Chinese New Year @ Tai Thong Group Malaysia

Rushing against time to complete all my CNY reviews this year, here's some delectable offerings from Tai Thong Group Malaysia. This year, Tai Thong  introduced their series of delectable dishes which inspired by the Monkey King, the main character in the classic Chinese novel – Journey to the West. Check out what we sampled the other day, complete with an appearance from the Monkey God and God of Prosperity.

Chinese New Year @ Tai Thong Group Malaysia
Chinese New Year @ Tai Thong Group Malaysia

Tai Thong Group Malaysia

Chinese New Year @ Tai Thong Group Malaysia
Chinese New Year @ Tai Thong Group Malaysia

Tai Thong Group Executive Chef Lee Wee Hong plays around with superior ingredients and special recipes to ensure that these new dishes embody the unique characteristics of Monkey King and customers are promised a journey of great taste and divine flavours.

God of Prosperity
God of Prosperity

Priced at RM68.80++ for half portion and RM108.80++ for full portion, Tai Thong introduced their 2016 version of this healthy and nutritious Golden Fortune Yee Sang that features juicy peach to symbolize the auspicious fruit of Monkey King. New ingredients such as Pistachios, Almonds, Dried Blueberries and Dried Cranberries are also added to give the dish a more distinct flavor and texture.

Golden Fortune Yee Sang
Golden Fortune Yee Sang
Dried Premium Seafood Soup
Dried Premium Seafood Soup

We had the Dried Premium Seafood Soup next. Served in coconut with assorted premium seafood which includes fish maw, abalone and dried scallops, this absolutely nourishing Dried Premium Seafood Soup (RM48.80++) is double-boiled till perfection to release a refreshing aromatic taste and fragrant.

Fortune Seafood Treasure Pot
Fortune Seafood Treasure Pot

Something unique and different from the rest of the 'poon choys' I've tasted this year, Tai Thong brought out their Fortune Seafood Treasure Pot. An assortment of seafood such as deep-fried Tiger Prawn, deep-fried Jade Perch and Cheese Baked Mussel cooked in a pot of rich broth with chef’s signature sauce, it is indeed a luxurious dish. 

Top view
Top view

Instead of cooking all the ingredients together, chef broke tradition this year by having the ingredients cooked separately before mixing into the pot. Each ingredient in the pot is specially selected to blend well together, making every bite a delightful one. Personally, things got a tad too mushy at the end. 

Fortune Seafood Treasure Pot is priced at RM298.80++ for 5 pax and RM498.80++ for 10 pax. Advance orders are advisable and takeaway is also available.

Ever heard of chilled Nian Gao? Well here it is!
Ever heard of chilled Nian Gao? Well here it is!

I was amazed by the creativity demonstrated by Tai Thong's chef, when they served this unique twist on the classic ‘Nian Gao’. Normally it's served warm, but this Chilled Nian Gao (RM11.80++ per 6 pcs) was wrapped in a layer of fragrant osmanthus jelly topped with beautiful sakura. It has a chewy texture complemented perfectly by a lightly sweet flavour, definitely one-of-a-kind dessert for your auspicious Chinese New Year meal.

Tai Thong’s Chinese New Year Set Menus are priced between RM538++ to RM1188++ for 6 pax and RM828++ to RM1928++ for 10 pax. For 10 pax set menus, Tai Thong is also giving out complimentary Premium Gift Set (containing Dried Moss, Dried Oyster, Duck Waxed Drumstick, Dried Mushrooms) or wine sets. All Tai Thong Chinese New Year promotions end 29th Feb 2016. Make your bookings today!


suituapui said...

Dragon fruit for yee sang...and that looks like mango. That's a great idea, using fresh fruits instead of those pickled stuff. Same thing, toss the fruit salad together.

Joanne Wee's Journey said...

Looks interesting and delicious foods
I love The Monkey King !!!

Sherry said...

whats in the coconut looks yummy. passed by the Tai Thong yesterday many cars at the outlet subang.

Emily said...

Wow Tai Thong even brought out the mascots for food preview. A refreshing gesture.

Unknown said...

Nice food presentation. Like their Dried Premium Seafood Soup.
Hope to makan there with family during CNY.

missyblurkit said...

The fruits yee sang looks good. Healthy clean eats which I believe is one of the freshest yee sang option that I came across so far.

Shub said...

Soup in coconut is such a novel idea!! The food quality, presentation all look very classy.

cloudcws said...

I prefer their Golden Fortune Yee Sang over the normal Yee Sang as this feel healthier and taste nicer with all fruits.
And creative idea on Chilled Nian Gao.

Amelie Yap said...

have you gained weight? You have been eating too much before CNY :p

FiSh said...

thats a very nice god of fortune shot, Isaac! :D thumbs up

Sharon Lee said...

The chilled nian gao looks like a really cool concept! Too many nice restaurant for a cny gathering! Tai Thong is one of the famous place too! Happy CNY!

Miera Nadhirah said...

That is a very nice monkey king.... many other monkey king look pretty ridiculous... hehehe.. and oh wow.. those dishes looks really yummy and appetizing...

Mike Yip said...

WAH! Monkey King also got, sai lei .... no G Pak Gai wan. Oh yah.. food also look nice.... LOL. Easily distracted by a monkey.

Pooja Kawatra said...

Love the photos and presentation looks awesome. Huat ah!

Ivy Kam said...

Among all the CNY dishes, I love the colorful Yee Sang, toss high high and huat ah :)

Mermaid said...

Happy CNY. CNY have a lot of colorful and variety food! LOve the picture... make me hungry now T_T

Shiv B said...

Love Tai Thong - the variety and quality of their dishes never drop. Plus the dishes here look great- Happy CNY Isaac! :)