Musang King Durian & Black Thorn Feast @ Durian King TTDI / Bukit Bintang

Musang King / Black Thorn Durian FEAST!

It's the Durian season. Two of the top variants, the Musang King & Black Thorn Durians are in town. How about a feast on these delicious durians. I had the chance to really chomp down on some really good durians from Durian King Bukit Bintang recently, and my, it was good! Check out what they have to offer at their outlet in Bukit Bintang below. 

Musang King Durian & Black Thorn Feast @ Durian King TTDI / Bukit Bintang
Musang King Durian & Black Thorn Feast @ Durian King TTDI / Bukit Bintang 

Durian King
TTDI Address:
179 Jalan Wan Kadir, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Bintang Address:
Open Air Parking
Jalan 1/77B, 
Jalan Changkat Thambi Abdullah, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur. 
GPS: 3.140535, 101.712426

Black Thorn Durian, my first time trying it
Black Thorn Durian, my first time trying it

Now I'm sure you've heard of Durian King as they have been operating their first branch at TTDI for quite a while now. It's with great anticipation then that a whole bunch of us went over to their new branch outlet at Bukit Bintang. Located just behind Shaw Parade, and within walking distance to Berjaya Times Square, it wasn't hard to locate, being in front of the open air carpark along the roadside. 

Durian King @ Bukit Bintang
Durian King @ Bukit Bintang
Enjoying my durians by the roadside at Bukit Bintang area.
Enjoying my durians by the roadside at Bukit Bintang area.

So it's my first time trying out the famed Black Thorn durian, one which I've heard so much about but to get it in season, that's another story. Prices for these varies daily, so be sure to check out their prices, but from what I gathered, mid year is the best time to get these, as it's in season! 

Black Thorn Durian

The Black Thorn Durian from outside
The Black Thorn Durian from outside
One of it's defining features, it has a star fruit shape
One of it's defining features, it has a star fruit shape

Even before opening up our black thorn durians, we were educated on how it looks like on the outside. When seen from the back, there's a distinct star-fruit shape to the fruit. Other than that it does look rounder than your usual durian. Okay, enough of that, let's open it up shall we? 

Orange coloured flesh of the Black Thorn Durian
Orange coloured flesh of the Black Thorn Durian
Another shot of the beautiful flesh inside
Another shot of the beautiful flesh inside

Once the Black Thorn Durian is cracked open, the first thing I noticed was the intense smell and flavour that hit the nose even before biting into its flesh. The colour of the flesh was rather orangey, with some wrinkled complexion (omg, did I use complexion to describe durian?!) It reminds me of a very matured durian, as you can tell from its heavy taste. Even the owner of Durian King told us, the older the tree, the better the taste of these Black Thorn Durians. Personally I find it a tad too heavy flavoured for me, too creamy in fact. 

You must try it!
You must try it!

The taste of the Black Thorn Durian itself started out sweet, which I really like. But as you let the flesh swirl inside your mouth, it starts getting really thick and creamy, with a bitter end note. Not for everyone, as I found the creaminess to be over the top, being too thick. Still, it's pretty good. I like my durians sweet and bitter, so this suits me fine. 

Musang King Durian

Musang King Durian on the left, compared with Black Thorn on the right
Musang King Durian on the left, compared with Black Thorn on the right

Ah, my all-time favourite, one which I will almost always choose without fail if the price is right. The Musang King Durian, "king of durians" in my books. The yellow coloured flesh is just too enticing, and almost all the time I can taste that familiar strong sweet taste of its flesh. It does not run too far from one durian to the other, and that's why I always recommend this than the other types. 

Musang King Durians
Musang King Durians
Durian King
Durian King

Sourced from the best farms in Raub, Pahang, Durian King has brought in the best Musang King Durians there are. Thick flesh, small seeds, sweet tasting durians. What else can one ask for? Transported fresh daily from Raub, Pahang, you can be sure your dose of durians at Durian Kings are the finest there is. 

Chilled durian straight from the freezer for those who enjoy their durians chilled.
Chilled durian straight from the freezer for those who enjoy their durians chilled. 

What I found interesting the other day was the fact Durian King has chilled durians in their freezers for sale too. I was told by the owner that lots of folks like to have their durians cold, hence the idea of serving chilled durians straight from the freezer. Good idea indeed. 

Our group pic, credits to
Our group pic, credits to

So what are you waiting for? Satisfy your durian cravings today itself. Choose from the luxurious Black Thorn Durian, or the delectable Musang King Durian at Durian King TTDI or Bukit Bintang. Remember to check out their FB page at for any updates. Now don't mind me, while I continue salivating and dreaming of my durians. 



suituapui said...

I'm more into durian desserts and dishes but if people buy me any, I would wholeheartedly accept with thanks. Hint! Hint! Hehehehehe!!!!

Ivianat said...

Apart from learning more about durain, you making me crave for them now!! :(

Aliza Sara said...

omg the durian looks so fresh. Give me some of that :p

Anonymous said...

I've never tried Durian my whole life before just because all my friends are saying how the smell and how it leave my fingers sticky. But I just found out from my aunt that if i rub my fingers on the seeds after holding it then I'd be good. im excited to try Durian for the first time :D

cindyrina said...

Long time never eat durian. Gosh! you make me craving for 'cucur durian'!

Jacqueline Khoo said...

OMG Durian! I still haven't got time for them, must try it out these few days!

Miera Nadhirah said...

OMG... I want to try this... bet it cost an arm and a leg for one of those....

Linda said...

I don't like durians because it's smelly. My husband and daughter loves durian. They just ate some yesterday.

5 Little Angels said...

I miss my Musang King durian. I should get it there since the durian looks really delicious.

Emily said...

Gosh, so much durian, so much sweetness. I haven't eaten any durian this season. Have fallen ill and stayed off it!

Rawlins GLAM said...

Am not a fan of durian. Enjoy all!

Bearhy Hui Ying said...

omg!!!my favorite my favorite!!!Make me wanna eat durian now!!!But too bad i am sick now!!!

Travellover23 said...

Wow !! All i need is durian ~~haha.. Never try black thorn before..gonna try it ..

Unknown said...

wow! never heard of black thorn durian... looks so good! i just had like 2 whole durians to myself yesterday.. wuahaha!

Unknown said...

Wow~ I want to eat durian too!!

Shet Ling said...

wow i like durian, never get durian review invitation. Hope can meet you again in future events, you are so friendly & nice

Shirleyfishy said...

Diabetes wei.. Hahaha. I couldn't find any kaki to eat yet :(((

Leona Lim said...

you really get to enjoy lotsa durian, this durian season i haven't eaten any at all

Sharon Lee said...

Oh gosh after reading your post realise that how much I miss Duriansssss!! So tempting!!

Ivy Kam said...

Durian, my favorite! I want :)

Anonymous said...

Wow durian!!! My favorite! Thanks for the sharing. Usually I only eat and heck care about the type of durian.

Gillian Ong said...

eh.. not a fan of durian actually ://But i know about musang king... cuz my grandma always uses my car to "fetch durian" she says the smell is heavenly but me?.. *cries*

GengQian said...

yay one more choice other than the usual SS2. i love black thorn!!

Little Clouds of Thought said...

Next time call me to join you ya...I love durian! Especially the bitter sweet and creamy ones...yummmm

Shub said...

Am not a durian fan. But like it in Icecream and puffs.

bbxemily said...

oh my!!! have to go check it out!!! didnt they state the price /kg?

Wilson Ng said...

Looks like an awesome durian feast. too bad missed this event

仙妮 said... have enjoyed a great durian fest! Next time call me to join pls? Am a durian fan!
Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing