Garoupa & Snapper Delight @ Tung Yuen, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam

Garoupa & Snapper Delight @ Tung Yuen, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam

Fancy some delicious Chinese cuisine? At one of the prominent hotel in Shah Alam, Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant in Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam serves good Halal certified, endorsed by JAKIM dishes. For the month of October & November, it is the time to fresh up and prepare to have a heavenly experience with indulging in the Garoupa & Snapper Delight promotion at Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant. Check out what we had that afternoon. 

Garoupa & Snapper Delight @ Tung Yuen, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam
Garoupa & Snapper Delight @ Tung Yuen, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam

Tung Yuen Restaurant
Level 1, Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam
Persiaran Perbandaran, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-5511 8811 ext 2619

Whole Garoupa Fish
Whole Garoupa Fish

The promotion consists of two types of set menu which are Garoupa Delight accompanied with 6 courses Chinese menu and Snapper Delight accompanied with 6 courses Chinese Menu. It's available at Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant, Level 1 and opens 7-days a week, 12.00 noon to 2.30 pm for lunch and 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm for dinner. 

What are the dishes in the Garoupa Delight promotion?

The Garoupa Delight promotion is priced at a very nice pricing of RM57 nett per person, with a minimum of 5 pax per set. What's sweet is the fact that it comes with a 6-course Chinese menu consisting of 4 types of Steam Dim Sum, Kong Pau Chicken in Hot Plate, Stewed Egg Beancurd with Seafood, Stir Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Prawn, Meat and Garlic, Fried Rice or Steam Rice and lastly, Chilled longan and Sea Coconut. Some of the dishes are shown below, so do check it out!

Stir fried Kai Lan
Stir fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with shrimp
Steam dim sum
Steam dim sum 
Another variant of yummy dim sum
Another variant of yummy dim sum
Stewed Egg Beancurd with Seafood
Stewed Egg Beancurd with Seafood

Snapper Delight Promotion

The other interesting promotion currently offered at Tung Yuen would be the Snapper Delight promotion. Similar to the Garoupa delight, it is also available in a set for minimum 5 persons, priced at RM 57.00nett per person and accompanied with 6 course Chinese menu. 

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Fried Rice with Yam Cube
Fried Rice
Chilled longan and Sea Coconut
Chilled longan and Sea Coconut

Included in the set are 4 types of Steam Dim Sum, Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce, Steam Egg Beancurd stuff with Squid Paste and Egg White Sauce, Stir Fried Prawn Meat with Asparagus and Prawn Paste (Belacan), Fried Rice with Yam Cube and Chicken Meat or Steam White Rice and lastly, Mixed Fruits Platter.

Guests are encouraged to make reservation in advance by booking through Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant at 03-5511 8811 ext. 2616 or Telemarketing department ext. 2724. All prices are subjected only to 6% of GST. Tung Yuen Chinese Restaurant is well-equipped with Halal certified, endorsed by JAKIM.


suituapui said...

Ooooo...I love fish!!!

Xin Chao Vietnam said...

Woo,i'm hungry

Miriam said...

Woah.. this is reminding me of CNY already! Dishes look really good

elanakhong said...

I love garoupa and the price. Lol
Would love to go makan someday.

Unknown said...

STOPPPPP! The food looks too good :(

Emily said...

I love authentic Chinese cuisine. Can't wait to get the family together for a feast.

Fadzi Razak said...

My most favourite chinese food - dim sum. Ughhh cant get enough of it

Miera Nadhirah said...

My mouth is watering.... steamed fish and dim sum.... I want some.. its been so long since I had some...

Aliza Sara said...

All the dishes look so fresh and yummy. definitely got my mouth watering.

Carina said...

NJHL so many good food! And this is priced reasonable!

Betty's Journey said...

Love the Chinese cuisine especially the garoupe fish. make me feel hungry.

Sharon Lee said...

The cooking from Grand Bluewave hotel is so homey! Definitely need to check this place out =D

Shiv B said...

The dim sum certainly looks very tempting Isaac and the garoupe fish is divine. Will definitely look into it :)

Absolute Yana said...

the dimsum and garoupa looks so good. T.T hungrehhhh

Arisa Chow said...

Missing Chinese good so much right now, that fish is actually my favorite!

Unknown said...

omg! a halal chinese restaurant! thank you thank you! now i have another place to bring my family!

5 Little Angels said...

The food was perfect and looks delicious. My daughter love Garoupa fish too and I shall bring her there to try it out.

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

We love Garoupa & Snapper too! Their meat are so delicious man!

GengQian said...

everything looks so delicious! Garoupa fish is one of my most favourite dish. will definitely try it out!

Pooja Kawatra said...

These look totally mouthwatering and super delicious.

Unknown said...

The Whole Garoupa Fish look so fierce! HAHAHA
I would love to try their dim sum.

Sunshine Kelly said...

Wow love their dim sum also but have not try their garoupa dish yet.

Shub said...

When there are promos, you get the best of food! These photos tell us that the food is really good!