5 Lifestyle Changes To Cope With Current Economy

5 Lifestyle Changes To Cope With Current Economy

With the higher than normal inflation, times are tough. Things that we love, food that we eat, they have all become pricier, and with our meagre salaries, a lifestyle change has to be done to cope. What are we doing about this? Where does your money go? You must check out the very unique and interesting "Where does your money go?" piece done by CupoNation

Today's article will be some of the lifestyle changes that I have thought up which may help in one way or another for us to cope with the current economy. This list is by no means the only way to cope, but it's my own opinion. Read on below. 

Change is the only constant.
Change is the only constant. 

1. Learn How To Cook

Say what?! How can. Well, to be truthful, I'm really lousy at cooking too, but probably that's because I do not put enough effort in to start cooking. There are so many recipes online, and each dish can be produced just by following the steps by steps. Hey, your partner may love you even more after you cook him/her that delicious home-cooked steak. Yum. By dining at home, less $$ goes into having a meal outside. You can't imagine how much we spend on food dining out. 

2. Shop Online - Find Discount Websites

Shopping online has always been cheaper than buying the same items at the shopping malls. But how do you save even more? Stay home, switch on your laptop and head online! Go for those that give discounts on top of the already low price. Get coupons with high discounts at at various discount websites on the interweb

3. Public Transport Is Your Friend

Drive to the nearest LRT instead of all the way to your work place. Instead of driving out during lunch time, let the car rest in your designated car parks and sit the public transport instead. UBER and Grabcar has proven to be a really affordable transport alternative especially when taking short trips. Heck, even for those long journeys, its rates are pretty reasonable as well. 

4. Cut That Gym Membership

I'm sure we all have that gym membership which forces us to fork out money month after month, year after year. Do we fully utilize it? Personally for me, I find it way cheaper to exercise for free. yes you heard that right, why pay when you can keep fit by just heading to the nearest park to walk or run. Cardio workouts have never been easier, even running around outside your house can help you break that sweat. Gym memberships aren't cheap, I could do more with that $$. 

Cancel Gym Membership. Source: berwickbootcamps.com.au
Cancel Gym Membership.
Source: berwickbootcamps.com.au

5. Start Driving UBER 

Have you thought about this? Part time jobs used to be about being behind a counter, in front of the PC, or basically working under someone else. Be your own boss when you drive UBER, earn whenever you want, go online, drive when you're free and get paid for it. Why not right? You can always register to be an UBER driver at the link here. (Drive With UBER) . 

Drive with UBER. Register HERE!
Drive with UBER. Register HERE!

Well, I guess that's that, 5 Lifestyle Changes To Cope With Current Economy. Tell me what other lifestyle changes you think we can make to cope with the rather gloomy economy in recent times? Do you agree with my take of the five lifestyle changes we must make? Let me know! 



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