OCBC #MYScreenDream - What's Your Screen Dream?

OCBC Screen Dream Campaign - What's Your Screen Dream?

We all have dreams, big dreams, small dreams, long term dreams, even one which we wish to achieve tomorrow itself. Some manage to achieve their dreams earlier, some are still not within reach. But do you know everyone keeps their dreams on their phone? Many of us save the things we dream about on our screens, we call them Screen Dreams. 

OCBC #MYScreenDream - What's Your Screen Dream?
OCBC #MYScreenDream - What's Your Screen Dream?

My dream, and why it's so important to me

Mine screen dream, as can be seen from picture above is of my family, and the wish to be able to spend as much time as I can with them. Life and the need to earn a living sometimes take a lot of our time, and this can mean I only get to spend time with both my kids, Martin and Karlson at night. Days passes by so fast that I sometimes miss their developments.

When did I realize this? I think it hit me one day when I was outside working, and then I realized, while I'm out, the kids are learning new things at home, picking up new skills. All these I miss out due to my commitment to work, which takes up the bulk of my time. I however choose this dream to be financially free so I am able to spend as much time as possible with the family.

Karlson and Martin, brothers, so happy together
Karlson and Martin, brothers, so happy together

To Be Financially Free

I've yet to achieve my Screen Dream of being financially free, to be able to just spend my time with my family, my kids without being tied down to the need to be out there working my life away. The burden of earning enough to support the family, financially is one of the biggest obstacle. Yes, money's never enough. Finances, or rather the lack of it has been holding me back from reaching my dreams. Oh how I hate that.

OCBC's #MYScreenDream

While going about my mundane life, I've recently stumbled upon this very interesting video on Youtube, with regards to OCBC's #MyScreenDream, and it opened my eyes on the possibility that my screen dream may come true sooner than I thought. Check out the video below.

What is Financial Scan?

So what is Financial Scan as mentioned in the video, and how can it help me to learn my financial state? OCBC Bank’s Financial Scan is an online service where users are able to see how close you are to achieving their financial target, taking into account income and expenditure. 

A rather interesting financial tool to help me visualize my current financial standing, it consists of 7 simple questions related to different financial areas. Guess what? At the end of the questions, you will know if you are financially ready to make your dream a reality!

Achieving my dreams, made easier with Financial Scan by OCBC

It's just too easy to do the Financial Scan by OCBC. I did it, and discovered my financial standing, complete with a free financial e-report instantly. Meet up with one of OCBC Bank’s Money Specialists for free advice on how to get closer to your Financial Targets. Their money specialist can get in touch with you as well, to help you achieve your dreams! So what are you waiting for? What's your screen dream, and are you ready to make it a reality soon? 

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