Sweet Sensations Coffee & Desserts @ Le Pont Boulangerie, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

One of the very popular bakery cafe in town, Le Pont Boulangerie has always left a lasting impression on me ever since I tried them out last year. Starting from March through April, Le Pont has added a new chapter to their yummylicious coffee and desserts menu, one which I delightfully savoured a couple of weeks back. 

Sweet Times Coffee & Desserts @ Le Pont Boulangerie, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur
Sweet Times Coffee & Desserts @ Le Pont Boulangerie, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

Le Pont Boulangerie
(Opposite Wisma Elken)
6, Jalan 1/137C,
Bedford Business Park,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-7783 0900
Email: lepont@butbogroup.com

Opening Hours:
8am - 12am daily
Mon-Thurs: 11am - 12am
Fri: 11am - 2am
Sat: 8am - 2am
Sun & Public Holiday: 8am - 12am

My favourite, simple yet delicious signature croissants from Le Pont Boulangerie
My favourite, simple yet delicious signature croissants from Le Pont Boulangerie

It was a presentation of love by Le Pont's passionate chefs, introduced in the new Coffee & Desserts Menu, aptly named "Sweet Sensations". Featuring world famous coffee, its presented in a unique serving method, as well as six signature desserts bound to impress the sweet tooth in you. 

Coffee Origin Platter (RM18.90)
Coffee Origin Platter (RM18.90)

Central to the new menu, Le Pont presents to coffee lovers this Coffee Origin Platter, a captivating 3-in-1 serving tray where,

Step 1 – Savour in its pure natural state through filter brew.
Step 2 – Enjoy a unique concoction expertly designed to enhance the character profile.
Step 3 – Sip on an aromatic espresso brewed with textured milk.

A highly sought-after bean sourced from exclusive farms of El Savador, the Himalaya Supersonic is regarded by coffee aficionados as one of the best of its kind, with lemonade, red currents and creamy body on roaster’s taste note.

Coffee Tart (single slice - RM12.90, whole tart RM43.90)
Coffee Tart (single slice - RM12.90, whole tart RM43.90)

Coming off more resembling a cake than a tart, we were introduced to the really creamy and sweet Coffee Tart from Le Pont. You can choose to have one slice, or purchase the whole tart. This delectable shortcrust pastry is baked with coffee mixed from the Himalaya Supersonic single origin beans. The aroma when taken is really nice, with a slight bittersweet flavour, more sweet than bitter. 

Le Pomme (RM15.90)
Le Pomme (RM15.90)
Apple Crumble Tart (RM10.90)
Apple Crumble Tart (RM10.90)

Those who have a liking for apple infused desserts would do well to try out Le Pont's Le Pomme, an apple tart served warm with creamy vanilla ice cream and light-textured cream at side, or the delicious Apple Crumble Tart, a classic apple tart filled with sweet sourish apple on a bed of frangipane that’s topped with almond crumble. Both can do no wrong. 

Peach Melba (RM16.90)
Peach Melba (RM16.90)

Made from poached peach with almond crumble and creme madame, layered in a glass looking real pretty, the Peach Melba was introduced to us next. Refreshing fruity indulgence, this sweet dessert with a slight sourish tinge is a treat indeed. 

Le Noisette (RM17.90)
Le Noisette (RM17.90)

One of my favourite new dessert has to be the Le Noisette. Made with crunchy hazelnut and chocolate bar, it looks too pretty to be eaten. I munched down on it anyway, savouring every part of the sweetness. Got to love the hazelnuts.  plated like a piece of pretty artwork with mascarpone cream to enhance the enjoyment.

Caramel and Mixed Nuts Tart (RM10.90)
Caramel and Mixed Nuts Tart (RM10.90)

Another nutty dessert indulgence, the Caramel and Mixed Nuts Tart caters for folks like me who love lots of nuts on their cakes or dessert. The baked shortcrust pastry is filled with mixed nuts (hazelnut, pistachio and almond), soft caramel, and topped with chocolate mousse and dark choco powder to balance up the sweetness. Yummy stuff. 

Blueberry, almond, peanut butter and chocolate mousse cronuts
Blueberry, almond, peanut butter and chocolate mousse cronuts

You've tried croissants, and I'm sure doughnuts too, but have you savoured the heavenly creation made from both? Aptly named Cronuts, Le Pont has a rather nice selection of Blueberry, almond, peanut butter and chocolate mousse cronuts which tasted awesome!

Now you know where to get your cravings fixed, just look for their Sweet Sensations Coffee & Desserts @ Le Pont Boulangerie when you're in the vicinity of Old Klang Road, KL. Slow down, step in and indulge in some moments of bliss!


suituapui said...

Lovely. Can I have the croissant, please?

Pui San said...

I wanna try the Cronuts too!Looks like is another place for gathering! :D

cre8tone said...

Wow! Feels like wanna hv a cup of coffee and those desserts d.. Looks yummy!

Emily said...

'Sweet Sensations' is definitely apt for their new menu. I wanna try that Peach Melba.

Aliza Sara said...

The peach melba looks good! It really got me drooling!

ofisuredii said...

the croissants seem so delicious, I want try them!

Emi said...

Everything look so yummy. I feel hungry now. Hahah

Emi said...

Everything look so yummy. I feel hungry now. Hahah

Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

Goodness gracious! I'm on diet lah. How to resist not eating such gorgeous desserts? Must not go there. :P

Miera Nadhirah said...

Oh gosh... I can never resist pastries and cakes.. and that is my sin and why I am so fat... huhuhu I am so gonna check this place out too...

Rawlins GLAM said...

Yes, may I have the cronuts - all types - to go please! Talking about the best of both worlds!

Shub said...

Whoa! am hungry. those cronuts are too good.

Joanne Wee's Journey said...

Blueberry, almond, peanut butter and chocolate mousse cronuts looks adorable
and all of your photos, they looks delicious
Gosh~! my stomach is calling me now ...

Sharon Lee said...

I miss this cafe! The desserts looks like a best choice for all the girls who love desserts!

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Nice food photos make me feel hungry at this time lol.
Old Klang road near my place...will visit it during cafe hopping period with friends. :)

GengQian said...

bro, all these pictures making me feel like giving up my diet leh! they look so nice!! would love to drop by and try out their coffee tarts.

Pooja Kawatra said...

Amazing photos you have captured and loved them so much.

Caroline said...

Oh gosh! I'm so going to try the Le Noisette soon!

Betty's Journey said...

I not a coffee person but i am dessert person. The dessert attract me and I want to go and try each of it. Yummy.

Leona Lim said...

this has gotta be like my favourite place coz the desserts look so good, my fav kind of food

Sunshine Kelly said...

Their pastries are so delectable and i m eyeing at the coffee tart. Yumms

Syafiera Yamin said...

Fuh harga kopi je rm1 tapi tengok lah art atas tu. Nampak macam sedap je kopi rasa macam nak minum lak

Syafiera Yamin said...


Little Clouds of Thought said...

The apple crumble and peach melba look so divine!

仙妮 said...

This cafe serves very different desserts, plan to buy a whole coffee tart as my mum's birthday cake :) something different! Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

Ivy Kam said...

Really like the Himalaya Supersonic single-origin coffee, must visit again before promotion ends :)