Atlantic Salmon Sushi Bowl @ Sukiya, Damansara Utama

Ah,, I've always loved the Gyudon from Sukiya, and now they have come up with another new delectable dish, the Atlantic Salmon Sushi Bowl. Yes you heard that right, a bowl consisting of 90g of 10 slices salmon belly, a reasonable good portion to satisfy your hunger with luscious melt-in-the-mouth pleasure. Check it out below.

Atlantic Salmon Sushi Bowl @ Sukiya, Damansara Utama
Atlantic Salmon Sushi Bowl @ Sukiya, Damansara Utama

Sukiya Malaysia (Uptown)
No 38G, Jalan SS 21/58, Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-7731 7789

 Sukiya, Damansara Utama
 Sukiya, Damansara Utama 
Fast food concept, but with table service too
Fast food concept, but with table service too

Sukiya introduced their latest seasonal promotion Atlantic Salmon Sushi Bowl, at a low price of RM17.90. You do get a lot of value for money when ordering this dish. Instead of the usual Salmon fillet slices, Sukiya used the more fatty and softer salmon belly. Sukiya’s finely selected premium Atlantic salmon belly slices from Norway are sold at very affordable prices.

Halal certified
Halal certified
A shot from the top, Atlantic Salmon Sushi Bowl
A shot from the top, Atlantic Salmon Sushi Bowl

The salmon belly inside the Atlantic Salmon Sushi Bowl came in generous portions, 10 slices to be exact, placed beautifully on rice in a bowl. Great to be taken on its own, or you could add in Sukiya's special soy sauce for that added flavour. I personally loved taking the salmon pieces on its own, or with an added dap of wasabi on the side. 

Mushroom Gyudon (RM9.40 small ; RM11.40 medium ; RM13.40 large)
Mushroom Gyudon (RM9.40 small ; RM11.40 medium ; RM13.40 large)

While we were there, we did take the opportunity to savour another new bestseller from Sukiya as well, the Mushroom Gyudon. The Mushroom Gyudon is made up of 4 different types fresh mushrooms, Shiitake, Enoki, Hiratake and Bunashimeji. Of course, the tender beef strips were the main specialty of Sukiya. There's a slightly spicy taste to the dish, coming from the Cayenne and chilli powder. Overall a delicious dish to be had.

Beauty lies where rich heritage and modern spirit meet, interesting.
Beauty lies where rich heritage and modern spirit meet, interesting. 

Sukiya also provides delivery service for corporate with minimal 5 orders. For delivery enquiry, please email to So there you have it, if you're in the mood for some deletable salmon belly, at an affordable price, do remember to drop by Sukiya at Damansara Utama for a taste of their Atlantic Salmon Sushi Bowl. 


suituapui said...

Atlantic Salmon? I guess that's Norwegian?

cre8tone said...

I like salmon... Looks very tempting!~

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

wow the price is not bad. Would surely go there one day with the family

FiSh said...

Wow 90grams. They are so precise with the measurement! Yummy salmon

5 Little Angels said...

Salmon is my favourite. Will try it out since got promotion now.

Miera Nadhirah said...

Yaaayyy definitely want to check this place out with the reasonable price and being halal..hehehe

Ayue Idris said... halal cert? nice one. should try this soon coz the salmon looks so yummy.

Selina Wing said...

I love salmon! My friends and I will check this place since my friends and i love to look for the japanese restaurants in Damansara Utama!

Sunshine Kelly said...

Ohhh!!! I want that Atlantic Salmon Sushi Bowl. The salmon so silvery fresh I cant wait to try them. Hope still have promo.

Ivy Kam said...

I love salmon, will go back Sukiya for this bowl of goodness :)

仙妮 said...

I have not been to this new Sukiya....But I like & enjoy the foods the Sukiya steamboat buffet at Pavilion :) always long queue there :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing