustainability of the relationship. Do visit Prudential Malaysia's Facebook Page to find out more about what other telling information the Prudential Relationship Index reveals about Malaysians’ relationships. 


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Balance up is most important. No matter love ones is the most significant in your life.

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As a single person, it's kinda difficult for me to relate to this survey. I don't even fancy taking the survey to check my own relationship health. Sure fail. LOL

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Oh that's good new to Malaysia. Would you know if Philippines included in the rank? :)

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It was a great plan to sign Up . no matter what , family is the most important .

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indeed, a good relationship needs to be maintained. It ain't easy and it ain''t hard too.

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Great to hear that Malaysia is doing great. Well, I think most of the Asian countries are family-centered.

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Sounds great. Definitely keeping each other accompany and trust are they keys of maintaining a relationship.

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Is good to plan for your families ahead everytime! Both of your boys looks adorable =)

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Whoa, I love the 5 couple keys. Its feels really different from unmarried and married time. Its the truth.

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Thanks for sharing the findings and the five keys to successful relationships.
I think the modern couples need to read and understand this findings, as nowadays there are more distractions.