RAKUTEN Online Shopping Malaysia : #RakutenShoppingHacks

Have you checked out Rakuten Online Shopping Malaysia site recently? Launched in Malaysia in November 2012, Rakuten Online Shopping carries over 210,000 goods from over 900 merchants with a diverse mix of product categories, including fashion apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, consumer electronics, toys and games and home furniture. Today's post would be to share some tips and tricks to get more from the site, some #RakutenShoppingHacks for you if I may call it that.

RAKUTEN Online Shopping Malaysia : #RakutenShoppingHacks
RAKUTEN Online Shopping Malaysia : #RakutenShoppingHacks

With a tagline that reads "Shopping Is Entertainment", you know you're up for a treat the moment Rakuten Online Shopping's website load. ”. Its idea of service is to provide shopping as a form of entertainment in people’s lives. I've personally registered myself to be a member of Rakuten, to take advantage of their on-going 5X Points Rewards and various offers not to be missed. Registration and signing up is FREE, so why not right? 

Register yourself today and Sign IN now. 

So how does Rakuten make themselves to be the largest and most awesome shopping site in Malaysia? It does that in several ways – by ensuring that the shopping site has many merchants providing an exciting range of quality products; through its reward programme, Rakuten Super Point, which allows customers to shop more, for less (100 Super Points are worth RM1, which can be spent on products across the website during the next purchase); and by creating enjoyable shopping-related events such as the hallmark Rakuten Super Sale – a big discount festive event. 

Let's get on to my super cool #RakutenShoppingHacks shall we? 

5X Points Rewards, for everything, everyday !
5X Points Rewards, for everything, everyday !


Number 1 : Take advantage of their 5X Points Rewards

5X points rewards for everything, everywhere - that’s equivalent to 5% equivalent of your purchase value back in Rakuten Super Points – it can be used like cash to offset your next purchase.

Everything gives you 5X Points Rewards
Everything gives you 5X Points Rewards

Before we go any further with the #RakutenShoppingHacks that I'm going to share, some explanation is in order for Rakuten's Super Points system. Just check out these pictorials below, and you'll understand how it works. Basically, the Rakuten Super Points is their rewards program, with two types in place, regular points and limited points. 

What Are Rakuten Super Points?
What Are Rakuten Super Points?

Signing up is free, so be a member today itself to enjoy Rakuten Super Points and accumulate to use as another payment method to purchase desired category/products. Why are points so awesome? Read on below then! 

As part of their ongoing commitment to drive value and fun in the shopping experience, Rakuten have launched a 5x Rakuten Super Point-back programme, where members (free sign-up) can get 5% rebate in the form of Rakuten Super Points for their purchases – everything, every day, with no limit on the amount of rebate.

Virtual currency to use for your purchases!
Virtual currency to use for your purchases!
How cool is this?
How cool is this?


Number 2 : Everything below RM39 ! Rakuten Thank You SALE

Those looking to stretch your RM even further must take advantage of the Rakuten Thank You Sale where everything is sold below the RM39 threshold.

Rakuten has and gives great deals from time to time like these ones, so be sure to check. Or better still, if you sign-up as a member, you’ll be auto informed via email when they have such deals!

Rakuten Thank You Sale
Rakuten Thank You Sale


Number 3 : Every Wednesday, Mastercard holders are able to enjoy additional 5% discount 

Number 4 : Every Weekend, Rakuten gives a different Coupon value 

Where else can you get rewarded for using your credit cards. On top of that, do check back Rakuten's site every weekend, as they are generous enough to offer a different Coupon each weekend. You may just find your dream item being on sale, or with its related coupon that weekend! 

Shop, Earn and Save with Rakuten's Super Points
Shop, Earn and Save with Rakuten's Super Points


Number 5 : Renew your wardrobe, up to 93% off! from 4th to 10th January 2016

Number 6 : Time to upgrade your home, furniture section having 70% off 

Fashionista and home owners take note, watch out for these time sensitive discounts! Don't say I didn't tell you. 

Buy new clothes, up to 93% off!
Buy new clothes, up to 93% off!

Furniture section having 70% off from 4th to 10th January 2016
Furniture section having 70% off from 4th to 10th January 2016

I personally am very interested with the 48% off sale for the Clean Robot under the Home section of Rakuten. From RM230.99, it is now available at only RM120. How cool is that? When purchasing, I get to collect Rakuten Super Points too, which can be used for my subsequent purchases. 

I do love an automated robomop
I do love an automated robomop

Another example on how the various discounts and layered points system works in Rakuten would be as below.

For example, if we buy something from the home & living category (example: this product) it could be:
-          Original price: $1,480
-          After discount: $1,080 (merchant deal)
-          Buy on Wednesday MasterCard 5% off: $1,026
-          Earn back $54 – enough to get a pancake maker for free!
-          Total of $500 savings!


Number 7 : New store sale – up to 50% off for new stores. Various RM25 vouchers available, super awesome.


New store sale – up to 50% off for new stores. Various RM25 vouchers available, super awesome.
New store sale – up to 50% off for new stores. Various RM25 vouchers available, super awesome. 
Cutesy bags
Cutesy bags

There you have it, 8 super tips aka #RakutenShoppingHacks for you. Use it well, and may the force be with you (hic) the next time you're shopping online at RAKUTEN Online Shopping Malaysia. Head on over to their site at www.rakuten.com.my and register yourself TODAY.  Great things are meant to be shared, so take heed my friends. Enjoy!


suituapui said...

I keep telling myself to try this online shopping thing...but I never got down to it. Old man, dinosaur. :(

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pretty awesome... Need to go check it out.. but nowadays sooo many online shopping sites also we also get pening already... LOL

Emily said...

I've heard of Rakuten a long time ago but have never purchased from them yet. I always forget about collecting points, too.

Mermaid said...

Rakuten is one of the best online shop. Tapi dah lama x shopping kat sini. tunggu next week baru shopping :)

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Boss, don't tempt me further please. Aku sudah pokkaii wei!

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pls dont! I have to shop alot now :(

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I have heard from my friend that this is a great online shopping platform.
Gonna check it out soon!

Miriam said...

It's been some time since I checked out rakuten! Good shopping tips Isaac. Let me know how the robot works. Haha planning to get one for my mum

Betty's Journey said...

I use Rakuten before. Delivery time is within the time period and price not bad.

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Haven't try Rakuten before, gonna check this out!

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I quite often shop at rakuten. The 5X point really attractive.

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wow super saver..best best

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There are so many online stores these days, but for it having survived for 3 years i bet its trustworthy, i'll check it out

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look they have a great deal for so may items

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looks like a great website to shop. awesome review

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they really have so many deals these days. Yay for cny shopping!

Leona Lim said...

i just realised i missed using my points and it expired.

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i love free shipping. am renewing my wardrobe now while earning some points!

Sharon Lee said...

wow useful hacks that you have compile in this post! Gonna check it out whether it is useful for me =P

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Didn't know about this Rakuten website until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

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I shopped at there before and like their service too.

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I have heard Rakuten is nice though havent tried them yet.

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Ah Rakuten! Though Isaac, this is just going to tempt me more to do some online shopping; gosh need to save this CNY, haha XD

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ah... just the right time. I am shopping for a camera :-D Bye, I go check Rakuten now :-D

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So far I have not seen anything that interested me. Maybe I'll wait for more days :)

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Girls paradise ^_^
Love it

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HauHuynh said...

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