Epic Meal With PURE South New Zealand Lamb : Oriental Braised Lamb Rack Recipe

Another eventful weekend just passed, this time I took the chance to relax at home with family. Chinese New Year is approaching, hence together with mum and the wife, we decided to try out a whole new recipe for an  Oriental Braised Lamb Rack.  For lamb, you can’t go wrong with Pure South, a brand synonymous with grass-fed and free range sheep from New Zealand, hence that was exactly what we went for, an epic meal with PURE South New Zealand Lamb

Epic Meal With PURE South New Zealand Lamb : Oriental Braised Lamb Rack Recipe
Epic Meal With PURE South New Zealand Lamb : Oriental Braised Lamb Rack Recipe

Pure South New Zealand's lamb, beef and venison are the result of more than 50 years of excellent farming practices, continually improving systems, strong global connections, and the endless quest for innovation. The sustainable, grass-fed process enables Pure South™ to export products to 65 different countries and still maintain a relatively low carbon footprint.

PURE South New Zealand Lamb Rack
PURE South New Zealand Lamb Rack

Once you taste Pure South New Zealand's lamb, it's easy to understand why it has such a large international following. The sweet flavours and tender cuts provide for a unique experience. The best news is a strict grass-fed diet results in leaner meat with fewer calories. 

Pure South is currently the predominant brand under Alliance Group. The Alliance Group is a co-operative owned by approximately 5,000 farmer shareholders and has eight processing plants spread across the South and lower North Island. Alliance group is committed to supplying a premium, sustainable solutions to top-end retail and food service consumers and manufacturing customers – maintaining its position as the leading red meat food processing company in New Zealand.

A whole lamb rack to experiment with
A whole lamb rack to experiment with

There are numerous ways of cooking a rack of lamb. Today, we are preparing braised spicy Oriental Rack of Lamb. I was told by my mum that this is her grandma's recipe and during those days, ovens were expensive and microwaves were practically unheard of. Hence we will go ahead to cook and braise this lamb rack using simple cookery. 

Sauces and condiments used
Sauces and condiments used

Epic Meal Recipe: Pure South New Zealand Oriental Braised Lamb Rack

Serving: 2 - 3
Preparation time:  15 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes   
300g  PURE SOUTH New Zealand Rack Of Lamb
1 tablespoon 4 spice powder
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sesame seed oil
1 tablespoon light soy sauce
1 tablespoon dark soy sauce
1 tablespoon chili sauce
3/4 cup cooking oil for braising
3/4 cup water

Rubbing in the ingredients in paste form
Rubbing in the ingredients in paste form


Except for the oil for braising and water, mix ALL the ingredients in the recipe above together into a paste and rub into the lamb. 

Marinate overnight in the fridge or for at least a few hours. This is to enhance the flavour and to eliminate the lamb odour. 

Rubbing it in
Rubbing it in
Make sure you get it in everywhere
Make sure you get it in everywhere

Heat a wok with oil and slightly fry the marinated lamb. Leave some gravy for basting during the cooking process. The frying is to ensure that the lamb remains tasty by sealing in the flavour of the meat. 

Heat up the wok
Heat up the wok
Slightly fry the lamb to lock in the flavours
Slightly fry the lamb to lock in the flavours

Then we braise the PURE South New Zealand Lamb meat, for at least an hour or until the meat is fully cooked. Scoop the gravy over and over the meat to ensure it cooks uniformly. The aroma is indeed mouth watering, and I couldn't wait to dig my teeth into those tender meat. 

Cut the meat while its braising
Cut the meat while its braising

After close to an hour, it's done! Remember to decorate your lamb for a sumptious presentation. Midway through the braising process, we used a sharp knife to cut through the meat for that lovely ribbed look. 

Done, without the final dressing
Done, without the final dressing
Voila! Epic Meal With PURE South New Zealand Lamb : Oriental Braised Lamb Rack Recipe
Voila! Epic Meal With PURE South New Zealand Lamb : Oriental Braised Lamb Rack Recipe

This festive season, Pure South has partnered with leading supermarkets Village Grocers and Jaya Grocer to bring the taste of New Zealand goodness to consumers. The Pure South Chilled Lamb is available at Village Grocer in various cuts namely, Whole leg, Boneless Lamb Leg, Rack of Lamb, Hindshank, Tenderloin, Boneless Shoulder (Bangsar Outlet), and Shortloin (Bangsar outlet). At Jaya Grocer’s Pure South cuts available are Whole Leg, Boneless Lamb Leg, Rack of Lamb, and Tenderloin/Shortloin/Hindshank (only at Intermark outlet). Any purchase of RM250 and above will receive a complimentary Pure South cooler bag.


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