Tech Kingdom e-Magazine by New Straits Times: App Review

Recently I stumbled upon this e-Magazine TechKingdom (TK) introduced by a friend. A technology based e-magazine with articles pertaining to everything on technology with various lifestyle aspects incorporated inside. Introduced by New Straits Times, TK is available for download for free via Google Play Store and Apple Store, published monthly. 

Daily Tech Segment - All about Star Wars
Tech Kingdom e-Magazine by New Straits Times: App Review

Tech Kingdom e-Magazine 

Published by: The New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad
- a subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad

Download it for free 

Search Tech Kingdom, and download it for FREE
Search Tech Kingdom, and download it for FREE
Easy to navigate through its content
Easy to navigate through its content

Downloading the application itself was a quick one, subsequently there will be various editions to be downloaded. TechKingdom e-mag has up to 6 editions for download now, and I'll be reviewing the overall usability of the e-magazine, as well as their content.

Download FREE from Google Play Store
Download FREE from Google Play Store

Basically, TK e-mag is divided into a number of segments, each with bright vivid images and easy to read fonts. Scroll down to read, and left or right to turn the "pages". The first introduction page, and some special pages have video and sound incorporated too, a complete interactive experience. 

Another article on TK's Daily Tech segment
Another article on TK's Daily Tech segment

I must say, scrolling downwards and upwards to read the article is fairly easy, but turning the pages is a tad tough, something TK have to iron out as it gets a bit irritating when I couldn't go to the next article. Embroidered with images and video, TK offers a relaxed, friendly reading. The few notable segments I'm rather interested in would be their Daily Tech, Gadget, Aperture, Apps and Games segment. 

Interesting gadgets are introduced in the Gadget Segment
Interesting gadgets are introduced in the Gadget Segment
Something for everyone, photography enthusiasts will appreciate the Aperture segment
Something for everyone, photography enthusiasts will appreciate the Aperture segment

There's a piece of article for anyone who's into technology. I do like the gadget and aperture segments as I love my camera and 'toys' equally well. Tips and tricks are shared about photography, useful for those who want to learn more and be a better photographer. In the 6th edition of Tech Kingdom, they talked about the OPPO phones, and the very unique IRIS lens which can be attached to your smartphone. We learn something new everyday. 

Mobile apps talk
Mobile apps talk
Gamers unite!
Gamers unite!

All techies play one type of game or the other, be it on their mobile, or those top of the range desktop and laptops. Personally I'm an avid fan of mobile games, and recently the graphics have been improving by leaps and bounds. Tech Kingdom's mobile apps and games articles are a joy to read, keeping abreast on the latest out there. 

What? There's tech gossip too? Cool.
What? There's tech gossip too? Cool. 

Overall a pretty interesting e-magazine app to use, not the best I've seen, but it does what it's meant to do. Keeping us abreast on the latest technology news, gadgets, photography tips, apps and games, download Tech Kingdom e-Magazine by New Straits Times today! 


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

wow...looks like i should ask my guy friends to download this informative app!

Wilson Ng said...

oh new app by them? merry xmas

Emily said...

Ah, in Malay! I already have trouble grasping tech news in English. I've already surrendered my Malay to my teachers.

Sebrinah Yeo said...

Wah! So many news in one post and also in the app... Cool!

Pen My Blog said...

Oh another new app! Should check it out- thanks Isaac! :)

Michelle Lim said...

This is an interesting app, haha. I wonder does it come in english version?

Chander Pal Singh said...

oh what a cool app this is, i would like to install it right away

Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

Should check out this pretty cool app.. wow... heading to my Playstore after this... hehehe

Sunshine Kelly said...

Another e-magazine app, this one looks quite comprehensive.

GengQian said...

looks so cool with the coolest theme in town! 6 themes to download, that's really something for an app. going to try it out.

Sharon Lee said...

Looking not bad at all! Can intro this to my guy's friends. All the tech stuff definitely suitable to them.

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Wow looks like a great mag. I will tell my hubby to download.

Sylvia Lye said...

wow, should ask my lover try it up!!!

Bearhy Hui Ying said...

izzit a new app??? so i can get any info from this app!!! gonna download now!

Low Sze Shin said...

Interesting sharing.
Should introduce the app to my technie friends

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Nowadays really convenient cos of lot of useful apps! Gonna try this out soon!

Sherry said...

interesting app to download. Didnt know of this until I read it here. Hehe.. shall check if my phone still have space for apps for not.

Leona Lim said...

everyone's going mobile, good to see local papers have apps now too

Misz Aein said...

Wow. What a cool app. Looks like an app where i can use my spare time to learn new thing and get more info bout tch world.

Kylie wenn said...

Looks like it's a great app!~ Nice review!

仙妮 said... bro and dad gonna love these apps :) am sharing these apps with them ya! cheers, siennylovesdrawing

Anonymous said...

What an awesome app! I heard of this but didn't really got to check it out.

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