ShopBack Malaysia 12.12 Year End Sales - Online Craziness

Always a fan of ShopBack Malaysia, I'm glad to share on their latest online crazy promotion happening tomorrow, 12 December 2015! if you haven't read my last article about the top cashback site in Malaysia, read it HERE. In partnership with ShopBack's merchants, ShopBack is providing you a WHOLE DAY of crazy deals.

ShopBack Malaysia 12.12 Year End Sales - Online Craziness
ShopBack Malaysia 12.12 Year End Sales - Online Craziness

Shopback, the top cashback site in Malaysia, is ending the year off with a bang with their 12.12 Sales Online Craziness! 

December is here! With Dec comes the Christmas holidays and the 1212 Sale! Also known as the 12 December sale, the 12.12 sale is the last major sale before the holidays and Christmas, so it also is your last chance before Christmas to get all your holiday shopping done… at a cheaper rate than usual. Especially with 12/12 promotions, there will be even greater savings when you buy what you need for the holidays!

So buy more online, and you can save more with the amazing 12-12 offers available online, just for you.

Some of the AWESOME DEALS lined up are:

1) Lazada Flash deals!
2) Taobao - 20% Upsized Cashback (usual 10% cashback)
3) Qoo10 - 15% Upsized Cashback (usual 12% cashback)

Win RM1212!
Win RM1212!

Also, stand a chance to WIN RM1212 from ShopBack! 3 winners will stand to win RM1212 if you refer 12 friends to ShopBack in 1 day (each friend has to make a purchase too)! >>

Shop online and enjoy exclusive deals without the queue.

Save your effort, give up on the queues. Enjoy not only the 12-12 sale online with ShopBack Malaysia, but make use of all Dec promotions to shop to your fill! No matter what you need, you can get online, and ShopBack Malaysia will have your back! With delivery straight to your doorstep, there is no need to be jostling with everyone else at physical stores to get what you need. So be sure to hoard all Dec codes you can get your hands on and participate in the 1212 sale! So shop for all your holiday goodies for cheaper during the 1212 Dec sale!


It is your last chance to get something spectacular for the year. So you might as well end the year on a bang and get something a little extravagant with a 1212 promo code. So it is time to finally clear out your wishlist, because you have worked so hard all year—it’s time to reward yourself with the latest gaming console you have had your eye on, or the latest Apple product you have wanted since the beginning of time. Use your 12-12 codes to get a great price on those sweet electronic babies, and enjoy the fruits of your labour for the entire year! After all, the point of earning money is to spend it!

Enjoy RM10 signup bonus(RM5 upon signup and RM5 after first order)
Enjoy RM10 signup bonus(RM5 upon signup and RM5 after first order)

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to now. Oh wait, if you go to this really cool landing page of mine on Shopback ( you will get to enjoy the perks below!

Enjoy RM10 signup bonus(RM5 upon signup and RM5 after first order)

What are you waiting for? Shop now and enjoy increased cashback from 500 over merchants! >>

Missed out on the 1212 Online Craziness? Don't worry ShopBack has a whole other bunch of sales lined up for their Christmas Promotions!


suituapui said...

Never tried shopping online, best not to start...or I will never stop. Hehehehehehe!!!

FiSh said...

Yay it's 1212 shopping day! :) thanks for the voucher hahaha

Jacqueline Khoo said...

OMG I missed out 1212 shopping day T.T A lot of sales going on these few days, gonna shop till drop

Miera Nadhirah said...

oh gosh.. too busy and missed out on this amazing deals...

Emily said...

I don't like special dates like these. I shop way too much, just like I did yesterday! Time to tighten the belt again.

Miriam said...

Aiya! Missed the 12.12 sale. Too many online sales going on

5 Little Angels said...

Too busy nowadays and I miss out the sale. Sigh... Hope it comes again next round.

Sherry said...

wow so many sales, where to get start.
opps, the date! its expiry :(

Fadzi Razak said...

Oh man, i missed this date already.

Ivy Kam said...

Didn't know about Shopback this website until I read your post, will bookmark this for my online shopping reference :)

Arisa Chow said...

This company memang nak kena from me, always ask me to do free advertising for them -_-
seriously unethical when they pull the "hit & run away" card whenever i tell them directly no one posts for free.

Ayue Idris said...

yeay! i already registed :)

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

wah! I am using this too. :)