Musical Christmas & New Year @ InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

It's Christmas eve! The day to celebrate and rejoice in is tomorrow, so have you booked your Christmas dinner yet? Feel the warmth of the festivities as InterContinental Kuala Lumpur celebrates a musical Christmas with grandiose dining experiences at all day dining restaurant, Serena Brasserie, and award winning signature restaurants Tao Chinese Cuisine and Tatsu Japanese Cuisine and an array of festive gourmet for takeaway.

Musical Christmas & New Year @ Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur
Musical Christmas & New Year @ Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

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The revel of the magical season begins with the Christmas Eve dinner at Serena Brasserie, showcasing heartwarming Christmas selections of over 100 dishes including traditional roasts, turkey, seafood and grill and an array of the season’s customary desserts on 24 December 2015, at RM 198 nett per person with an additional charge of RM 30 nett per person for a free flow of soft drink and juices, or a RM 150 nett per person surplus for a free flow of wines inclusive of Prosseco and beers.

Christmas cheer all around
Christmas cheer all around

The Sparkling Christmas Brunch, available on 25 December 2015 from 12:00pm to 3:00pm, is priced at RM 268 nett per person, with the Seafood Christmas Buffet Dinner at RM 198 nett. Both spreads are complemented correspondingly with a free flow of soft drink and juices at an additional charge of RM 30 nett, or a RM 150 nett surplus for a free flow of wines inclusive of the Italian white wine Prosseco and beers.

Executive Chef Wong introducing his dishes
Executive Chef Wong introducing his dishes
Christmas Turkey
Christmas Turkey

The elaborate seasons of giving further livens up with a deluxe 6-course Christmas set menu from Tao Chinese Cuisine, an elegant medley of fish maw, tiger grouper fish roll, smoked lamb cutlet, and wholesome meal of marinated hand-pulled noodles, essentially orchestrated by executive Chinese chef Wong Lian You, an award winning and Red Majesty Cup Chef. 

Wok braised Smoked Lamb Cutlet with Sauteed Vegetables and Baked Garlic "Man Tau"
Wok braised Smoked Lamb Cutlet with Sauteed Vegetables and Baked Garlic "Man Tau"
With a knack in redefining traditional cooking methods with premium ingredients and contemporary presentation, the exquisite flavours in Chef Wong’s masterpiece is one not to be missed, correspondingly available on 24 December to 26 December 2015 at RM 188 nett per person.

Gratinated Cheese Hokkaido Scallop, Red Prawn Oil with Coriander Mango Salsa
Gratinated Cheese Hokkaido Scallop, Red Prawn Oil with Coriander Mango Salsa - part of the exquisite 6 course chinese gourmet available on 31st December and 1st January 2016 for lunch and dinner

The thrilling flavours of Christmas at Tatsu Japanese Cuisine is a similarly stirring experience, with executive Japanese chef Tadashi Inose amassing his four decades of culinary experience in the pleasing festive 5-Course Set Menu.

The main course choices of Norwegian Salmon saikyou miso yaki and wasabi mashed potatoes, along with the pick of chargrilled lamb rack Japanese Umami eggplant and burdock is a pleasure not to be missed this Christmas.

Salt and sugar cured Norwegian Salmon
Salt and sugar cured Norwegian Salmon - a delightful 4 course menu, available on 31 Dec and 1st January 2016

To enrich the ambiance of the season, Chef Tadashi arrayed a picturesque appetiser of seasonal blue fin tuna and sea bream sashimi, amalgating the slices with a salt snowman and dry ice. With fresh, delicate flavours pleasing your palates, this Festive Set Menu is available from 24 December to 26 December 2015 at RM 188 nett per person.

 Seasonal blue fin tuna and sea bream sashimi
 Seasonal blue fin tuna and sea bream sashimi

As the festivity wraps up, the merriment rekindles with a Boxing Day high tea and dinner buffet on 26 December 2015, with RM 98 nett per person for high tea, and RM 150 nett per person for dinner. Guests can expect freshly flown-in seafood on ice selections of mussels, pacific prawns, and flower crab, with gratifying fête offerings such as traditional whole roasted turkey, creamy chicken pie with mushroom, and a delightful dessert corner serving luscious season’s pudding with brandy sauce, liquorice crème brulee, rum baba with chantilly cream, and an array of yule logs flavoured in blackforest, raspberry double cheese, chocolate pear caramel, and cherries compote pistachio.

Hickory Smoked BBQ Ribs
Hickory Smoked BBQ Ribs

Guests will also be able to enjoy the delectable array of InterContinental festive takeaway, with assorted homemade Christmas cookies, Chocolate figurines, Christmas specialty cakes, and season favourites such as oven roasted Angus beef striploin with thyme and shallot juice (minimum order of 1 kilogram), foot long smoked Hickory barbequed beef ribs (minimum order of 2 kilograms), roasted whole turkey with sage and chestnut bread stuffing, cranberry jelly, and gilbet juice. 

The rack of succulent and tender foot-long beef ribs, slowly smoked with intense hickory flavour for the ultimate fall-off-the-bone meat, is a traditional recipe by Australian executive chef Sam Kung that is packed with flavour that pleases all.

Assorted cakes and cookies
Assorted cakes and cookies

Assorted homemade Christmas cookies, encompassing the mailaenderli, sable, cinnamon cookies, basler leckerli, biberli, brunsli, macadamia cookies, and assorted Christmas pack, is available at RM 18 nett per pack of 150 grams, whilst assorted chocolate figurines are priced at RM 22 and RM 42 nett each.

Bringing more Christmas cheer with sweet delights
Bringing more Christmas cheer with sweet delights

Exclusive for the festive season, guests will be able to enjoy the InterContinental Festive Hamper, packed with the seasonal goodies of panforte, traditional Marzipan stollen, Chef Chan’s signature Christmas pudding, basler leckerli (honey cookies), brunsli (almond and chocolate cookies), selections from TWG Tea inclusive of TWG Red Christmas Tea and the Red of Africa Tea Jelly, priced at RM 350 nett per hamper, available from 1 December to 26 December 2015.

Yule Log
Yule Log

Heartwarming Christmassy evenings of festive musical is a sure-fire way to sprinkle some holiday spirit into the season. From classic Christmas carols, stunning jazz orchestra, melodic piano pieces to invariably energetic and finely burnished string ensemble, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur Christmas musical highlights are surely to leave guests with a warm glow. In collaboration with the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Japanese Women’s Association and Julliad Music School of Performing Arts, the performances will take place on selected evenings from 11 December to 25 December 2015.    

Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra performing
Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra performing

Enrich your seasons of gifting at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur. For more dining reservations or information, call +603 2782 6000 / +603 2782 6228 or email Visit their official site at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @intercontinental.kualalumpur and Twitter @ interconkl.


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