Fukusu Sushi Japanese Restaurant @ Kota Damansara

A sushi place serving all types of sushi, from the traditional bento and maki types, to fusion styled ones, and even Japanese hotpots. Yes you read that right, a hotpot dish in a Japanese restaurant which happens to be their signature and main course. I was at Fukusu Sushi in Kota Damansara to try out their fares recently, and it was good. Check out what we had that afternoon below. 

Fukusu Sushi @ Kota Damansara
Fukusu Sushi @ Kota Damansara

Fukusu Sushi

Address: No.5-1 Jalan Pju5/4,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 
46200 Petaling Jaya

Lovely hotpot, boiling and ready to savour
Kaisen Chankonabe – RM38.90 (spicy miso soup)
Kaisen Chankonabe – RM38.90 (spicy miso soup)

We had two of their signature hotpot dishes, the first being the Kaisen Chankonabe consisting of Cabbage, enoki mushroom, shitake mushroom, white tofu, Inari, udon, shiimeiji mushroom, Ikageso (squid head), ebi nobashi (prawn) and scallop.  Yes, that's a mouthful to see and savour. Love how the ingredients were really fresh, and for this particular dish we had it in delicious spicy miso soup. 

Salmon Chankonabe – RM33.90 (miso soup) - the salmon head is hidden inside
Salmon Chankonabe – RM33.90 (miso soup) - the salmon head is hidden inside

Another very flavourful and tasty hotpot dish which we managed to savour that afternoon would be Fukusu Sushi's Salmon Chankonabe. Now I'm not a big fan of the strong fish flavour and taste, mainly due to the salmon head inside. Anyway this dish consists of Cabbage, enoki mushroom, shitake mushroom, white tofu, Inari, udon, shiimeiji mushroom and salmon fish head. Again a lot of ingredients thrown in, definately worth the price. 

Golden SSC Maki - RM15.90 (Mango sushi)
Golden SSC Maki - RM15.90 (Mango sushi)
Ura Maki – RM17.90
Ura Maki – RM17.90

Have you tried Mango Sushi? Named the Golden SSC Maki, I love the refreshing taste of the thin mango slices on top with the filling inside. We tried the delectable Ura Maki as well, filled with cucumber and freshly fried salmon skin roll with sushi rice , and topped with slices of salmon. Luxurious indeed, all at a rather reasonable price. 

Beef Tataki Maki - RM15.90
Beef Tataki Maki - RM15.90

Another interesting fusion Japanese cuisine would be their Beef Tataki Maki. Made from cucumber and kani stick roll with sushi rice, each piece was wrapped with half cook striploin beef and topped spring onion with special fukusu and teriyaki sauce. Love how the sauce went so well with the beef pieces, which tasted so good in the mouth. 

Salmon Kabuto Teriyaki - RM15.90
Salmon Kabuto Teriyaki - RM15.90
Garlic Fried Rice – RM16.90
Garlic Fried Rice – RM16.90

If you're a big fan of salmon heads, then do try their Salmon Kabuto Teriyaki. I couldn't take it though, as the fish and sea taste was really too strong for me. My fellow foodies loved it though. As for me, I enjoyed the Garlic Fried Rice instead. The Fried rice is fried with garlic, eggs and mixture of butter sauce giving out this fragrant aroma even before I digged in. 

Chicken Katsu – RM12.90
Chicken Katsu – RM12.90
Ikageso Tempura – RM11.90
Ikageso Tempura – RM11.90

For the more traditional foodies, go for Fukusu's no-frills Chicken Katsu, done just right. Fried breadcrumb chicken, crispy on the outside, juicy and tender inside. For the more adventurous ones, do try out their Ikageso Tempura, fried squid head served with fukusu tempura sauce. Interesting dish indeed. 

Clean, brightly lit interior and decor of Fukusu Sushi Kota Damansara
Clean, brightly lit interior and decor of Fukusu Sushi Kota Damansara

So the next time you are in the vicinity of Kota Damansara, do drop by Fukusu Sushi if you're in the mood for some Japanese sushi and hotpot. They are pretty new in the area filled with lots of F&B outlets, but look out for their clean, brightly lit signage outside, with the tagline, Respect, Impact, Success. 


suituapui said...

My girl would love this place. She is more into Japanese and Korean than me.

Unknown said...

I still missed their Mango Sushi! It's really one of a kind!

Rawlins GLAM said...

When you are fasting, even garlic fried rice looks very delicious. Hahaha.
But as always, your pictures make me salivating.

Shet Ling said...

The mango sushi looks so delicious, never tried fruits sushi before. Have to visit Fukusu Sushi Japanese Restaurant to get it

Stephen said...

Finally I found a place for sushi...thank you for the post!!love it!!

Unknown said...

Good food, friendly boss.

Small Kucing said...

food looks pretty good

Pui San said...

Wanna try their garlic rice looks yummy! Wanna try their salmon teriyaki! :D

Mistan Izzy said...

Although hotpot is the signature, but the Golden ssc maki still my favourite :D

Miera Nadhirah said...

oh wow...what a nice place with such delectable dishes..I love miso soup ramen and I bet would love the hotpot....

GengQian said...

this is so near to my office. would love to try it out! lol.

Travellover23 said...

The mango sushi really impressed me ~ I like it a lot and also their avocado sushi ..haha

Lily Shah said...

Ura maki for the win please! love salmon and love fried salmon skin!

Unknown said...

Oishi! Should pay a visit there but it's far from my place. =(

Unknown said...

My favourite food...going to go check it out

Cheryn said...

I just got money today and was planning to belanja my hubby sushi!!! and this place looks good!

Sharon Lee said...

Wow the sushi looks cute and delicious as well =D Make me miss Japanese food now hehe!

5 Little Angels said...

Ura Maki looks fresh. Will try it out next week since I will be at that area.

Betty's Journey said...

It look so tempting and the price is reasonable. It just nearby my house. Will go and try their Sushi.

Absolute Yana said...

Nice!! I love japanese food..though I usually stick to sushi..but I think its about time I tried other dishes too...thank you for the review!

Sunshine Kelly said...

OH! another nice and affordable Japanese eatery to try. I like the Salmon Kabuto Teriyaki, yummss

Ivy Kam said...

I like their sushi, my personal favorite would be the Golden SSC Maki :)

Shub said...

Nice food fare! Maki and Garlic fried rice is tempting.

SY said...

KD has so many good food. Guess I can check out tomorrow since I am going to meet my hairstylist!

Bearhy Hui Ying said...

this post make me hungry!!!I like the ura maki!!!!

Leona Lim said...

it looks like quite a farely priced place to have some nice sushi