Where To Get The BEST Voucher Codes & Deals In Malaysia?

SALEDUCK - The BEST Voucher Codes & Deals Website In Malaysia? 

Yes, I do know the title can be a bit of a controversial one. I mean, who am I to say who or which website is the best right? Well, read on then on why I think SALEDUCK Malaysia, a successful Amsterdam based startup has come up with a rather interesting and very helpful Voucher Codes & Deals Website in Malaysia. 

SALEDUCK - The BEST Voucher Codes & Deals Website In Malaysia
SALEDUCK - The BEST Voucher Codes & Deals Website In Malaysia

Previously unknown to me, I was introduced to this site by a fellow acquaintance, where I was told Saleduck is new in Malaysia, but globally they're pretty strong. Yup, you heard that right, they might be new to Malaysia but they come in with lots of experience from overseas markets. Currently, there's a slew of similar websites offering online products for sale, but none (as per my knowledge) has done what Saleduck has done, consolidating all the deals from local sites all into one place. Very convenient!! 

Everything under the sun! So many different categories are available.
Everything under the sun! So many different categories are available. 

Best ONLINE Deals!

Typing in www.saleduck.com.my into my browser window brings up the site. The user interface is simple enough, without being over crowded with images. One glance at the home page and we could understand immediately what they have to offfer; the best online deals and discount codes in the market. Various categories are available. 

Now that would be helpful. One thing I look at when browsing through websites such as these would be its ease of use. At Saleduck, it is also possible to search for certain webshops, brands or products.  It's all about affiliate marketing when Saleduck converts the traffic to advertisers. 

One of the tabs will bring us to the Latest Deals that Saleduck has to offer
One of the tabs will bring us to the Latest Deals that Saleduck has to offer

Navigating through the site is simple enough. Interestingly, there's no need to actually register oneself. Instead all the deals and codes can be used at the webshops or third party sites directly. Thing's get exciting when I see various codes which enable me to shop from local shopping sites such as Lazada Malaysia at a discount! Woot! Now I can shop for my gadgets and devices at a better price than what I would have gotten elsewhere. 

Various local webshops are available on Saleduck
Various local webshops are available on Saleduck
Effortless shopping on Lazada Malaysia
Effortless shopping on Lazada Malaysia

Shopping online, everyone does that these days. Lazada, Zalora, Foodpanda, these are just a couple of the big names Saleduck has chosen to collaborate with. Many more are available too, so be sure to check their site out as soon as possible. Anyone can use the coupons, vouchers and discounts available, to get the best deal there is out there! I'm personally surprised, impressed even, that they managed to get UBER and GroupOn into the site.

Can't help clicking around the site, looking for various discounts and offers
Can't help clicking around the site, looking for various discounts and offers. I need a new motorcycle helmet. 

I have a feeling this will be the next big thing where e-commerce sites are concern. I'm looking forward to seeing more useful third party sites popping up on Saleduck. Heck, it's too useful to miss out on! Now don't mind me, while I spend more of my precious time surfing through the site, looking for the best deals there is. 

So what are you waiting for? You must check out Saleduck today itself. Head on to their website at www.saleduck.com.my , and start finding the BEST Voucher Codes and deals in Malaysia. Have fun guys!



suituapui said...

Me old school, ancient relic. Yet to buy anything online...other than airline tickets.

Pinay-Swak Life & love advice said...
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Unknown said...

So many of these sites now... but good to know of another site to check out!

Emily said...

Ah, great to know there is another option to get a bigger bang out of our Ringgit. I love shopping online and will have use for Saleduck.

Unknown said...

Looks like saleduck is moving its way up to the voucher code deals zone, can't wait to check out their deals. I'm sure my friends from http://www.smartpaperhelp.com will love to shop with all these fantastic deals!

cindyrina said...

OMG! so many this kind of website nowadays. Now I spoil with choices to shop with great savings.

Shirleyfishy said...

WOW I never know about this until I read it here. Now this can save my time on searaching through all the sites one by one.

salwa kisswani said...

Love this post.. thanks for the great resource, I'll definitely check it out :D

Ivy Kam said...

Didn't know about this until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

Sharon Lee said...

There's so many website to choose!!! Now we can do comparison and decide on which website offer the best deals and codes for shopping =D

Sebrinah Yeo said...

Cool! The name sounds funny though... saleduck... lolx! If u never blogged about it, I would've bought it off as some fishy scammy web with some funny name... lolx

Linda said...

These days there are so many websites similar to this. Don't know which one to use.

Melissa said...

Great website. I will use it soon.

Amelie Yap said...

woah i have never heard about this. but definitely why not giving it a try when there's so many sales lol

Absolute Yana said...

first time hearing about this...but heck...its sales for goodness sakes...thank you so much Isaac..it's my turn to go for a little shopping.. ^^

farena said...

Wow I've never tried this kind of website. Will take a look soon for sure.

Betty's Journey said...

Thank you for sharing this website as I can grab a great deal and voucher when i shop online. I love this website.

GengQian said...

awesome website! now who doesn't love deals? ;)

yoga bharathi said...

Excellent post. Keep sharing such a useful post.

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